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In my Forex trading room, I called a sell position in the around Wallstreet Lunch. I then placed a limit order after it consolidated at the highs, only to wake up in profits.
This Live Forex Trading series should help you see how I execute throughout my trading session.
I do not call trading signals or recommend and trade, I show what I’m doing live to my trading audience, and its up to their discretion to make any decisions.


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Lucas O says:

Any chance you’ll post potential trades in the telegram channel?

Meryl Frederickson says:

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stejarel George says:

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Robin BUSINESS says:

Are you a swing trader?

양시인TV says:

hey bro! is it bloomberg tool? what is it ?

Jazz S. says:


Thanks for the videos. I am looking to get into forex and futures. Which one should I begin trading first, also which platform should I trade with. Thanks again.

richie m says:


Gisela Graube says:

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jordan korach says:

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andrea chiaracam says:

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DETyoloni! says:

What platform/broker and chart analysis tools do you use, btw great videos keep them up !

Terrence Mathews says:

Thanks for the video brother.

Vladimir Anatolevich says:

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Joshua Lorza says:

Lovin your channel so far. What time frame do you recommend trading with a $1500 account? I agree with your 3% risk strategy too btw. Also, outside of Fibonacci for price action, what indicators/ oscillators due you recommend for the smaller time frames?

Rai nanda salengko says:

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Tate Angelika says:

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McMillin Charlene says:

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Brian Pryce says:

how do i join your trade room?

Barry Colin says:

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Andrew Swyur says:

I notice you use Tradingview, are you able to trade with actual money on there? Because I know they do a lot of practice portfolios and so on.

Tyler Rosenow says:

This works for me. Don’t pass it up…

Amargo Bobine says:

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Script Masterz says:

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Zachary Everette says:

Nice trade! nice head& shoulders that formed to take price lower. Also, i saw you took profits at the 61.8% extension. I noticed there was a spike in price to form a thin area of liquidity before you placed the trade. Out of curiosity, did that liquidity gap end up filling up? Usually a spike in price like that usually fills back up.

Gonzalo SCHENK says:

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Glyn Daren says:

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unlockemworld says:

how do you find these setups?

arni ferrydium says:

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Michael Roy says:

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Rai nanda salengko says:

Actually i’m here just trying to gather some information , but what i see is just a.. pro.. i’m new in trade so i’ll continue to learn and gathering information , but still i need to asking people about something to make sure my information didn’t wrong . 😀 BDW GREAT ACHIEVEMENT BOSS.. nice video

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