SIMPLE and PROFITABLE Forex Scalping Strategy!

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In this video, I will walk you through a simple forex scalping strategy I’ve been using successfully in the forex markets for the past few years. We’ll cover everything from the basic rules to entry and exit!

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marcucciso girouard says:

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RICH MAN says:

i am a looser in forex trading since 2015,
thanks for this awesome strategy, i liked it. stay blessed. be happy… thank you for caring the people… keep the good work continue.

Jones mckeen says:

trading small time frames ..most serious traders say this does not work because there is to much noise!.maybe I will give it a go .

Thunder Moth says:

I just want to say that i am testing the strategy and it seems to work fine. You have to be very careful , like with any other strategy, but for me it is giving my income in the past few days!

KalSon12 says:

Nice and simple strategy
Is there an EA that trades it

James Beadle says:

This is quite easily the BEST scalping video i’ve seen. Much more in depth than previous videos I have seen to learn this strategy. Thank you!!!

john enalstos says:

Very surprised as to how well this simple strategy has worked on my demo accounts. I then tried trading live and same result. Incredible.
I have learnt so much complexity regarding Forex trading, to a point I could struggle to recognise simplicity.
Your videos are great, full of relevant and educational trading content from the first minute you watch.
I have now subscribed.

hkdcentral hkdcentral says:

talk bla bla bla … no myfxbook to proof ur trade are real

E G says:

The only ones making money in the Forex Markets are the Brokers,Broker affiliates and “System” sellers. everybody else loses and loses BIG

Baka Loko says:

The guy forgot to say that the spread will slowly eat up all the profits you will make (any scalping strategy is useless for that reason) and a few bad trades will wipe out the rest of your account. The only person making money is this dude, not from his trading (he is without a doubt a loser otherwise he would have better things to do than posting this type of rubbish content on Youtube) but selling dreams to wannabe traders!!!!

Michel Stuart says:

Whenever a trader joins the forex they have taken scalping as their trading strategy. That average scalping is quite profitable. The best part of scalping is scalping can easily make some profit. If they make you lose, it is very small. AAFX is my scalping broker. Although they are a regulated trading broker and very good for scalping with their 0.2 pips spreads, they are also good for other trading services. They have 3 types of trading accounts for users of different strategies.

kofi adjei says:

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ahmad sudin says:

13 ema use for what??

Imran Khan says:

Be your best trader with the world’s largest True ECN forex broker. Trade from anywhere, on any device, at any time

kogei bett says:

which indicator you use to draw those emas …and i cant find youre moving average video

Hands On says:

Hi whats the best pairs to trade with your strategy?

Sapna Sharma says:

I would like to test Scalping strategy for Forex trading. I have never tried it since it requires a strict exit strategy as one big loss can oust other small gains. Here are some other Forex strategies to keep yourself updated –

Olas TJ says:


andrew liau chin eng says:

Publish myfxbook trade history before bla bla bla .. see like ur trade are profit before teaching other sir

Traders Vault says:

so what colours are the EMA? youve used different colours on the whiteboard to your charts… Id like to follow your ideas without confusion

unistinger says:

Will this still be profitable with spread ranging from 10 to 20 pips??

FreeFxTools says:

thanks for sharing it, great job! love your videos. Scalping is the clue for part time traders… also, use free samurai robot as well… but main focus on scalping at the moment. Just sign up at your page… please, keep me posted with new videos.

Ivan Katungi says:

I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your YouTube page by accident I have learnt a lot and my mindset has changed on how I view my trades cheers mate carry on with the good work

Alex Kithinji says:

hi everyone the strategy does work most of the time but when it does not i have noted that if you have an entry point at the stop loss 10-15 minutes after taking you loss you are likely to recover the lost pips. Thoughts?

Vuyani Ndlovu says:

thank you its really working for me.. ive already doubled my account

Hector Martinez says:

Good day, excellent strategy… Ir seems easy to understand, and easy to follow

I have only 2 questions:

1) What type of Forex is it suitable? Is it only for main currencies such as JPY, USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, CHF? Or ir can be used for more “exotic” pair Forex, such as RUB, ZAR, YUAN, NOK, NZD, etc?

2) This strategy, Can be used for other than Forex? Such as Stocks (Bluetooth Chips or Medium Cap), Commodities or Index

Thanks for your help un This matter

More Than Fun says:

Could you also make a video in explaining to exit the 50% of the trade, I really don’t understand that part, you should be explaining that in much more detail,

Carlos Bulosan says:

i need you to checkout a real trader, follow him on Twitter doing great job i earn with him trading my account @tomjwilson2

Marin Bujor says:
Let me say something. You have an amazing software guys! I use it with my broker XM, and the performance is just amazing! Keep up the good work gentleman, waiting for the next interesting product! Good Luck!

Mak Forex says:

Best trader I seen on Twitter was @tagrTRADR he scalps the markets, 10% daily gains compounded

ahmad alsaady says:

what platform you are using sir ? my spread 20 and commission 20 and i can’t make stoploss near not less than 100 pips above or below the open price ?

Abed Shorman says:

guys you know it’s all bullshit…. hope someday you will be rich by using those losers…. good luck!!

ADD Dad says:

I have been playing with this strategy for a while now and has improved my results drastically. One thing I added was support/resistance levels for areas to avoid. Please consider this. (Note: I am still a new trader working on strategy in Demo mode).

dibakar biswas says:

To know about forex

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