How to trade forex candlestick patterns (the correct way)

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Here’s the truth:

Candlestick chart is a lagging tool.

Don’t believe me?

Think about this…

A candlestick shows you the Open, High, Low, and Close. But it can only be “confirmed” after it has closed.

So, what does it mean?

It means candlestick is not a leading indicator because it’s based on historical prices. And it’s not only candlestick patterns that are lagging.

In fact, when you’re using technical analysis, you’re trading based on information that has already happened.

So the question is, if you are trading based on past information, then why do some traders succeed and some don’t?

Well, the secret is this…

It’s how you interpret the information that matters.

And in this video, I’ll show you how to interpret forex candlestick patterns (the correct way)…

You will learn:
• How to identify “hidden” strength and weakness in the markets by paying attention to this one thing — that 95% of traders ignore
• Step-by-step examples that show you how to trade candlestick patterns like a pro
• How to use candlestick patterns to find high probability trading setups (hint: it’s NOT about the pattern itself)
Honestly, if you apply the knowledge I’m sharing today, you will never look at candlestick patterns the same way again.

Are you ready?

Then go watch this training video.

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Keith Davies says:

Another very clear and informative video. Thank you 🙂

Jeremiah Chavez says:

thank you. this was very helpful

Mike says:

i become a new subscriber, newbies in forex here 🙂 ….thanks @Rayner Teo

Abhijeet says:

You are simply outstanding. thanks for sharing all the knowledge.. all best wishes for you.

Ruween Fernando says:

You missed “how well she can cook” bit…
Just a joke! 🙂

Elamaran Narayanan says:

quite some time ,i am watching your videos and learning many new things.thank you Superman

Sara Wyatt says:


Rizaydn Riyim says:

Tank you so much

Owus Asi says:

Your videos are helpful. I’ve blown off my account before, but now I’m beginning to pickup witching your videos. Thanks.

martin ettenes says:

Educational, thank you …

Outlaws4x4 says:

What tool do you use to free draw on mt4?

Prabhakar Rao says:


Ankit Vishwakarma says:

thanks to share us bro

Olufemi Sofolahan says:

You are the best in putting message across in a simplicity way.

Ercan Eris says:

i am watching your videos and learning many things. thank you for share.

James Wu says:

Hi Rayner. Can you make a video of how to trade a sideway market?

Innocent Nzuza says:

Superb very short and straight to the point. Much love. All the way from South Africa.

Tbessix220 says:

Really awesome video Rayner!!
Thank you so much

naeem awan says:

outstanding. thanks for sharing

Hayden Harris says:

Thanks for your disclaimer, so how can you then claim this is a way of trading candlesticks correctly. What does correctly mean. regards Hayden

TomArmstrong says:

Hi Rayner. Excellent advice as always. I just entered my second year learning to trade and watch your guides constantly. I’ve moved over to trend following and things are going well. Thanks!

Rey George says:

thanks so so helps a great deal

Трофим Геворгян says:

another candlestick. Thanks

Sahni Manshor says:

Super bro.thank you.

Raren0ise says:

I Literally just finished watching all but about 5 of your vids. I have 2&1/2 pgs of notes. very helpful insight. I found your channel 3 days ago. I’ll check out the website later. thanks for the knowledge sir. support from Houston, TX

Sidenote: I was suprised to watch them back to back without a single AD.

Nguyen Thong says:

i will learn your strategy, plz share me more. thank so much.

Fook Chan says:

Great Tips!

B Jacob says:

Its always like a breath of fresh air when honest, disciplined and grounded traders like you take us newbies and average traders through the maze and craze of the forex markets. Because there are a lot of so-called experts out there who claim to know a lot but when it comes to facing the markets for real, they are practically a down curve, if you know what I mean. Anyway Rayner my brother, it has been a real pleasure from Day 1 since I had been watching your videos and your website is awesome and enriching as well. I would give you 5 stars anytime, champ and I wanna work closely with you in the near future too! Thanks and God bless you, brother!

Andre Odore says:

Hi Rayner…really like your are a very good teacher..I am a total newbie and you explain things in such a way that even I can understand..thank you!


Thank you !

udm001 says:

Hi Rayner, after watching so many videos from you, I realized you are not looking at volumes. I understand your choice of not looking at any indicators. But Volumes are so basic thing. Do you think they are not of much value? I always thought we can give more weightage to a particular candle’s credibility if it had higher volumes. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Eric Storm says:

Love your videos!

Mr Forex Guy says:

Thank you very much Reyner, your video title is exactly the point you made in the video and you have shown me a new perspective of how to use candlesticks and i have to say this is pure explanation.and clarity at its best.

Orhan Eren says:


Vinit kumar ojha says:

excellent video

Suresh Thapa says:

thanks legend,i really appreciate your effort…i am getting a better understanding after watching your few videos

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