Soooo I thought before I begin to truly document my present/future progress, that I’d take a trip down memory lane to see how far I’ve come in terms of my trading journey so far.

Boyyy have I come a long way. You’ll see in this video how much I messed up at the start – knowing absolutely nothing and having the worst and most ridiculous mindset.

So guys and girls, donut give up!
I went from making crazy profits to crazier losses. From risking all my capital for one trade. Honestly have no clue about what I was thinking back then or who that person even was! LMAO

But this is my personal story and goes to show that even me, a potato, can recover from that terrible mindset, and continue to persists to master the art of trading Forex.

*mic drop*

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Tanbir Ahmed says:

where did you get that coffee machine from?

Jan Španěl says:

great video tnx! <3 :))

Adrian Duncan says:

Great video! Also your really beautiful too!

Davevid Loh says:

Do you still trade stocks ?

F3nom Eleven says:

What’s falcon?

Nadun Mihiraj The Forex King says:

i would like to do a video on money management side and your trading plan.. Please make it in detail

kaushik fx says:

What should I do to improve my mindset .

Hugh P says:

Hello I’m a french trader i suggest to copy my trades (Nickname : HughActuary) by downloading the FBS CopyTrade application. My trades come from the most advanced mathematical algorithms

trader says:

it’s really gonna be long journey! .. good luck

peter barry says:

Hey, great video. Would be great to see a day in the life. Just starting out trading and I found your honesty with your start in the trading world helpful.

Anjan Babu says:

coffee is cold now.

frank carlos says:

Hey I started trading in forex 1 years ago I live in Birmingham very happy for you what broker you use and what curncy you trade

daniel mwangi says:

such a sincere young girl

KwayyyTV says:

I subed

Mikey C says:

Hannah, Thanks for the video. I’m just getting into this so I’m taking your advice and running with it. I love that you’re so transparent, unlike a lot of ppl here on YT. Thank You so much you earn another like.


Did you read any books? Did you run out of money to spend? I joining Falcon where everything changed for you for the better?

smma guru says:

Quality as always

Jayvone Severin says:

When you said you deleted their Telegram I think I know who you’re talking about as I left them and went to Falcon

Jaama Mohamed says:

Very transparent video with great content. I did the same mistake. My main problem was revenging the market and it fucked up my account. Thanks Hannah.

martin tilby says:

@t. use this link to a TRUSTED broker. there are a lot of scams out there!

Mudathir says:

story of my life….
actual honest account

Mr. NB says:

if you’re looking for easy money, it’s best not to mess with this. If you’re really wanted to learn the secrets of this job then you have to read this e-book. E-book covers all the niceties of this trading science. Learn first and then start to earn.

Jude Barrie says:

If You need a good trader to manage your account or assist you in trading Bitcoin? I will recommend Mr. Smith Van to help you because he really helped me a lot and he knows everything about trading, thank you Mr. Smith Van for all you have done for me .Feel free to contact him on whatsapp +1(315)585-8116

Zer0's Supremacy says:

I loved to hear this from you and see how you progressed in Trading. Thank you it keep’s me motivated and want to push myself

Eduardo H says:

thanks for your honesty , im thinking about switching to forex instead of stocks

mehmood baig says:

Great videoooooooooooooo

Gina Inso says:

Amazing video!! btw are you using Trading 212?

Justice Nikoi-Nickson says:

I support your journey and commend your transparency 1000%
One thing though, do your due diligence to research properly into the educational services out there before joining any.
I guess the first step is to know what type of trader you are ( heavily involved with personality) the timeframes you want to trade, amongst others and tally it with the trading style of those educational services out there to see if their style suits you first, before making any sort of leap.
I don’t mean to patronize you though, far from that.
But I’m with you on this journey.
May your trades be profitable!

Sһѧһzѧıɞ ѧғяıԀı says:

Patience, Emotions and Money Management are enough to get rich in Forex

Yurii says:

any news 😀

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