$90 account turned in $800 2 days trading

xm zero account 500:1 leverage started $91 btc deposit 11/14/2015 over $700 in profit mostly gold trades since gold pays more in profit per cent!




Aquarius Thompson says:

you stil have the account? post the myfxbook link

Jamie O Sullivan says:

This is generated by gambling not trading correctly

Angel Arias says:

What’s the best broker for a starter ?

柯于灿 says:

Good job

L3thal says:

I dont even know how to trade its so confusing
i turned $1000 into $11.51 wtf is this
i am gonna kermit suicide
have a nice life everyone!

LLsolarg says:

do you mean 1:500 leverage

Gus Fring says:

My XM account leverage is 1:30 how do I set it to 1:500

Johnloyd Cruz says:

I envest 500 to sir robert harry and gave me back 2000 in just 10 days.

brani panjaitan says:


Muctarr G says:

You’re a boss

fardeen rizwan says:

Can you help me
My Instagram is official_fardeen1

Colt Koala says:

You turn a couple cents into 35 bucks in 1 trade. You must use like a 900 leverage?

Elvis Presley says:

Can you coach me admin please

James Waldner says:

True mentors won’t teach this greedy method. I just subscribed yesterday, now I’ll be happy to unsubcribe. Lol

Nicholas Rothmeyer says:

What app is that?

Henry Wallace says:

That’s nothing. I turned $1000 into -$367,667

Cebulandia says:

What TF did you trading?

jim s says:

How were you able to open an account with XM as a US citizen?

riley wellstead says:

What app is this?

Samuel Chiumia says:

Trading on which timeframe

Ken Christian says:

What time frame is best to trade on?

abbygail sylvia says:

i love bitcoin. i have made so much profit

Ernesto Varas says:

Hey dude, what is your strategy? Regards

ibrahim dogan says:

I have a account with 100 euro on it but if i wanna buy a trade with 10 cent they saying that i dont have enough of money. Why does that not happen to you ?

Amazing Gemini Slash says:

It’s real money ?????? Answer me really real money ????

ED says:

What app you using

Angel Scarlett says:

Hi , I’m a beginner here. Can you guide me what’s the best forex broker should I go through ? Or how about you use ? Can u suggest please

raizerain says:

What app you using to trade?

yewseng yap says:

lee fx i want to understand

KinnPlays says:

Whats the name of the trading app?

Samiullah Azam says:

Now after many of months are gone from this video are u become millionaire? Or not?

surv p says:

What do you mean 5 times what you put in? 450?

Jan Peter says:

I lost 30k and my house fucking shit

Bank lifestyle says:

Nice kou. Watch how I turned $120 Into $700 In a week on my channel. https://youtu.be/5bMxjy2e1ac

Ling Nickcola says:

Lucky guy…

yscb1 says:

I’m sorry did I hear that right? Commissions are 5x what you put in?

Elvis Presley says:

Is there any way I can reach you admire ?

Stephan 21 says:

Hi, what is the broker you use? Did you had any problems cashing the money? Thx

Akash Khan says:

you are a pro trader not a beginner.don’t lie

Mind Valley says:

Wats the platform u use from trading

Joseph Vazquez says:

What app is that ?

Seb Es says:


fardeen rizwan says:


yhe2c says:

what app is that ? mt?

elang baru says:

What is an aplication ???

See It, Say It says:

i paid a whore 40 bucks for a blowie. -40 for me +40 for her

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