What is a Stock & How YOU Make Money in the Market

What is a Stock & How YOU Make Money in the Market…

Are you struggling to understand what is the stock? how the stock market works? or how you can make money from the stock market?

In this video I will share with you the basics behind how a company issues stock, how money is made in the stock market, and how you can profit from trading stocks.

Stock is simply a piece of the company and you get a share. Has to shares are exchanged or traded over time the value of them fluctuates over also changes. If you are able to buy stocks of companies at a lower price in one year and then hold it over time for multiple years and sell it at a higher price than you make a profit and this is where it comes into the investment side.

Investing in stocks is similar to investing in a home or in real estate. If you can buy a house at a cheaper price in one year with time that house value should go up and appreciate and then later on you can sell it for more money capitalizing and profiting from the difference.

In this video may share with you some calculations about how a company can sell stock to investors and therefore use that capital to grow the company.

All the examples that we will cover will help you see the bigger picture of how the market works based on the last price principal and how you can use it to your advantage to make more money.

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Bodega Mouse says:

So, basically, the people who bought bitcoin shares back when they were worth dirt are now rich through this method? I get it now

JUNIOR contra TODO says:

How about if stock go down what will happen with my money?

Nenad G says:

How often can a stock market give you 1/1 (1to1) ratio?
Like puting 100$ on black on rulette and winning 200$-100$=100 profit????

JoshIVIX says:

How often would you get paid?

benjamin banuelos says:

Quick question and sorry if Its dumb question. If you own share do you get monthly money back. Or you only make money once you sell it?

Extra Channel says:

Omg thank god someone can explain that msg properly thanks this helped so much

Rajesh n says:

Nice explanation but one thing is missing i e how the value of share is increased

WestUp Kalifooya says:

Thank you thank you thank you for helping me understand

Leonoe Lotzin says:

Thank you!!!!!!‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

NAV KAUR says:

Such an awesome explanation ..

edrian tito says:

Hi sasha,
I want to ask whether or not the value of the company(market cap) can directly affect the stock price or shares that i bought? Brief background, Im torned between dividend investing and growth investing; some expert dont believe in dividend paying stocks if i will be investing in a company that dont pay dividend what is the point the only thing that make sense is when the money they make will be reinvested back to the company hence increasing their market cap,thats why i ask the question above so that you may can enlighten me.

zoe fofo says:

Very informative

Jailan Rayvon says:


Ressie Ressie says:


Adam Leven says:

Yes, the value goes up. But you don’t make money until you SELL the stock.

water joe says:

Excellent job
Keep it up

Cyber Wolf says:

How long should you have the stock open before you sell

Thunder says:

This is too complicated. Can I just give you $1,000 and you give me back $2,000 the next day?

Dylan Israelian says:

im glad bobby got out to spend more time with his kids, he wasn’t looking the same since the merger

Anthony Rivera says:

Damn this video honestly helped me out to understand it better

Cisco Cal says:

Does shares pay you monthly, yearly etc if you continue to hold your share? Or do you only make money when it rises and you sell your share?

Nicole Elizabeth says:

So the more expensive the cost of your shares, the better the potential profits? I’m a beginner and I just bought a few different stocks- all under $15.

Ultimate Warrior says:

This didnt explain anything..

Andrés V says:

Wait, so everyone buys a share. The company doesn’t have money. Now it does, USD1000. Won’t the shares go down while you spend money on advertisement, employees, sales trips, etc…and then maybe go up?


How do they decide the number of shares? What’s the difference between profit shares and normal shares? Is the value of the company the equity it has or anything else? It would be great if you talk about this. Or comment about this. Thanks!

Nivedita Medhi says:

In context of the example you’ve given, could Bobby simply come out with his share of $200 without selling his share? I am just a beginner sorry in advance..

mihnic0504 says:

But how does the value of the company go up?

JapDan says:

Is it hard to sell the shares once the value goes up or does it depend on the company?

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