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So many people over complicate Forex trading. Look how simple it is here. High probability trade set up. Entries, stops, targets, management, news, exit.

This morning this trade set up. I had been watching it over the last couple of days so I thought I would take you step by step on how I:

1) analysed the market
2) identified it as a high probability trade
3) used a lower time frame entry technique
4) used trade management
5) used discipline
6) waited for news

If you only ever watch one video, just watch this and understand, this is the way to trade with consistent profits.

See you int he live room!

Jason G


I look forward to seeing your comments and questions below!

You can watch my trading partner Akil Stokes take a slightly different approach on this trade as he shoots for extended targets using trailing stops. If you would like to see how you can trail stops on a position like this and lock in further profits, check out the video below


quan talor says:

Don’t trust the broker lmao good one

Wilford Madyira says:

Insider traders sell trades for $25, 000 per trade down here in africa.

Tja Crypto says:

Good vid m8 thanks

Henry Pham says:

Hi Jason, just out of curiousity what period do you use for your RSI? Cheers

Gary Stewart says:

A trailing stop on that and you would have be able to retire a rich man 7 days later with zero risk. It dropped a further 2.4%.

Miguel Kruste says:

nice vid

Adarsh Thakur says:

Great stuff. Do you use order blocks in your trading?

Chaz Carrasco says:

Solid stuff my guy! Keep these videos coming.


nice one

k smith says:

thats funny I was in that trade too lol …. turned my 900 account into 4k within 2 months

stevzor says:

Nice video, clean and simple which is always a good way to get specific points across to people, especially those looking to learn.

One thing that you did in this trade that I don’t think I would have done as a trader is being in the green, specifically over 90% in the green from your take profit and then allow that to do a full retrace to your entry point. I trade stocks so maybe I have just a slightly different outlook because if you’re up on the day (referring to day trading here so lower time frames i.e. 1min/5min , which is different from your higher time frame style but general principle for trading stays the same across the board), I would look to lock in something (maybe even 50% so it’s not a total loss if the trade does happen to just take off against you) if not all if I see signs of a big reversal coming back in.

I just have one simple rule, never allow a trade that’s in the green to completely fall back and turn red on the day, you should always be locking in something unless your plan is to swing trade a few days, if day trading then you 100% lock in that 95% trade.

Stephen Summers says:

LMAO. $300 a month.

Diacris says:

Oh yeah, and here’s my $49 course and right over there is my referral link

Crypto says:

Is that too much to ask? 12 trades per month 2/4% Risk/Reward ration with 58% win? 7 win -5 loss. If I do that every month i grow 18% of my account every month . Then i grow 728% a year. what do you miss in your career that you cant achieve this ? My goal is 12 trades and average of 7 win and 5 loss per month with 1/2 risk reward 2% risk of “assumed” equity (If i lose or win i dont change my assumed equity until next month or until 10% growth or loss of my account) . I know a website that calculates position size quickly . Im a profitable trader but not a professional yet meaning i dont trade with big money. If i trade 40k i make 300k$ per year.

YouWatch says:

Which broker do you use?

Altes Laguerre says:

Everything can be explained when it is not real live trade. Also, how many times this will happen? How about whe the market wants to create new high or new low?

Michiel says:

Do you have any proof of your trading results??

Goober says:

“there are no indicators on here”……. there are two at the bottom lol …….

Dezongz Paradise Productionz says:

Jason, you are so transparent, can’t fault you at all. Thanks for a alive YouTube video. You made it look simple, no indicators just price action. Nothing can beat price action, structure and patients….Use larger time frames to see whats happening then make your way down to the hour time frame for entries when all the requirements meets your trading plans…

Cortney Doyle says:

Forex Trading is different from penny stocks, and swing trading. Here is a book that has a lot to say about Forex Trading.

Aleksandar Dyakov says:

Hey Jason, why did you set such a small target? I’m a former TE client, and in your London Sessions there were several setups like in the video, but you went for a retest of the NSH/NSL, because there was a trend. So I’m wondering since there is a a bearish trend, why did you shoot for a smaller target? Did you change your rules and shoot for a smaller targets on DT/DB?

Besides that, FLAWLESS Analysis :)))

Jose Benavidez says:

Im currently taking a course and what this dude is saying is exactly the way I trade.

Serdar Yavuz says:

RSI couldnt have got explained any better than this 🙂 Justin’s ticket sales 🙂 Most of the time the simplest things explain everything much better.. Great video thanks Jason

Raj GG says:

Great Jason! what software you use?

Carlos Berrios says:

the seashells knows

John Smith says:

They say good people no longer exist but i can stand against such quote because i have seen a good man in Kelly, his strategy has proven to be the best i have ever seen in my life, making 19k weekly is more than success, thank you sir ( free and contact him.

richard mashamaite says:

This is clearly not an MT4, which trading platform are you using?

21hazzy says:

thank me later 😉 some great forex programs

SirKing Horse says:

Hi Mate. what platform is that you are using?

IAMCHACHiiii says:

what is your rsi set at?

Babedi Moletasaka says:

Hey thanks for the great video, but was wondering, which trading platform is that you’re using and where can i get it?

Tom Taylor says:

I have my rsi at 90/10 and at 5 period works very well

richitko hrichitko says:

bla bla blaablaa bla bla bla..

John NoKeys says:


jerry danstan says:

thanks a lot.. i added up something to my knowledge

Daniel Mitchinson says:

I like your teachings but you have 3 indicators on that chart. It’s not bare trading like you said

Austin braverman says:

how do you do taxes on forex?

Volcom360 says:

This is not naked trading whatsoever like you claimed at the beginning of this video, LOL. You have nothing but indicators on this messy dark chart of yours. Extremely misleading.

joey86bu1 says:

Instead of clone u should be able to press ctrl+C on the arrow to cpy it and ctrl+V to paste it.
Great vid!


Who is the most trusted forex broker in usa. I have been trading in demo account in MT4 but this interface seems very different. Please guide me.


Perfectly executed and analyzed.

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