How I Retired At 21 Day Trading Forex

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How I Retired At 21 Day Trading Forex

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Virko Põld says:


thegamingtrader says:

…free fousand…

SocialProd says:

Please continue to upload a vid every week your the biggest external source of inspiration in my life. Plus we’re both 23…

Jason Stefano says:

This guy is a fool, stop making crappy videos and actually do a live stream where we can all see you placing your trades and making “fousands”

For anyone who is interested in buying his course follow these three steps:

Step 1. Do proper research yourself
Step 2. Stop wasting your money on shitty “courses and signals” that these guys advertise.
Step 3. “Multiple streams of income” get people to give you money each month by giving them false hopes and providing false services.

Les Stew says:

I mads mlions and I m only 2 yers old gogo ga ga byds

koratfarang252 says:

Step 1. Make a ridiculous video. Step 2. Find a bunch of idiots to buy your course.

klaus Herbert says:

You either earn or watch others earn. I m glad I’m investing with binary. Thanks? I’m recovering all I lost in just days. Finally I found legitimacy and transparency. Earn every 24hours Its amazing way and paying…thanks to Mr kelvin

Barbara Howse says:

*How to Trade Binary Options – $4400 in 10 min >>>*

Yos Biz says:

why do you sell courses if you make millions!? why bother?!! and don’t give me that ” i care about ppl and like to help others” crap…

who can’t trade, teach…

people keep falling for these asshole over and over.

Ubah Chetachukwu says:


Amaan Talpur says:

Anyone student of his, fxlifestyle ?

Nico Nico says:


Digital World says:

credit card is not accepted giving error any other payment method accept paypal

katherine bradley says:

I have been trading with Mrs Shaw for a long time and she has really opened my eyes to things In binary and forex trading I wasn’t seeing before, her strategies are totally dependable and highly productive. I win every time with her

Ashley Glover says:

I thought millionaires flew in front of the wing and not behind it.

Kim Ortiz says:

*How I made $33,000 dollars in 30 Days.*

Danilo Bila Sulai So says:

I’ve used his method. Started with 100 dollar and a week later > millions

Motiur Rahman says:

I want to get your course but your website doesn’t support my country Bangladesh .

Rich Mathers says:

Who wants his course, I have it for free. Just dm me

findabit says:

I make fousands of dollars, teaching fousands of students, using fousands of strategies to make fousands of dollars

LeBreezy says:

This guy has been 23 forever

Robert D. Moore says:

*Friday $1597*

Arthur Baron says:

i’ve been retired since i was 22 , a school dropout. i live so large in a yacht . all thanks to Mr earl who picked me up so early.

stefnic23 says:

So you was homeless a few years ago, at the same time you was going out every night and spending money needlessly. By the age of 21 you retired and at the same time realised you need to stop spending money needlessly in order to make fousands and fousands?

Digital World says:

can any one tells that which platform he used to send signal

Donker g54 says:

*Thursday $1180*

Isabella Dalpat says:

Why u still got an iphone6 and primark jeans then bro.

SXAOA says:

What exactly is the meaning of retiring if you are still working by continuing to trade?

Sideshow Bob says:

Like how he throwing laminated money around

smitesh more says:

Hi, FXlifestyle which timeframe do you use while trading is it included in your forex signals. PLEASE REPLY



Sideshow Bob says:

Guys walks around with a bag from which he loves from. Homeless bastard

FOREX FOR EVERYONE الفوركس للجميع says:


Sideshow Bob says:

Hang on folks… Go back to 0:19 faggot claims to be a millionaire but yet was sat in economy behind the wings of the flight… Dumbass is taking dick to make videos

ankit jangir says:

Anyone who joined cource and is now millionaire?

Juan M.L. says:

Thank you man!! I learned trading forex with your training course and made billions of dollars from a 100 USD account, the best trades I made were in the weekend!!

Pak Idea says:

Liar man

mathematics ,economies,science spm by cikgu sepul says:

Luxuries,i want it too

FxLifeStyle Forex says:




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