4 Things to Always Do Before You Start Trading

Jump right in and make a profit immediately? That’s what most people think will happen when they enter the world of trading. But there are several things that experienced traders like David Jones always do before they open a new trade.

He goes over every one of them in detail here, from picking which markets to focus on, selecting a time frame and setting a Stop Loss to determining the level of risk.

Each of these four components is as important as the others and together they form a cycle of decisions that should be part of every trade you make. Being disciplined and prepared in advance for different scenarios is the only way to go about trading.

At Trading 212 we provide an execution only service. This video should not be construed as investment advice. Investments can fall and rise. Capital at risk. CFDs are higher risk because of leverage.


Neil bickerdike says:

seriously glad i have found this channel as so many site etc over complicate the market, Trading 212 do it simple and easy to learn, I would like to see a good video on back testing if you do one if now, can we have one please….

Adam says:

Thanks for sharing. Any Demo Trading sites you can recommend? Thanks in advance

Hosam Elgendy says:

4 Things to Always Do Before You Start Trading:
1- What market should you trade in?
2- Time Frame.
3- plan your Stop loss.
4- think about the financial risk percentage…

ErnestGTY says:

I’m eager to learn about stocks and I’ve been watching a bunch of random videos. I watched a couple of yours and now I’m a subscriber. Love how you structure your videos. Your explanations are focused without entering into a breadth of topics and terms, which really help beginners like me. Thank you!

Stepzgie says:

What platform do u use its so clean

Alexander sandor731 says:

Great tutorial, STOP LOSS worked perfectly I did try, STOPED MY Money Then I LOST IT, if I live it without stop loss, my money still there, less the company bankrupt, result is the same, with stop loss just I made it quicke

Joe S says:

Please sir speak slowly because i am not able to understand what you are saying its my request sir..

tushar tajane says:

Dear sir am new trader. I like to trade in option. But i face some problems during day trading. 1 when i change candle time 10 to 15 MACD and other indicator change their trend. So which time frame is best 10 min or 15min
2nd i cant maintain my stop loss. And get emotional to the trend which i suppose to believe. When it get revers i believe it will get back as i believe. Plz help. Am from india.

Nico ________ says:

These videos are brilliant. (But he makes me think of David Brent). I am very impressed with the app, videos, and the in app chat help.

Edin Arneas says:

Hello David, thank you, here. This is very useful and important lesson.

B C says:

excuse me just noted the platform tks

Joshua Blanchette says:

great video, I am getting into trading for the first time and I have been really impressed at your videos.

ILKBNS says:

New to trading, I learned that risk should be half of the potential gain (2 to 1) as a type of risk management. I checked the 3% of my investment size rule you mentioned to a current holding I have were I set a stop using the 2 to 1 rule and considered technical support. I found that the 3% rule gave me a stop price at $147.20 and I had set a stop at $147.50 using the 2 to 1 rule. This is great for confirming my predictions and managing risk, Thanks.

BrUSomania says:

I just saved myself from falling victim to the Norwegian Air Shuttle stock going down 21-ish% today. My stop-loss got me out at the -2-ish% mark. That’s the “best” loss of money I’ve ever had – I was so happy!

Money Mule says:

has anyone here made any money on this? I’m thinking of doing this on the side while at uni to make money and pay the loan off, but it’s so sketchy I only know one person that’s rich off of forex trading and even then it’s really iffey because he owns a forex signalling company so i’m not sure if he fakes it to get more costumers and he is rich off his company not trading… Asking for anyone that trades to help!

martin scully says:

Great Video! Thanks 🙂

Jason Webb says:

Wish i had seen this video months ago. You’ve just helped a few key points click. Thank you!

Yilmaz Yunus says:

Thank you David Jones for clear explaining of terms.

Siamak Sanati says:

Should you risk 1 3% even for long term trades?

Andy Valdez says:

This is a really great channel

Pablo Pistolesi says:

1 or 3% does not apply for crypto but of course no more than 10%. GOOD VIDEO! they are very helpful!

Lord_Trumoo says:

God damn I’ve been risking too much smh

nnamdi uzoma says:

Please my tradingview is not showing me any drawing tools like trend line and co, please where should I go. Or is it because I haven’t upgraded to pro

hiren ashra says:

Great video again. Thanks all at T212. I don’t know if I’ve missed it, but is there a video on calculating risk? It’s briefly mentioned here but it would be great to know how to manage risk no matter how much you have in your account. Cheers!

Sami Ullah says:

Thanks for good education

Anna Moli says:

Very helpful, David. Thank you!

Mark Burton says:

I’m furious that I never saw these videos when I started! Mr Jones, thank you for helping understand the charts. God bless & all the best. M

Groove Federation says:

imo the companies making these graphs should include a tory f*ckwit alarm button for sterling to any other currency trading pair whenever theresa may, david davis or boris johnson open up their mouths to stop the sterling markets crashing. if this is not possible then maybe a bit of an heads up for when they speak to the public about anything so you can close all trades, batten down the hatches & dig in for the incoming storm/doom. maybe call it cock100, dunce01 or the TRSPI (The Really Stupid People indicator).

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