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In this video, Steven shares some advanced structure trading techniques for the Forex market and a few key steps to building a Forex trading strategy.

Steven Hart –

Steven was recognized as a top 30 Trading educator on YouTube by the very critical
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He became a self-made professional trader at 20 years old. Today he is the “Honest Trading Coach” to hundreds of thousands of traders around the world.

He is the founder and CEO of The Trading Channel.

For over 9 years Steven has studied the science of trading and psychology. This combination allows him to not only be an incredible trader, but a very understandable teacher as well.

He has developed numerous rules-based trading systems and strategies that are used by top traders around the world.

Today, Steven is on a mission to help 1,000 traders become independently profitable over the next 12 months. Will you be one of them?


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Dennis H says:

didn’t think it was boring… it was kind of a light bulb moment. I thought I understood risk management, but now I understand the margin of error you stated. makes it all more clear. thanks!!

Bob_stevenson says:

helped out a lot, legit exactly the thing i was most concerned about not learning about

sulaiman rahman says:

Never skip you video
From Malaysia

ankit shah says:

HEY Steven… Thank You For Making Such A Great Video… U R Helping Others Traders By Sharing Such An Valuable information. Keep Going Sir…

Neko Kai says:

What t shirts are those? lol I like those

humayun Shaheen says:

thank you Steve for this wonderful information. i have also signed in for Pro trader report and the information i get from their i can clearly say its worth of 1000 USD. thank you for making my trading better.

buie selle says:

Wait so if I have 25k I only use 1% of that to trade or only lose 1% per trade?

Kaka Tora says:

Thanks bro, i always fail on this and going to zero often., thanks for the scenario, awsome

sher1310 says:

Dude i like your way of teaching

Petru Mironescu says:

Great video.

Joshi Alcan says:

Dude thanks for all this videos. And this was was not a boring video.

nnamdi uzoma says:

Wow Steve I love this video. God bless you

syed allahu akbar says:

Trading is most complicated business on earth (If u take it funny). But for hard working persons trading eventually become very easy business on planet. Try it.

meloman12 says:

Fees are a bitch too. Kills your account over time

Gerard Cummins says:

Such a great video. Before watching this I created my ‘money machine’ that worked fantastically during back-testing but failed too many times when I started using it for real. But I gave up after around 10 trades…now i’ve watched this I relaise that I need to put at least 100 more trades through it before I can say if it has failed or not. Thanks!

iMvPxdragonz Den says:

I low key like this I agree 100%

Abdul Gafoor Abdul Gafoor says:

I like his beard lol

danard Keaton says:

I follow you about 6 months ago. And it’s was ok. But this is a great video. I will tell anyone, this is a very important video. This is important to know.

Release Machabe says:

Hey Steve, thank you very much for the amazing content you are sharing. May i ask what materials do you recommend for trading psychology?

Nathan Julien says:

Needed that like food and water great video

Bruce Smith says:

Great overview of how to become profitable Thanks Steven

Harshit Jotwani says:

yes man that is why people lose all of there gains over time. This is the best lesson I learned from your channel.

Pascal Lafond says:

Very helpful info. I always picked a sample of 100 trades in my backtesting, but now I understand better why. Awesome stuff dude.

WikiFX APP says:

2019 WIKIFX SYDNEY SUMMIT will give you a big surprise.

Bryan Garrett says:

What song is that at the start and ending

ZorroRBF says:

Indeed, one of your best videos! Congratulations.

gambo hassan says:

Steve this one of you best video thank you

Michael Honeywill says:

Somebody stop this guy. He is laying the foundation with Detroit cash money. As usual great video, Pumping out the good stuff that we can get our teeth around.

pratik shah says:

any reviews on the EAP ?

LaShaun Williams says:

Great info. I needed to hear that. I tend to be a little too fearless when I make my trades and it’s bitten me on the butt quite a few times. Those numbers made a lot of sense. Much appreciated.

simon williams says:

By Far the most important Video on trading !!! Thank you for all you Do !!

Nakedi Mokonyana says:

plz show how to analyse the graph in a simple way

Muhammad Hammad says:

Nice Video

Antoine J Corker says:

I just love your methods of teaching.
I know a trader who trades in similar ;pattern to you, talking about Jordan Arnold. He’s a very consistent trader and and with great risk management skills. His strategies are profitable. He manages my account very well too.

let's go_ shots says:

logical video . logical informations. every thing is about logic. thank you

1 Dave says:

i never know why videos like this saying dont put all your money on a trade. I always put all of my money on one trade and just use tight loss stop. For example i pur 1k on eu usd following the trend and in worst case i just stop loss t -40$. Risk management = stop loss, dont make it look complicated for the newbies

I Love Jamey says:

We all know that trading with the right strategy will earn us MAXIMUM profits in our account. When we don’t trade with the right strategy then the chances of loosing is MAXIMUM

The Forex Collective says:

Consistency and risk management are the most important I find. Most strategies are can be profitable it’s just about how you manage and utilize it

blueberries147 says:

Great video but alot of this is common sense. If you needed Steve to tell you this, you probably shouldn’t be trading…

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