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I understand that people get excited about trading Forex, making money, living their dreams, etc… But the reality is that, in my opinion, it takes really hard work to become a successful trader. Are you willing to put in the time and effort?


rudie schaken says:

yes thanks great

Wilder Shalonda says:

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Iwona Rudnik says:

it is not about working hard ….hard work will not get you anywhere ..not only will not get you anywhere it can fuck you up …you gotta be working smart not hard

smply amzng says:

Just another pyramid scheme. Use your heads people. You don’t need to get involved in something you know NOTHING about to make residual passive income.

kay sarah says:

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Amos Richards says:

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78TIQ says:

What broker do you use?


Good and honest advice thanks man

Rick Bell says:

What about having a broker? Does it still require lots of work?

peter bruce says:

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Dacommenta says:

My mate is six years in and spent all his time and he says its impossible long term. I am 4 years in casually and I still have a little hope. It seems like the more you learn the more the truth comes out…. its not possible?

Edit: I am really keen for some feedback from others and your thoughts, reply below.

Nick says:

why so many dislikes? he tells the truth. start small. learn how to trade and then invest real money. makes sense.

Dimitrios Desmos says:

200 -250 hours???? ….LOL….when you hit 200,000 hours then u have a chance.

mashudit says:

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dev says:

The truth about “The truth about Forex trading”

The guy’s web page is nothing more than a really fast and dirty sales link to a few amazon trading books he want’s to drop ship you. That is his passive income generator that he spent hour(s) of his life into setting up, not Forex. Like this a zillion times so it’s right up top and we can cock block his pathetic sales initiative.

RobotFX says:


Danielle Dillard says:

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FeetAnd Inches says:

Hey 🙂

mohamed mohideen says:

This broker have zero spread

Hartley Pastro says:

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Mike Mikeson says:

what site do u use dawg

luz adeyeye says:

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Ahmed A says:


Shephard Mukachi says:

In complete agreement with you there. I have spent 2 years developing a system. I have read thousands of pages on trading and strategies, and have coded hundreds of strategies. Only five worked for me and now live. It is a lot of work, but it’s really worth it.

Jibon Ali says:

That’s a great video you have provided there. You seem like you spoken the real truth about the market but I am quite successful trading Forex with my broker Forex4you. They provided me good educational materials and daily analysis so that I can trade well. I never had issues with my trading and broker services so I am quite happy with it.

KAMLU says:

where I’m at Forex trading is being marketed as a ponzi scheme (imarketslive) and I don’t know if the people that are in it are making money out of the pyramid scheme or actual Forex trading

RB Fx Trading Coach says:

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Arman Raymond says:

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Quincy Brandon says:

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Winslow Waylan says:

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