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Will Ware says:

The hell was that sound? 13:00

Marida Bucky says:

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Angelo C. says:

his dedication is amazing, where can I see more of him? I find this video very motivational, and I would like to know how he manages time, at what time he wakes up, etc also how much he makes on average per day?

Joey Alfano says:

I smell divorce really soon! She can’t wait for the day she is retired from his ass!

Steven Bodnar says:

my fuckin god.

Frantz Vallon says:

This setup makes so much since that it mad me understand a few things. plus i have never seen a Dr without all his tools and that’s a Dr if i ever saw one.

Abso Magic says:

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G io says:

Anyone know 13:35 voice notification?

Lunkyful says:

Do you know his success rate in %? I am learning from someone with a 60-70% success rate.

Jaxx Kingsize says:

08:30 What did you just say? He was short on 3 positions of 1 lot each. And the price was going UP! How did he do that 10k ?


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Kiko Kynev says:

watch carefully it opens on a 5-minute graph on 10 candle positions .. 100 lots how many 50 pips per day

Gacmar Gacmar says:

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crashev says:

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Mike Mikeson says:

do they trade cfds or is it asset like tradiotional stock?

Artur A says:

will be continued ???

Karan Brett says:

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Forex monkey Fx trader says:

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Patricia Allen says:

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Kiko Kynev says:

but it is precisely this indicator of support and resistance that I can not find for a long time looking for it… this is metastock or.. ? please if anyone knows let me tell me which is the platform

Artur A says:

will be continued ???

Sackty Yudhistira says:

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Ivan Redline Motorsport Toronto says:

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J credible says:

and all i needed was bitcoin…in my life….


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Az SAL says:

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Nick Dcs says:

I’m so glad I found this channel!!!  Would you do an episode about Myriad Multi-Algo? 
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Maz Mal says:

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Mohd Asyraf says:

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Sameera Perera says:

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Duy Nguyen says:

i saw 3 standard lots, sell, even with 90pips, it doesnt add up to 50k?!

Quora Forex Questions says:

7:24 averaging down a position that is already losing $850. You add more risk and can potentially lose thousands of dollars to cover a bad position on a 5-minute chart. It would be more helpful to explain why you did that and what was your exit strategy in case the price continued to go up 🙂

Arthur Budd says:

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ProTrader Advice says:

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Bear Gaming says:

When he was running down the stairs that bassicly sumerizes my trading life lol

Adam Ridley says:

$10 pips?

Sniperfx says:

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The Hollanesian says:

When is this going to be an esport?

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