Forex Trading: A VERY Good FOREX Trading Video So TAKE NOTES

FOREX TRADING: 500+ pips in 4 days trading the FOREX Market.! This video looks at this MONSTER trading week & why you shouldn’t expect to do this consistently. Also a walkthrough using technical analysis on the USDJPY and BITCOIN looking at simple patterns.
2:55 – Trading The USDJPY
9:08 – Technical Analysis on Bitcoin
13:33 – A Trading Equity Curve

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Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analysis at Trade Empowered
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Melissa‏ John says:

? What is your opinion on the American Eagle forex ea I have heard that is excellent

Steven Roche says:

*I watched the whole promo video of the product in order to get information on the working process it has. The funny thing is that there is not such information provided to the viewers. It is only said that the auto-trading robot was able to take advantage of some market loophole in order to predict the outcome of each trade placed. So, this basically means is that it does not study the market or monitor the assets’ price movements. In fact, it doesn’t apply any working and proven to be successful method to produce its trading signals. If you want to be successful money makers, you should work in BitCoin. To know details, Check this “The Bitcoin Code” here>>> **** .*

Jade LealTv says:

worth the watch !! top quality

Daudi Mitchell says:

Big up…loving the quality

Charles Harris says:

What is a pip worth?

Real Teal says:

Very interested in trading and investing, I have the work ethic to put in but haven’t found anyone to help me learn the right material to become successful. A lot of people talk a lot about information I do not need and waste my time, any way you or someone else can help?

Davin Bogart says:

Does Trabeplom System (do a google search) help me start making some cash in the forex ? I notice many people keep on talking about this popular forex system.


Thanks very much…!!

Darien McGrath says:

Hi Ali, I am looking at learning to trade, however I dont want to commit to the expensive workshops as yet. In your opinion what would be the first step to take.

selva mech says:

hello sir,
what are the exact things should i have to notice/observe at the time of entering the market?

what’s the next move in eur/usd in upcoming week.

Manuel CiPez says:

Excellent! I invest in binary options this information help me to be better trader.

Enho Kuo says:

Good explanation!

Mrslykid1992 says:

Trading with Bloomberg Terminal is quite different trading with Brokers. I noticed that liquidity is higher with Bloomberg terminal as fund starter. The start up is way higher.

Carlos says:

your technical analysis is on point

Howey Jay says:

Hey there! thanks for this useful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about sports betting system known as Trabeplom System (google it), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you considered Trabeplom System? I have heard some great things about it and my work buddy finally earned a lot of money by using it, but he refuses to tell me 🙁

Menelik Watson says:

What’s up with these dudes always trying to sell some shit? Either put the information out there for free or shut the fuck up, I would rather flush my money down the toilet than give this faggot a dime

Трофим Геворгян says:

2017 and I’m here. It’s gotta be the beard. hahaha

HotGame says:

10:19 you really want to buy that? Its so stupid. you never understood how to read charts after all theses years

Judah King says:

It seems like all these forex guys are scammers, Bottomline, If you are eating put the information out in it’s purest uncut form, No scams.

Maro Vok says:

How unoeducational

Hayden Harris says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, is the supply and demand zone a zig zag of graph movement.

Jon McBrine says:

Is there any place(broker) for U.S. citizens to use EA’s for stock trading?

Derrick C says:

I’ve been a trader for 13 years and of course I’ve had my ups and downs. This is one thing I can tell you for a fact about forex: if you don’t work for a bank or know someone who does, you’ll never have consistent success trading forex. Your best bet is to focus on the stock market and trade options. Drop me a line if you want to know why the retail trader will never succeed at forex and why you can succeed trading options. And no, I’m not selling anything.

yournewfarther says:

Awesome strat

Granit Re says:

thanks man

terence wang says:

Hi I was wondering do u trade 1 specific pair currency only or trade different pairs Evey single day? Thank you

Sangrita Samurai says:

Very interesting. I’m new to forex and I have an interest in doing it. Where should I start? Plus, how much money do I need to start?

Hayden Harris says:

Hello Akil, I love logic, and I reserve the Wright to defend it. I invite you to explain why, what I say, is not true. Regards Hayden

Kaleb Robinson says:

Is there any good forex brokers in the USA if so what are the names

Marcus Jordan says:

Is there any way that I can get in contact with you ?

Jeremias Macias says:

I really recommend stocks, currencies etc that going up. Forex market is very unstable. Lookup stable stocks or and see how web currency grows and grows. China is regulating it but it isnt new if you see how they block big websites like facebook etc. Goodluck

fx media says:

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Hayden Harris says:

I like your video production quality, it is very good!

lets go champ says:

hi i am a beginner , which app i can download on my phone so that i can practice first

Stacy S says:

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Ancell Lind says:

Hi! thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about betting system known as Trabeplom System (do a google search), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried Trabeplom System? I’ve heard some incredible things about it and my friend finally earned crazy amounts of money by using it, but he refuses to tell me 🙁

Gissa Chance says:

Nice videos and thanks for sharing

Hayden Harris says:

dear Akil You don’t have to agree that the world is round, but it is isn’t it. If it was horse racing you can study the horse the rider and the course, and the other horses. With forex you can’t study the millions of different transactions that cause the graph to spontaneously change direction, because you, do not know who they all are. for crying out loud, what’s simpler. You seem a real nice respectable man and I’m delighted you let me challenge you kind regards H

Jaime Calahorrano says:

anybody here have made good money with forex?

Hayden Harris says:

I have to go now and it has been interesting for todays conversation but before I go, I was in the casino industry for 15 years and people would keep note of the different results on the Roulette and if say 17 red numbers had come up in a row, would start betting on black because they thought there was more chance of black being next when in actual fact the odds are always the same no matter how many red numbers previously come up, millions do this because their logic is based on emotion and not common sence. Ascertaining credible information from a picture that is painted my millions of different traders and manipulated by the big players without notice all who change their minds when they want without telling anybody, is futile. Looking at pretty graph patterns and thinking there is a secret message in there is also futile. You can attribute a win to your strategy but its purely coincidental. Nite Nite Regards Hayden..

Manya Rafael says:

Its still shock me just how a number of people don’t know about Trabeplom System although lots of people making some profit in the forex trading using it. Thanks to my mate who told me about this. I’ve start earning BIG cash in the foreign exchange .

girish barot says:

how do i judge time frame

TN Familia says:

it’s gotta be the beard

Ryan Michaels says:

Wedge pattern. Instituional Accumulation is whats happening there. Where it ends? Youll need more information than fibs and stochs. Lol. Try volume bro.

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