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Romanojohn Macari says:

HI jake where on the 15 min chart when you got the 20 pip

Olusola Soretire says:

God bless you bro

Elliot Hammond says:

Hi Jay, what are the best pairs to trade during the London session

SocialProd says:

My man. Thanks bro. Just subscribed!!

Sthree Torch says:

Just subscribed. Can I join the team?

y y says:

Bro, I got a question, how to use it?
I mean it says strong and weak currency but I don’t really know what to do with that? Pls help me bro!

M.I.A. says:

I could tell by your rythem and voice quality that you probably use to be a rapper

Devonte Saffo says:


Michael Turany says:

Dude I’m gonna take the plunge on singing up on lqdfx you sold me and I got this app thanks man

Samedaycar Buyer! says:

Jay you been in the markets since 2017 what possibly could you teach people, appart from how to lose there money stop with the Tom Foolery

David Sloan says:

What’s the name of the second app on your phone used to trade

Lyte D says:

Hi, if the training hasn’t been done, please include me on RSA time

Partners in Progress South Africa says:

Hey Jay, Ryan here from Durban South Africa…. Thank you so much for all the information, I really appreciate that someone out there is trying to make the content digestible for beginners.

I came across forex about a month ago, currently learning and trading demo (already blew a few bonus accounts but im starting to see blues consistently p.s made 3k yesterday), but i definitely agree with driving financial literacy in schools as I feel like its not done yet it should be.

Keep it up man.

Bless up

deborah chukwumah says:

Keep up the good work bro, appreciate it

Emma Soulsby says:

I feel your passion. I am the same 😉 soon as I get my account big I’m gonna smashh itttt

Female DJ Frizzie says:

have you started trading stocks on jafx? and how can we join this scalping teaching

Maurice Gaines says:

what broker you use?

Ahlvert Steven Abina says:

what trading platform do you use?
on mobile

SocialProd says:

What broker do you recommend for US resident please.


Good job Jay thank you for the tip today

Roazam Hussin says:

Anyday, anytime bro. I’m looking forward.

Altaf Hussain says:

Please give me 10-20 pips daily trading stategy.


I’m on board. North Carolina! Live stream on Sundays at 6 pm. Start the week off right..

Michael Turany says:

Holly snoygins were practically neighbors I could come over and barrow a cup of flower

Hayden Harris says:

Happy gambling!

rudy c says:

LMAO you promote iml, nexttttttt

ankur pathak says:

Bollinger band also tells you strength and weakness!!! But it doesn’t tell what will happen to a candle…only trend

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