5 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Trading Forex 🖐️

The best piece of trading advice I wish I’d known before I started forex. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! 1) Forget about the money and start small. Prove that you can trade and make money before you start putting in serious money. If you’re starting with a big account you will start experiencing a lot of pressure when trading the markets.
2) Focus on risk! Risk management counts for a lot in trading – even if you have the best system in the world, if your risk management sucks you will end blowing up your account.
3) Filter out the noise! If you want to follow somebody, follow somebody…but get rid of the excess noise.
4) Stick to one trading method or trading strategy.
5) Be in it for the long term. Getting rich quick is not the way to do it.


J Daves says:

This was great.

simon williams says:

Wish i had known about the relationship between risk reward and win rate in relation to each other and the Risk of ruin !!!

Rakesh Sharma says:

Very sane, very practical suggestions.

Alex T says:

Thanks for sharing the video its very eye opening for those beginning their trading journey,
One of the things i wish i had known is not to have a get rich quick mindset of making millions within the first few years.
In this industry there are people out there selling the dream with nice cars and houses but its just not realistic. instead have patience by taking it slow and accept that losing and taking losses are a reality .

Kim Andrews says:

Good tips. Mine is find the style of trading that suits your goals and your personality. I tried Day Trading … not for me, … I tried Swing Trading … not for me, I tried Longer Term Trading, … Yes! That is for me. It took 4.5 years and much midnight oil burnt to find the right way for me. That fits my goals and my personality.

Todd Lavigne says:

very good advice

Dann says:

Can you do a video on what time window new traders should use?

Ahsen Shah says:

thanks bud.

ma.theresa sarmiento says:

Just in time. I just started my forex CFD trading.

Price Bayliss says:

Here is my take.. i battled hard for a year and squeezed out a amazing 400 bucks.
Better luck putting money on black or red at casino . Soooo frustrating.. i have just decided im just dumb.

Paul Reil says:

Number1 is patient

o o says:

Best advise is not to start traiding lol

Róbert Sinkovics says:

after im watched your videos an practice….became full time trader thx a lot.

samthedoor says:

Sorry, had to stop the video right there. I am good at math and have studied it for a long time. Not that I’m a great trader either, I’m just starting out. But I must say, that being a good trader requires natural self discipline, emotional control, focus and logical decision making. These are necessary traits for being good at math, so it is false to say otherwise.

Tito Febrianno says:

I always like your advise

Bryan Sanders says:

I’ve been trading FX for nearly three months now. Everything I learned was from YouTube. Literally days worth of watching. Been profitable for over a month now. The five steps that he pointed out are key. BTW, about 5% of what learned was useful, the rest was just rehashed retail trader videos.

zdrux says:

Tip from me that I wish I’d have discovered sooner:
Don’t copy people’s style or strategy. It will drive you mad, you won’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, and it will never feel natural or organic. Scan the charts yourself, study the tops and bottoms, how they’re formed, and how they are all similar, then find a method to spot these; and create a system around it. Using your own time-frames, and conditions.

David Lawrence says:

Start small and start Demo!

Timtim Sanjaya says:

Wise advise , thank you

adel ingal says:

Experience is really the best teacher. Great video. Thanks

Keventon Henry says:

This is great advice, I broke all of those rules when i was starting out. Like you, they were all mentioned to me at some point but didn’t listen. So i learned it the hard way . For those reading this, take note of the points mentioned in this video, it will save you a tremendous amount of stress.

Patrick Thomas says:

Thank you very much for this man you helped me a lot

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