Best Price Action Trading Strategy That Will Change The Way You Trade

This price action trading strategy will change the way you trade. Price action trading strategies rely on what the charts are actually telling you and do not rely on indicators or algorithms as price action relies on exactly what the market is actually telling you and what buyers and sellers are actually doing. The price action trading strategy we use in this video uses momentum loss to gauge reversals. Mastering price action trading strategies is the fastest and most effective way to become a profitable and successful forex trader.



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Motivated Guy says:

now i understand the meaning of each candle

Ashish kumar says:

Fantastic gentleman

force driven says:

Good strategy mate

Bud Pierce says:

Do you do Crypto’s?

45DidDid says:

So clear. Thanks.

Sibusiso Nsibande says:

wow, you explained so vividly

Trend Hub says:

Thanks wyse Trade…Just a question Do you look for these candles at support and resistance loosing momentum at Weekly Timeframe only…What time frames do you recommend.
Plz answer my query.

Jeannot Nelson says:


Tlhompho Moloi says:

Thanks a million. You have simplified price action for me.

Anton Praja says:

Good advice = No guessing !!!

KRM says:

thank you very much

Ravindra Babu says:

it is simple way of teaching ,thanks a ton .

MrEmoy Entertainment says:

Good advice I like it

Kingsley Okeke says:

I haven’t even finished listening to the video but…… THANK YOU!!!!!! You don’t know how much this simple video opened my eyes. The first PA tutorial that’s stupidly simple to understand.

Jeff Kagy says:

What time frame are you using?

raghu ram says:

Thank you for your valuable information , please make videos regularly

Trader Uday says:


BrideOfRocK nRoLL says:


Mahdi says:

thank you very much. this helped me a lot

10messi2009 says:

Simple and clear. Thank you

shashikant pisar says:

After viewing so many videos, first time got a worthwhile video….grt commentary….

Sameer Samsi says:

Awesome. Thanks

charles khumalo says:

Sir you have demonstrated you know that you talking about

inge Venema says:


Sports Update says:

What trading website you can recommend? I’ve install now IQ option and Olymp trade, are these 2 good?

Commenter Five says:

Thank you. We could surely learn a lot if you, the video author, would answer the viewer’s many questions, please.

Keith Grant says:

Great video guys!

Waldo Forsest says:

What time frame does this work best on

sadi jyothi says:

awww such a knowledgable video..thanks a ton stay blessed

Ryan Baker says:

You Have earned your self a subscriber here mate, been looking for a long time in to the fx market and people out there are charging thousands for this knowledge, Money i don’t have to waste like that i would rather put that in to my trading account. please keep more videos like this coming!

Shut up Idiot says:

Interesting! Your explanation was plain and simple.Please keep the videos coming we are here to watch 🙂

Jose Luis Rodriguez says:

Best tutorial so far…greetings…

jaleel gonzales says:

Wow I enjoyed this video so much!

Joshua Welch says:

Great information, will apply it to my practice trading as I am just now learning.

luckymom nealyanna says:

This so awesome.I am just a newbie trader but you have made me understand it perfectly….thanks u!

Akbar Ts says:

Frankly speaking… at the beginning I am no good at trading … mostly lose… but after i have seen this video… hmmm… i am guite good… so i can make money on the two trend bullish and bear trend… thank you brother…a trillion hug and kisses … the best video of all time that i have ever seen so far in this youtube… so simple and easy to understand… all the best Brother…two thump ups….!!!

Omar Elrafie says:

what time frame??? it’s different in different time frames!!!

ronnil okoro says:

Thank you

Abou El fish says:


Gabriel Calderon says:

Very clear

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