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In this video, I go over the 10 most important things you need when learning to trade.

This is not just my opinion, it is based on statistics from working with thousands of traders all over the world and monitoring the differences in those that fail and those who succeed.

They are:

1. Commit
2. Get Real
3. Don’t Skip Basics
4. Understand Risk
5. Pick YOUR Time Frame
6. Learn a Strategy
7. Develop Your Edge
8. Test It
9. Verify It
10. Structure The Process

I know from experience, that if you work through these and have these things in place, you stand almost a 90% chance of succeeding.

The problem is, not many people do all ten.

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Take Care.

Jason G

DISCLAIMER: I am a professional investor and trader. I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimise risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.


Pravin Sharma says:

Dear Jason, can you please share the planner prepared by your client? I may serve as a foundation for budding trades.

Violinada l Jornal do Trader says:

Thank you Jason . Akil and you are really Traders with the “skin in the game” Taleb’s type✔. A honest obrigado from Brazil for the content you guys have been gerenerated so far

Marcelo Alisherov says:

Excellent video. A lot of valuable pieces of information. Absolutely love it! Thanks

GoonT520 says:

Amazing content from Tier One Trading yet again! Every aspiring trader NEEDS to watch this video. This is without a doubt the hardest thing i’m currently struggling with in my learning curve, and that is structure! I was literally only this morning on my drive to work taking a voice memo of how i need to structure my learning because i’m going around in circles and skipping vital information about trading. This was timely. Thank you J.Graystone, Akil Stokes and Naomi.

The Forex Collective says:

Great steps ! Every trader can learn from that.

cem yalçın says:

ı respect your work

Vinko Mavric says:

A million $ video!

Ryan H says:

Solid information, Thank you for the great video.

Sohail Aziz says:

Great stuff here some great golden nuggets here!

Nick Gordon says:

Step 1: don’t trade because there’s a 80% chance you will lose (see disclaimer of all brokers). Step 2: make youtube vids, create a lot of followers and sell courses teaching how to trade even though you don’t trade at all!

Ross Ross says:

Trading is speculation to be avoided .  Inform yourselves about  the moral problem of trading

Nel Mart says:


AfricanTime says:

am Newbie to forex trading but i do follow you vids and you give me Much insight… over and Over.

Josh Milly1 says:

Could you do a video on tax on profits from trading forex in the UK. How much you get taxed etc

AfricanTime says:

we upp….for this.

Naomi Gorta-Slight says:

perfectly shows the reality of what it takes to become cpt, great vid egg-z

S Blijheid says:

I skipped the basics when I started out. A $75 loss in a single trade opened my eyes.

Jordan R says:

I think this is solid advice. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Aman khan AUKFX says:


Tommy Plouffe says:

I am unemployed with free time 7/7 and money on the side to live for a couple of months. If I commit to it 5 days a week, how long do you think it will take me to reach consistency?

Maverick says:

Awesome video man, thanks!

I Love Jamey says:

We all know that trading with the right strategy will earn us MAXIMUM profits in our account. When we don’t trade with the right strategy then the chances of loosing is MAXIMUM

Trading says:

bullscrap. first step is to watch thousands of charts. thats it everything else is scam

Frankie Rossi says:

Excellent coaching. Thanks

The Forex Trader Evangelist says:

I use IC Markets to trade the Currencies and as well as several
Cryptos. They offer the award winning cTrader platform which makes trading so
much easier to understand. They have super low commissions and tight spreads.  I won’t use any other broker check them out

Carli Weise says:

What do you think about all the instagramers? Shaunlee, Uncle Ted, Samyfx, because you say that people are telling bullish when they double there account faster than 2 years ?

Mateusz Waskowski says:

Great stuff! Love the guitar analogy;) thank you

t myers says:

I would guess sitting down with a good trader for one week would be better than spending two years reading all the books and backtesting every possible chart/timeframe/indicator etc.

adnan Adnan says:

I watch it i get anwser obut back test…..tnx again

sheek ty says:

Yes Jason I’m loving the skits bringing some humour to a serious topic

Eric Szablewski says:

Thank you!

Jerome Lampasi says:

What a legend!! Thank you for this value mate!

Nkosana Ncube says:

Great video Graystone, how can l get that sample planner created by one of clients?It lt seems to be very detailed thus helpful

Retail Investing & Trading says:

Hey Jason, great video as always. Keep em coming. As student of yours i cant recommend this enough.

Gerard Cummins says:

Another great video Jason, thanks! I have devoted all my time to learning trading (quit my full time job). What would you say is the best price-action pattern to learn and perfect as a novice? I am currently back-testing flag patterns and double-tops/bottoms.

Bruce Smith says:

Thanks Jason great way to put it for those that work well with check off list just like hitting the target.

tejas gouswami says:

Always waiting for your videos thank you very much sir

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