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What is Boss Capital?

Boss Capital is a group of individuals that are experts in the forex market; their goal is to share their trading knowledge with you.

What is Forex?

Forex isn’t just a word scrolling at the bottom of your TV screen on CNN. Imagine the Stock Market but better because you can make money every single day. Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX) allows you to invest into currencies and make hundreds of dollars a day from the market.

Stock market requires a lot of money up front to yield a great profit but Forex allows you to earn thousands with a small initial investment and learning forex is

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What is IMarketsLive

We recommend for people who seriously want help earning in the market also partner up with us using a platform called IML also known as IMarketslive. The company offers Beginner to Expert training (60 hours worth of education), They also offer IML TV a live trading session & Swipe trades alerts sent to your phone on when to trade in the market. Averaging 800 pips a month, so let’s do simple numbers.

You start off with $100 in your account and trade $2 per pip & averaging 800 pips; now your account went up $1600 for the month. Now your account is $1600 & you do $5 per pip by the end of the next month with averaging 800 pips your account is $5600. Now lets say you do $20 a pip on the 3rd month with 800 pips now your account size is $21,000. You started with $100, took advantage of the platform that literally just told you what to trade & took it to $21,000.

You can learn more about how to join IML here: if you have any questions just hit the support box on our website!


1.) Click Here —
2.) Fill out information to sign up and select which package you would like

Platinum Package:
$195 Initial Payment and $145 a month.
Includes: Harmonic Scanner, IML Academy, IML TV, and Daily Swing Trades.


Platinum Package PLUS:
$235 Initial Payment and $185 per month.
Includes: Harmonic Scanner, IML Academy, IML TV, and Daily Swing Trades, as well as FXSignalsLive, SwipeTrades and FusionTrader.

3.) Enter card info and Process payment
4.) Afterwards someone will reach out to you to send you specific training on how to set everything up step by step and you will be added to our exclusive advanced trading group.


amie slumber says:

Guys I swear I just got free $5312_real money from this_amazing website>>>> Try once.

malekinception says:

What a horrible strategy. Trading on a 15 min chart, you don’t know where the market is going. Looking for a bunch of nonsensical M and W lol

Ross W says:

Please do yourself a favour and DO NOT listen to these clowns. They are nothing but internet marketers. If they were making the money they claim to be making they would not need your custom. Use your common sense. The reality is that the Forex markets are one of the toughest and worst assets classes you can trade. The industry is designed to take money away from you, a staggering amount of retail traders will never be successful. These guys are nothing but con artists. If you really want somewhere to start learning the ropes, visit or simply create a demo account with a reputable broker and use your own common sense when trading. Trading is not a get rich quick scheme and anyone who touts it as such is pulling the wool over your eyes. Take this from someone who has been trading for years.

Crypto Pants says:

Maybe he doesn’t know about Fibonacci and the gartley

jeremy rawley says:

I was able to make around £7500 under a week trading with Mrs Casey trading system, i also made my withdrawal without stress. i think everyone has to take advantage of this opportunity . it’s surprising how such a trading system is out there and people still don’t know about it, that’s why I am taking out time to share this good news to everyone. you can reach out to Mrs Casey at caseywarrenfo for assistance if you are interested in trying, She is the brain behind this amazing trading system.

Gabriel Dapaah says:

How can I my member bill paid by referrals

Jeffery Risto says:

Jesus Christ bad TA

Артём Иванов says:


Beason Curd says:

I recomend #EITmethod trading tool

Freq 123 says:

Why hide profits? Yeah

Meachy STUDIO says:

Thanks bro

Forex South Florida says:

Make trading Profits with

ghettocable says:

i need help i am slow lol sub

Nothando Khumalo says:

awesome. i think my stratagy works better

Cardosa Melissa says:

My advice to everyone especially those of us who use the blended model strategy from Vladislav is do not forget to get out early even before the strategy advises. Reduce your risk to the lowest level possible even if your friends make more money than you do, its better than losing money. If you don’t have the blended model yet then email Vladislav@optionstrade .cc and mention my name to him. I’m glad to help

Crypto Pants says:

Please learn before jumping in and be aware of your emotions and know the risk that u can also lose just as much

FlakooBeats says:

Where best trading platform for trading with $100? with the best leverage ratio. Pls help.

Stephanie Angela says:

Forex trading changed my life, i swear its the best thing that happened to me in 2017, only few people knows my story. From Grass to $39000, Owen Carter strategy is awesome. I read a post about him on a blog and that changed my life. His email address is owencarter34@yahoo .com

Craig Miller says:

typical marketer hahaha. doesnt know how to trade, promotes a MLM

Rasool El Karim says:

Hey Branden are you in Atl?


oh all this is getting me confusing. please someone should help me. please am getting it confusing

sara jones says:

Hello, are you know that the recent MoneroV events like getting listed on recent exchanges, soon to be on HitBTC!

winston eichmann says:

Mr Owen Carter, It’s no longer news how good you are and how wonderful you are in helping people, trading with your strategy is the most exciting thing in my entire life

William Richard says:

What everyone has been saying about Mr michael roland is true!! i am three weeks into his training and have thousands in my broker waiting to be withdrawn , i still can’t believe it , finally a tutor that teaches something that really works look i urge you all to reach out to him and build up like i am. now here is the email you can reach him [michaelroland727@@gmail .com]. tell him i bless his name!!.

Seang Hao says:

It’s fake

Pete Nut says:

23:40 that’s literally the definition of a pyramid scheme !! Lmfao y’all ain’t getting no money trading

Joseph Jerry says:

I am leaving this post here as a sign of gratitude since that is one of the least thing i can do to appreciate the things Mr Gareth has done for me. His knowledge of market strategy has changed my life you can reach him via Garrethjonathan305@gmail Most of us have tried a lot of methods but we keep missing it because we have no personal guide. Meeting Gareth as a consultant and guide has helped me make almost $6,000 in less than 2 weeks.

Adrian Sullivan says:


Saeed Azizi says:

high accuracy signal

sarah mariah says:

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Dave Lo says:

If you wanna loose money follow this joker

Эдуарда Медведева says:

telling the truth, #EITmethod is good place to start making good money

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