How to Master Forex Trading – 3 Major Tips

3 major tips to help take your forex trading to the next level. If you are serious about your trading be sure to subscribe for weekly content on how you can learn to master forex.

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About this video:

In this video I talk about 3 major tips that if applied will without a doubt take your trading to the next level. These tips will help you have a plan to succeed on the charts. Enjoy!


Christophe Philippe says:

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Zaeqaun Alvarez says:

thanks brother

mccraryso moritz says:

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Flip2 Futures says:

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KristopherLamont says:

This video actually helped me a lot! I thought it was going to be more rubbish. But you spoke on some things that I had actually already been contemplating. Your Tip #2 really hit home for me. Tip # 3 was definitely confirmation of how I’d been feeling. Thank you for this video!!


Nice tips Bro… Why dont you have any course.. So that we can learn from you? Show some Love bro.

Elias Hernando says:

Thank you sir keep up

JOhn Harper says:

Great video good for all beginners

Abel says:

i have been trying to enter lots of pairs this week, and i lost money so i found this video and before it started was i already thinking of the first tip

Rajeev Maharaj says:

Nice video bro but step is rubbish…its always about the money…an u don’t jump into forex unless u know what u are doin …

dsimm006 says:

Thank you

Sibulele sethu says:

thanks for the value bro

Beto_Sb says:

very helpful bro good vibes to you

Moe Hassan says:

Thanks Man
this is very true and informative ,big Thanks ,,cheers ,subscribed

Jan Španěl says:

Hey bro, tnx for the vid. True, i was trading the lower timeframes. But like, what leverage would you recommend for the 100 dollar account? bcs i feel like , when i am on the higher timeframes i have like bigger opportunity to get the margin call bcs i can before it moves up it can do some spikes on the 5/15 min etc. So i was using 100 dollar account 1000:1 Leverage i know i know really big but like i said i was doing quick trades in and out. What leverage would you recommend then for the higher timeframes?

richie m says:


Chloe David says:

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mycashflow says:

Good demonstration….

Luis E. Galindo says:

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Kei Fisher says:

Thanks for the tips bro!

g says:

Been watching forever. Lol

Rajeev Maharaj says:

All I think ppl do that causes loses is over leverage….but as I said I love the video great points ….but it is about the money or else we won’t be doin that…but don’t try to become a millionaire in a day or a month …. gradually improve your account….

Kimson Jnr Kare says:

At first I was skeptical, but as soon as I heard Tip 1, I pushed Subscribe. You’re genuine bro. Cheers

g says:

I’m a finally a profitable trader, lol after 2 years

Joel Williams says:


Guy Redares says:

obvious tip, thanks for making it short

George Olorunmaiye says:

Thanks so much bro for the tips

Regnald Laswai says:

Yah …You are telling the truth

manlikesparkie says:

Dude best video on forex I have ever watched . .keep it up. . I would like 2 tell 2 you about some other topics bro

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