How to Trade Daily Alert Candles in Forex – How I trade the daily alert candle system in forex based on price action and daily candle close. Simple, effective and profitable system.

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Denis Chabot says:

If i look at the second entry it break even only if the top of the wick appen at the end of the day if it happen at the beginning of the day you have a lost

Nikola Savic says:

18:32 – You said “because it is a down move, you wouldn’t been looking to sell”. Well, at 11:12 – it was an up move and you bought that one?

Gabriele Cearini says:

I can doit for have this system??

Kenny Kentang says:

You cannot be on,y a technical trader. Fundamentals first

rahima akter says:

Can you tell me without any software can i Trade Daily Alert Candles in Forex?

James Martin says:

and are we supposed to move our stop loss as we go in profit to break even ? if yes can we do it manually or is there any automatic tool ? many thanks

Allen of Atlanta says:

A “Holy Gail” trading scheme that doesn’t take prior price levels into account. A great way to provide another trader a mortgage payment, or tuition for his/her children!

Joe Gandy says:

Inconsistent rules. Even though you say that you look for alert candle to be bigger than previous candle, yet you are entering on candles that are clearly smaller.

Tania says:

Thanks Timon. What I want to know is, when you say ride it down (200-300 even 400) pips to the next alert candle, are you simply just setting yr take profit at 300/400pips??.. I would set mine at 100-150 take profit to be safe. How do you set your exit or take profit  Thank you!! Tania

Ricky Castillo says:

Why do you put stop loss above, isn’t it you put it below?

Leonardo Crespo says:

Do you use your local timezone or do you adjust the timezone to the market you’re trading? For example if you trade GBP/AUD and you’re in the USA, which timezone would you recommend? Charts would look completely different depending on the timezone. Thanks

Freddy Mazarire says:

Do you have an indicator which we can use in case we miss the movement

Twit Book says:

thank you so much

Jacobsen1987 says:

On 46:00 I think the trade was stopped breakeven, look at that long red candle , it went up quite high.

Bob Howson says:

I started using this system this week and have had 4 out of 4 positive trades so far.
Thanks Mate 🙂

Jacqueline Rankin says:

I learn so much when I watch your video’s Timon, keep us educated and thank you so much for sharing ox

Jay A M says:

This system works on any time frame. The big time frames give you big pips but they also give you big stop loses, so you end up using very low lots. The only advantage of using high time frames is that you spend less time in front of the computer.

Trend Wave says:

@ 4:40, you show to take a short on the red candle.You would have been stopped out on the wick of the next candle and your trade a LOSS (not 72 pips in your favor as you suggest). The higher high swing point (3rd green candle from bottom) would have made you consider that downtrend was now in consolidation, right?Why would you even think of taking a short trade at that point? Why not wait for the higher low to be put in and then trade with the bullish engulfing with the uptrend…patience and trend confirmation should be done before you jump in!

Abena A says:

i don’t understand a thing.

Soheb Vahora says:

I noticed you kept clicking on the diagonal line drawing tool… In the future, just use the horizontal option when drawing a line, it wont force you to make a diagonal line 😉   Also, does an automatic feature exist to move stop-loss when profit reaches 40 pips?

Steven Colls says:

Great video, thanks for the info, quick question for you though… Would you take an engulfing candle that occurs in a range-bound (Sideways) market? Would it depend on the pip range? So if it’s 200 pips then it’s worth it, but 50-100 maybe not? Thanks, Steve.

Davide Miozzi says:

Everybody’s good with past charts, especially when cherry picking the entry points. ‘This is not a good entry candle’, well, the basic strategy here doesn’t distinguish between good and bad entry candles, and in this chart there were several bad ones, which were craftily ignored… Skeptical.

Agbede Ekpokimi says:

so when taking trades with the signals or indications, what should be the appropriate time interval for the trade

Randy Churchill says:

Been doing this system. It works great. made 330 pips my first week.

Nicolvi Rodriguez says:

When or how frequently should i be looking at the chart to exit the trade/tp?

Joe Nawrocki says:

I like your daily alerts. i WILL try it in my demo account. Are you available for questions ?

Brock B says:

you are doing it wrong why are you using candle in isolation that is a real good way to loss all your money

Angela Purchase says:

This is the first video I have found showing a very similar system to my own.
For all you disbelievers out there…. I also have a 75% success rate @ 1:1 risk reward minimum over a period of 12 months
Thanks for sharing mate

anusarsehole says:

See you have the candles in the Rabittoh’s colours:-) what a grand final!

Jack Sim says:

Which software/website would you recommend to use as a beginner?

Cory Lewallen says:

This seems incredibly simple. I tried the other day and got the day I finished +45 PIP’s on 3 pairs…. is this consistent or luck?

Fegelein says:

works great on the left side of the chart.

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