Did you know you could exchange foreign currency right from your cell phone?! In the following video I will show you how to use the MetaTrader 4 app to make Forex trades with your broker on an android device. This video will show you how to:

*Place Trades
*Customize Charts
*Set Stop Loss & Take Profit
*Execute 5 Different Trade Orders
*Calculate Proper Lot Size

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Learn how to trade Forex with Jerrell Coleman


* RCF MUSIC * says:

I just found the best tradig guy to follow, whats up jerrel this is jerreld.

linet Kaaria says:

so I have downloaded the MT4 app on my android phone. Kindly help me set up and start trading. Currently no idea how it works. completely new to this.

Synette Belfon-Valentine says:

I appreciate you making this video. You are the first person I’ve watched who explained it simply and to the point! It all seemed so hard before, but now I understand! Thank you!

Chris Terry says:


* RCF MUSIC * says:

Dude your a legend best explanation on youtube …

Shane Ellington says:

Clear and concise, no foolery

Rita anazie Ozoeze says:

This is my WhatsApp number +2348182095811 please chat me up I really want to learn and I need your help I have been looking up so many videos on YouTube but your teaching is very simple and easy to understand please be my mentor

Hope Getrude says:

Thank you for the explanation. Although did you calculate the TP from bid price?

Zeke Ukere says:

Pls how do I transfer my profit to bank account. Thanks

Angela Lee says:

Good morning is there a set way that you can set yourself up to train even when you can’t pay attention because you working like can I set my trades to be a certain number for each trade and I only have to visit it maybe once or twice a day? I don’t know how to set a trade other than what you just showed me and I don’t know if I’m set up yet for to receive money once my trade begins to pay off I need help with that can you please help

Teesquare says:

Men you made this very easy for me to comprehend and understand.Thanks a lot


Thank you, may God bless you

random games says:

Awesome video out of all the the videos I’ve watch your video is the only that I understand good explain. Can you please make a video of what indicator to use on mt4 app please would be appreciated.

skyhigh says:

Excellent. Thanks.

Bartholomew Fefa says:

thank you sir

Prod. Cinco says:

Thank You Brother

* RCF MUSIC * says:

Whats your email or watts app nr ? So i can ask you some questions …. you made a simple video showing it on your phone and that explained alot more than some video people show that only confuses me.

Rita anazie Ozoeze says:

Please can you teach me to trade Forex please

Angela Lee says:

You make learning easy and you dont talk fast…thank you..

Marianne Manliclic says:

Jerrell Coleman I would also like to connect with you thru Facebook…. Pls accept my friend request. I’ve been trying to study FOrex on my desktop for 7 months now yet I still have a lot of questions. Thanks to your video some things got clear to me…. aha moment! I would like to learn thru you more. THanks for being so generous with the info… I am deep into debt and I have a college kid …. GOd bless.

opeyemi oyewole says:

Please am interested in learning about forex and have created a demo acct but i dont know how to start trading. i would like to learn sir

kopekdess says:

You sir… Are a Godsend! aaaaaand you just got one more subscriber

Paul Thompson says:

Brilliant video mate, explained everything to a tee, love to join your facebook as you obviously know a lot about what i don’t!

Karthik Arumugam says:

Which is the best broker?

Angela Lee says:

Hey..i got out of it because the risks were greater than what i can afford

Jarrod Taylor says:

Slowly but surely I’m trying to understand this, Great job!!! Can I link with you on Facebook and learn more?..Good day sir..

YourAstroBoy says:

seriously for the first time I understand.

everlasting bes says:

Man you are too much,make everything easier and possible,i love your explanation.Thank you

Cornelius Ben Israel says:

Great information…simple and easy way of explaining it. Question when will do a video just on buy limit, sell limit, buy stop and sell stop from ur cell phone. The info you gave was great but I’m missing a step somewhere ( Android Phone )

Kevin Love says:


Chewie 13 says:

Great Vid

Macharia Elizabeth says:

Waooh. Great one. It has really taught me what no one else taught me. Bravo Jerry.

David Varga says:

Can I ask why you don’t use traders way ?

Kalifa Charles fx says:

You sir are the ONLY PERSON on youtube that simply explained with a lot of detail this topic. I was going mad crazy trying to understand this. Thank youuuu

Eric Jones says:

Awesome, great video. Thank you for sharing…

Khalid Omar says:

Well done

Emily Roberts says:

Hello everyone I want to use this medium to thank Mr Alexander Reams for his super strategy for helping me be a better trader , he helped me grow my $700 investment to $6700 in a period of 13 days. i am really happy, i still can’t believe it all real Mr Reams we need more men like you in these world and it will surely be a better place. You’re the best trade manager I’ve ever met Mr Alexander Reams. Thanks once more.

Ageh Mbi Francis says:

Thank you sir.

Transcription Data Entry says:

You’re the best! Explanation on point. You don’t talk too fast…Just great.

strom sha says:

Sir Can u help me to learn trading

Noah Ebrimoni says:

It was an awesome and insightful instruction from a real pro.Thanks for the simplified teaching.

Sharzhay La fleur says:

For the first time ever I understand.. thank you very much

moustachebro4life says:

Thank you!

Dewitt ochieng says:


Tom and Gam says:

*T O D A Y $ 1 5 5 0*

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