Forex | How much money should I start with?

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Many forex “gurus” will show you how to flip a small account using high leverage or high pip values. don’t BELIEVE the hype!
leverage in forex is a double edge sword that can hurt you, so be careful.
Forex is a great opportunity to make money but it comes with its risk. Make sure you educate yourself & us forex as a vehicle to reach your goals only after proper education!
This is how much you should be starting your account with.
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Marcus Dante says:

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Rudolph Normy says:

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Yamie Andre says:

Great advice.

Can you do a video for beginners beginners.

shane gunter says:

Great video thank you for your insight. Have a great weekend.

tonny akankwatsa says:

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Jerry Grauert says:

I’m new to this so correct me if I’m wrong, but is Forex like the Amway of trading?

Antwona Reynolds says:

Good stuff

kierra mcgruder says:

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Richard Neal says:

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kouame narcisse says:

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Midnight Rider says:

He looks like he should be dancing on Soul Train haha

WAH Ron says:

So minimum $1700


Turning $500 into $2000 to $3000 in a week is not hard, but not much of it would be left by the end of the second week. It is possible, but not sustainable without risk management… so the more you get the more conservative you will have to get… but generally the people with the least are the one’s under most intense pressure to grow their accounts, and the one’s likely to have little to no skills. Hence 95% loss rate. But I did it eventually.

astrid ken says:

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Madeline T. Witt says:

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Domeniga Elwira says:

Anyone know what is Trabeplom System about? I hear many people earning money in the forex trading with this popular forex system.


Thanks for your advice! Great lesson.

Michel Stuart says:

As a long time trader of this market I have a small suggestion to new traders. Don’t start with big investment. Start small and try this market first. As you guys are new it will take extra time to cope up with the market flow. Start slow and small. You can easily open an account with 50 dollar in AAFX account. They are proving 30% discount on deposit which can boost your investment.

Bayo aloaye says:

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Terry Boland says:

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Patricia Allen says:

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Christopher Rego Youtube says:

I won’t risk more than 0.5%, unless you can control yourself when you get consistent returns and don’t get greedy.

Waseem Amin says:

it depends more over on the income of the person adn if they can affored. to spend that kind of money. hence to say how much you sould spend. is dependent of person by person basics.all tho we al wanna make good money. dont give the cow away trying to make money. and if it flops. you have no cow left. e.g get bankputed. as it can go per shaped. allways keep that in mind. and do your homework.

Juan Sanchez says:

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Nick Melvyno says:

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SpazTheGamer says:

So..tell me whats wrong with funding my account with $100 which I have been doing for 2 years now…

Richard kersey says:

Hey drew, was wondering what platform you use for your Forex trading, also would you recommend CFD? Thanks in advance

USK says:

As long as you’re able to make profits constantly (profits > loss), it doesn’t matter how much you start with…

ahsanullah shanto says:

Forex is the largest money market where currencies of different countries are exchanged at their current price. So we need to have high leverage while trading because it gives us extra advantages. Trade12 provides high leverage like 1:400 and a high liquid broker.

BlowUrMind says:

Holy shit dude, ive been trying to learn about trading through youtube and other youtubers, you are the best i have seen, you explain very well! Helped a lot thank you!!

Nallappa Seshadri says:

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elijah Xbib says:

I started with a £60 account, I really don’t understand why people tell you not to do this. It’s silly! How Much You Begin With Doesn’t MatteR, Your Risk Management Strategy Is What’s Key.

Don’t let anyone tell you you need 5000. baloney


You can go from £60 to £200 in 1 or 2 trades. If you had a £200 pound account and at the end of every week you took all your profits and saved it and reinvensted nothing but kept trading with a £200 account, you can easily make the equivalent of a £20k salary part time. I think that helps put things into perspective** 🙂

Lucas Oscar says:

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FX_PIPSTA 33 says:

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