How to trade the news – 3 powerful strategies

How to trade the news using 3 strategies. Economic news are released for the Forex, equities, commodities markets etc. This video describe how one can take advantage of this data to trade the financial market successfully.



Deepak Baswal says:


Ilyas Hidayat says:

thank you Dare for making informative video about news trading which i am wondering all this while… wishing u have a good weekend…

sofia ali says:

Thanks for another great video. But how do we get info about what the FOMC Official state?

Lawal Tajudeen says:

Thanks my mentor. This video has been helpful to me trading the news. Hope to meet you in person one day. Thanks sooo much

Lazarus Manyane says:

my man do you mind if i have your contacts

Terrell Barnes says:

Slippage Slippage Slippage he describes it so politely.

Rising Felix says:

Is news trading profitable?

MashT says:

Thank you sir…Understood.

Mal says:

Awesome video Sir!! do you mind making a video regarding buy stop and sell stop.

Kawasaki Fonzi says:

Thank you for posting this.

Alejandro Harb says:

Thank so much again for sharing your knowledge, you are the best, I have been learning a lot with you, best mentor.

sonny55 says:

WELL DONE LIKE EVER BRO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serdar Yavuz says:

Hi dare, hope ur well.. Another great video and thanks. Do u think u can make a video based on a good zigzag indicator at all? The best zigzag settings etc. Something like looking at the bigger timeframes zigzag and trading the smaller timeframe in that last zigzag’s direction type of thing. 🙂 And maybe with some of ur moving average additions for the filtering. Only if u have time some point of course. Thanks


Awesome. Kindly teach us SCALPING TECHNIQUES and do send me the Support and Resistance Indicator to Thank you.

Lazarus Manyane says:

Video explained very well,i needed that explanation …Finally!!! thanks bro

Chuks Asom says:

Thank you so much Dare. The favour of the Lord will not depart from your household. Amen !

Bojan Todorović says:

Thanks a lot for good lessons !

Badr Cc says:

great video. tnkhs

Nadir Bakhsh says:

great video. thank you

Tryfon Plessias says:

Very clear and helpful video.Thank you sir!

kallaya thongtaib says:

Thank you so much☻

Ngoni Pardon says:

Thank you Sir ,God bless


Thank alot sir,your teachings are amazing

Hedley Gowaseb says:

Everytime I watch your videos I become wiser, thank you

Leon Osaz says:

again another excellent info

ifeanyi nwokocha says:

You always hit the nail at the top ….God bless you as we are waiting for more video on forex trading especially on scalping techniques with best indicators….(could you please recommend any books on forex trading

okorie paul says:

You are wonderful and simple.. Thank you sir for your help. You have changed my financial level. God bless u

Suna Polat says:

Thank you for another great video. Can I have Support/Resistance indicator to my email

Raghu Chakravarthy says:

Hello Dare sir Its an Amazing video Thank you so much for sharing this…_/_ Have a gr8 weekend

Madhu 143 says:

How to identify major news?
Plz reply me

Mike Tha Don says:

Hey man i talked to you on whatsapp but for some reason i havent heard back from you. I have a Friend who is willing to invest in your bitcoin miner please get back to me, i just emailed you again my email is

Krishantha Bandara says:

Nice video,,,thank you

Eric Kinyanjui says:

Hello Sir, thank you once more for clarity.

Yusuf Hadi says:

Yes sir, I have interest in learning trading, forex and cryptos, l prefer live training sir. I am in Nigeria, Please where are you too? Are you in Nigeria sir? Please Sir, your quick and kind response. Best regards

Mike Tha Don says:

I Just sent you another message om whatsapp and a email regarding the bitcoin miner so let me know whats going on

srinivas bhat says:

Good one sir. After long time I saw ur notification.

Ndex 1 says:

Dare… Your videos are the best! This one is a money maker.

Hlengiwe Xulu says:

This is what i was looking for Thanks Sir

Steve Lee says:

Sir, thank you for sharing.. Good video..

Zamokwakhe Nkomo says:

Brother Dare you are a Godsend thanks for this powerful video

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