First time trading on MT4?

What do i do on MT4? Did i just place an order on MT4? How do i put in a stop-loss on MT4? How do i cancel my order on MT4? How do i place a sell on MT4?
-beginners video


rtothemutha says:

I’m taking notes! Thanks

Nomin Mnho says:

And how can I take the money?

Jerrrich Baker says:

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Travis Eurich says:

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Trish Wallace says:

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Malik Shahmir says:

How to place tp1 tp2 and tp3 and sl at once

Ruth John says:

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Jescar damas says:

how can i know wether im get profit or loos which way that i can know and how i can buy plz i need your help

Tia Wissel says:

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Ally Montana says:

It says market closed why?

Anønymøus Víds says:

Can someone tell me the best colour scheme

Aurora Borealis says:

Rubbish video.

NigerianPrince says:

I got lost at 1:30 can anyone help?

Danielle Perry says:

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Otis Davis says:

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Paulo Merlan says:

I am so confuse

Miscellaneous 84 says:

@MsPipsCicle, what broker do you recommend in order to use MT4?

arron mason says:

how can i contact Mr Benjamin woods ?

Muhammad Joli says:

mr william beckford has surprised me with another profit this week

Professor Shab says:

can you make a video on how to deposit cash on metatrade

Genji Mccorkle says:

Why does this person sound so ghetto.

Elvis Presley says:

Am a beginner please i need your help I just downloaded the app

Money Guru Like says:

Please Whatsapp No. Provide Mee?

Dylon Simmons says:

Is this even legit ??


which one is the best between Iq Option and Meta trader4?? and easy to master?>??

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