When To Buy a Stock Exactly

Today we do kind of a stock market for beginners video on when to buy a stock. Everyone that looks into how to invest in stocks wants to know when to buy. This video will help you understand in the stock market when I decide to buy and why.
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PHILIP W says:

Should you buy lump sum or weekly/monthly or quarterly

D. R. says:

ANYTHING can happen within five years. ANYTHING. The best you can do is hope. There are no guarantees.

Ellis Frost says:

-Elon Drama
– Stocks drop
– Wait 3 days, TSLA pops back up

Cody. says:

I appreciate the ending of this video. Thank you.

CatoTheElder * says:

Efficient markets hypothesis means you can never spot a “bargain”. There are no undervalued stock.

synthartist69 says:

Every buy a stock thinking its a great time to get in and then 2 minutes later you sell it and are so happy that you are free from it???? Thats me!

grady hamilton says:

for 5 mins you told us what doesn’t work…….geeeeez your videos are rambling

Hyipowner com says:

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i am trusted hyip promoter admin.

mr meseeks says:

cclicked on this just to dislike this guys fucking autistic. fuck you man

Anthony Proctor says:

Anyone who joins we both get a free stock off the bat. No fees so Happy investing!I’ve been using the app for a few months now.

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Deandre Thurman says:

Good morning bro I need to speak with you I brought 200 shares of spi Energy. For $.30 a share a month ago Which was like 60 bucks OK this morning November 16 share is 2.50 now .Now when I look at my portfolio they only say is I have 14 shares and my total return is only + $35

BoW Skittlez says:

Brown & Brown stock is gonna go up 30% next year

penn jillette says:

I started to like his videos more as I follow more

bmo shareholder apple shareholder says:

Did you know that $10,000.00 invested in Starbucks in 1991 would be worth five million dollars today?

Mahesvar AKS says:

TSLA has > 100 in F/PE..But you bought them…Its contradicting your statements..

Elijah Orozco says:

So when ?

Noah K says:

looking to start a team of investors to talk and chat about long term and value investing HMU

Sebastian Zimmer says:

Alphabets stock price is 1000 (euros) and the eps is 15. With your calculations i would make profits in 66 years, right? (1000 ÷ 15)

cristiano ronaldo Herr says:


Roman Shamrrat says:

please can you tell me 50 stock list for 5 years for investment

Animal Lover says:

I bought 4k Litecoin each coin cost 2.42 before now its too low. What should i do now? Sell it or leave it?

koko lego says:

you are a garbage presenter

Stock Market says:

I lost $15k

Jonno2summit says:

I bought stock in an automotive mfg who is involved with driverless car tech development. They are flat, as I would expect, because driverless cars are not in mass production yet. My question is, when driverless cars become common, will the tech developers make beau coup profits, or will just the general mfgs make all the profits standing on the shoulders of the developers? This is a developers vs mfg question. Will the tech developers get used and screwed as compared with the general manufacturers? My question is meant to be a general question about similar tech and mfg situations in the past – not to predict the future about driverless cars. Do developers make out much better than those who stand on their shoulders and churn out products?

James Adkins says:

Landstar, Inc. (OTC ticker LDSR) is the best stock to buy right now. Their subsidiary, Data443 is an emerging company in an exploding Cybersecurity market. GDPR compliance, data classification, etc. California data privacy regulation starts Jan. 1st 2020. Check it out.

Ismael Granados says:

I get paid every Friday, then deposit 500-600 weekly into brokerage account , do a quick technical analysis or buy a stock in my portfolio that has dropped the most to avg. down

Positive Investing says:

*Buy high, sell low* right?

Oh wait…

Eddie3074 says:

This video should be titled “When to buy a long-term stock, exactly?”.

georgeEPC says:

So you made a video about basic info even an amateur trader knows.

Richard Neal says:

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Zirra says:

A free analysis of Tesla using Zirra’s Automatic Memo https://www.zirra.com/auto-analysis/tesla-motors

Louie D'angelo says:

what ive learned throughout the years, go long term and prayers.

KryptoKikira says:

I put all my money into WWE stock.

777111 777111 says:

In happy 11-14

Jovoc says:

Nothing better than a good pump and dump.

Evanescent says:

I’m thinking about investing in Nike

Yasser Amin says:

Great video , i will happy to see my strategies as-well https://youtu.be/IGkVGad7vj0

Didi Brown says:

it’s been all good so far

Michael Peterson says:

Shouldn’t I just invest in oil and never have an issue I mean oil is essential in modern day life so

Tony Chung says:

What’s are your picks?

Matt Russell says:

Seems like all of your opinion is subjective and not based in details of the data. You bailed on Tesla over some bad press and then bought back in – you don’t really believe in the mission of the company; you do not see the real value of what they are doing.

Saffat Aziz says:

Hey jemery, thanks alot for your videos on investing, have learned alot over the past few months. I wanted to ask however, what resources do you use to analyze a stock, for exampple the forward PR and the growth%. Do you use yahoo finance to get all that information?

Sambhav Jain says:

Great videos man! Thanks so much. A beginner’s question: If I am doing long-term investing, is it not a greater risk of blocking my money, where the company may or may not grow? Otherhand, I can do short-term investment & trade stocks on basis of how well the company is doing?

Din Naser says:

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Gerald Morden says:

Just hit my one year the other day in stocks, lost a lot but I didn’t do research and was trying for the short term, time to research and go for the long term!

Mark Basile says:

Buying stocks at the right exact time can be tough. I try to see when its on a down trend but sometimes I just jump in if I know im going to hold long term if I know its a good growth stock.

Rimmy Blumpkin says:

Looking good Jeremy, you look like you slimmed down.

Financial Education says:

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China Castro says:

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