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bera chepsikor says:

This guy. Stop Bragging

Ebrahim Mamsa says:

It is the biggest dream of every forex trader to earn millions. Forex trading seems to be easy but in reality this investment business is the hardest one I have ever seen. I think in this point every forex trader agrees with me. It will make more time only to make your profits consistent. I had spent two years to make my profits consistent and now enjoying my trading with ECNCAPITAL.

Love Is In The Air says:

Rented A class, chinese glasses, bunch of shit stereotype comments, and an idiot. thats what this video is about

Emmanuel Rono says:

love this men……how much money can i start with..i ama a student in high school

ngangsia akumbo says:

I love your video

Vincent Vazzola says:

There’s very few people I look up to and find what they have to say to be straight up and valid but since I started my journey in forex about a year ago I came across you Marcos and nw today where I stand, i aspire to get to where you are, and not only as a trader but a person with the mentality and mind set you have as I want to be able to give back and change peoples lives for the better as what you have done and continue to do! Keep up the good work brother!

Oh and the haters haha
Wolves don’t loose sleep over the opinions of sheep!

See you at the top my brother!

Marek Guz says:

Maxima Investments trading is FC(KING)AME/G(,FASTMONEY(ili) 90% PSYCHIC 10% MANAGEMENT ;)get control your mind and get fast money,invest and go to bussiness and diversify

kaplan kumar says:

Where can I learn

Dario Alexander says:

Maxima great videos, you have new subscriber. Following on Instagram as well.

Jordan R Washington says:

Much respect to you my man this video is so real for me

daniel juarbe says:

Good video bro! I’m a business financial advisor. I love my job but dealing with business owners can have it’s ups and downs. I’m definitely looking to earn extra income on the side. My girlfriend who is huge on online marketing recently recommended Forex to me through a friend of hers. After going over a few vids on here about how to get started on Forex. I landed on your video and found your take on it quite interesting. I look forward on learning more about this, so that I can get started right away!

mahbub islAm says:

one question bro, how many years did it take you to become a successful forex trader?

Michel Stuart says:

Is this some kind of motivational video you make? Well I think that’s not helping at all. I think you don’t have any clue why you made this video. It is quite ridicules that some rich people like you think they have money to show off and give people some advice by showing them your expensive car etc. First come out with an actual informative video. I am currently trading with AAFX. If you guys don’t want to waste your time by watching views you can join me. It gives actual forex education for free.

A.B. C. says:

Are you making your money on real estate?…………I saw a video about that………..? I want a forex rock star!

coolo says:

those are some sexy shades

King Albert says:

dude what’s your instagram name

Mark Flakes says:

im trading with a small size account right now my strategy is swing trading.Do you think you can help me get better at swing trading?

Bunglon Muslim says:

what broker do u recomended ?

conscious212 says:

guys i am with a education platform which teaches you to trade, they also trade for you! whilst your learning and they give you signals, they also give 2 training sessions a day on there app, the best thing is the forex autotrader tbh you literally set it and forget it and learn when you want it if your interested guys WhatsApp me on 07944 276704 thats a UK number btw

Jun's Way says:

Was wondering what you could do to help me

King Albert says:

dude what’s your instagram name

Susie Villa says:

another millionaire in a rented car begging you for money into a unknown scam lol

George Reid III says:

What about Futures

Ken Lamar says:

Dude your waisting people time with a misleading thumbnail. It should be call “how to brag when making money in forex” fits better

kcebja says:

New subscriber. Great video

Anthony Ellis says:

love the inspiration brother..I will be getting started.I would like to build with you.I’m a real estate investor as well.My plan is to learn your strtategies and do more investing.How do I find you o facebook brother?

dhanifxmentor says:


Ahmed Moursy says:

where did you get your sunglasses?

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