📈 Trade Forex (NFP) LIVE with me: $5.3k to $20.4k in 15 minutes (TRADE NFP WITH CAUTION!)

Experience the thrills of trading NFP live with some risky lots as we turn $5.3k to $20.4k within just 15 minutes! Yes, obviously a lot of risk was involved. This was a situation of weighing the risk to reward ratio, not money management. NFP is very risky, So please do not try this at home without parental supervision…. haha, but seriously! Always trade money that you could only afford to lose, and trade at your own risks!

The most transparency you could ever see in one video… You can’t photoshop videos… 😉

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Tiler Balboni says:


́ says:

As a person who makes a living off of trading, this was funny to watch. Props to you, I know I couldn’t do it.

افلاطون السعوديه says:

This is live in forex “ to be or not to be “

Kenneth Bostwick says:

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GTXTREME360 says:


Marques Glass says:

How millions billions bye stock market

Kevin Leyles says:

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Kevin Manager says:

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Majin Buu Gaming says:

Easy money

Vikas Meena says:

Wowooo congrats.
I like your daring trading

kiko 99 says:

So can you put these money on your bank account again ?

Frans H. Maluleka says:

Hes the best this guy.

abdul hakim says:

Do this always and you’ll be broke before you realized it, your trading career won’t be long.

Moisés ceballos says:

that’s too risky, the price could have gone down easily. Arsalan take a long trade without a pattern of candles that told him that the price was going to go up

lucky iworima says:

could this be real??

Eli Gehtman says:

What’s the leverage there??

Aldo Linares says:

this madafaca is crazy

Franc Sibiya says:

To be honest what this guy’s is doing is real and I have seen how it done it slightly deferent from what he does but it sure he’ll does work obviously people who know how to do it will make you pay. It is so easy it rediculus there’s nothing fancy you don’t even need to know what the results are gona be, in forex you have traders and you have people who are in it to cash out and go back to sleep, the guy I know also trades for only one minute I’ve seen him making $30000 in less then 1 minute. And cash out running with 100 lots so who ever that thinks this is a cent account doesn’t know forex, it the lot size that really tells you if the account is real or not or it a cent account.

hamza shahid says:

How much money you make in a month??

Rief Chiko says:

I need that mentality man

Miguel Colton says:

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Hunnid Stax Forex Trading Institution says:

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AJ H says:

Very risky but look it worked out nicely so fair play nice one man

Joy Soly says:

This is a great video but it still seems like gambling. You need more than that. Check the internet for the *Lukka Binomial Strategy*, it was created by *Lukka Semenov* he will help you as he has helped me. I now make thousands weekly thanks to his strategy.

Jacek Kubiak says:

People are strange, they condemn the obvious, standing face in face with Leonardo’s Mona Lisa I sed to myself, it is impossibile to paint like this… no one can paint like this…
People have various kind of skills.. why deny somthing you have right in fron of your eyes? Yo can not do it, somebody can … gl


The best strategies for binary options I’ve seen

Shivaay Chaudhary says:

This is trading or gambling Hmm??? Mmm This is knowledge

Smurf0806 says:

How can u predict forex and different markets easily, anyone help.

lewis pratt says:

Wow That was one crazy trade made my heart rate drop.

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