How to make money on the Forex market?

Watch our video to find out the basic processes taking place on the foreign exchange market and how you can benefit from them. In addition, you will learn how you can determine the right broker for successful trading.

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ellyuploads says:

The market sounds are too much

Ethan Smith says:

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Elaine Hope says:

Thank you for this educational video!

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Hayden Harris says:

Leverage does two things, it increases your ability to win and loose larger amounts! When you start a trade you start at a loss which is called the spread. When you trade you are looking for a run of the graph in a chosen direction. Unknowingly when the graph changes direction, you do not know for how long this is for. Knowing that financial products such as gold or currency etc are getting waker or stronger, does not mean that you know when the graph will change direction and for how long during or before your in point for a trade. You can never know when the graph will change direction
because you cannot know the underline reasons why it moves in the first place as those reason are too dynamic and enormous. My point is that its all guess work and If you like gambling then good luck. My logical analogy is exact and simple and I hope it helps the people who have the dream to win on the forex market regards Hayden p s remember that you have to catch a run to win!!!!!

SW Sweetie says:

How is this not gambling?

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D Specialist says:

I really was trying to watch the whole thing but the scratchy sound from the marker made it unbearable who’s I did was It 2 put that sound effect in

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Great explanation video for Forex Newbie.
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David says:

You can buy low and sell high, you can buy high and sell low…..


nice video,,

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Keith Johnston says:

To bad tick mill thinks its all about buying low and selling high.. How about buying high and selling low.

Kaylee Scott says:

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Meljoy Kinilitan says:

Thanks TickMill for this informative and helpful video. I’ve been trading options and only get 12% ROI per year. Will try forex soon. More videos please 🙂

Shirokuro Max says:

The marker sound makes me cringe, but interesting information there

Mark Gandolfo says:

So in this example a company leads you 500k if you invest 1k?…why does the lender even needs my 1k if they could risk 500k for a 4k gain???

sojib hossain says:

Our Forex trading video course includes everything you need to start earning.

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natasha mcD says:

sorry. can’t watch this. nails on a chalkboard wouldve been a better choice

buddy rein says:

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Wan Wall says:

So what happened when the exchange rate goes against the intention. And tick mill takes back the initial loan? Tick mill will absorb the losses and be done with it? No court order? Lol at the end it’s just the usual money lending business

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