ULTIMATE Beginner’s Guide to Stock Market Investing in 2019! – (How to Buy Stocks in 2019?)

Welcome to my world of stocks!!!
My name is Ale, and today, we are starting a brand new educational playlist called “Stock Market Investing for Beginners in 2019” and the first video of the series is today’s video which is teaching you about stocks, how the stock market works, how dividends work, how to find and value stocks quickly, and how to actually buy and sell stocks with a brokerage account in 2019! I hope you enjoy this video and if you found it useful, please hit the like button and share with family and friends! Thanks 🙂

Free Playlist: Stock Market Investing for Beginners 2019

Intro (Structure) – 0:00
Part 1 (Stock Market & Stocks) – 2:08
Part 2 (Dividends) – 6:09
Part 3 (Find/Value Stocks) – 8:50
Part 4 (Brokerage Accounts) – 15:33
Conclusion (Thanks & Questions) – 19:08

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***Please be advised that I am not giving any financial or investing advice. I am not telling anyone how to spend or invest their money. Take all of my videos as my own opinion, as entertainment, and at your own risk.***


xikome rascon says:

What you think about the fool.com?

Humza Waheed Investing says:

Nice breakdown for the beginners out there! Nice video production too!

Millennial Investing says:

Nice new series Ale, wish someone went through all of this when I started investing

Julio Lopez says:

#Ale would you consider using both fundamentals and technical analysis for long-term investing or would you focus more on the fundamentals of a company?

Ale's World of Stocks says:

Intro (Structure) – 0:00
Part 1 (Stock Market & Stocks) – 2:08
Part 2 (Dividends) – 6:09
Part 3 (Find/Value Stocks) – 8:50
Part 4 (Brokerage Accounts) – 15:33
Conclusion (Thanks & Questions) – 19:08

Duderino Z says:

Hi Ale, could you please explain what is going on with Boeing P/B ratio?

Jin Hyuk Lee says:

Thank you so much for your informative videos!

Giappoman says:

Hey Ale, thanks for the video. I have a request for you. Since my bank is charging me something like 25 euros per purchase I would like to switch to some kind of system like Robinhood. Problem is that Robinhood is available only in the US. As far as you know, is it possible to use a similar service in Europe? (specifically I am in Italy, so I hope there is something for my country)
Thanks in advance!

hookybricks hooky says:

I like your summary of information for beginners in the stock market. Maybe, just maybe you could make a video with strategy hints for starters. From my personal experience people tend to think one can only start with big money and stocks are only for the rich. We know better, don‘t we? 🙂

Robinhood Investor says:

Great video Ale! Very informative

El Puertorriqueño Gamer says:

ale how does robin hood make money if its free?

James Leffingwell says:

I’m new at buying stocks myself but to me one of the most important things i’ve learned is how to use limit buy & sell so that i always know what i’m paying for a share.

Francisco J. Ruiz López says:

Nice video. More information about EPS, Market Cap, P/E Ratio, gross margin, and so on. Please

Prodigy NotNice says:

Check email!

Global Stock Investing says:

Awesome video! I liked how you talked about the different sectors to invest in.

Nova says:

will you do a video on researching stocks?

jeff 2.0 says:

so you’re telling me that 41% of MSFT earning is only for dividends. Insane! That is so much almost half of all earnings.

Shing Wong says:

You should have a video on what are the best sites to do research

sentinel471 says:

Thanks. Well produced video.

Sean Graham says:

Awsome video, very helpful! I just started invesing last month and bought 20 shares of MSFT and 150 shares of ACB! Looking to see where that takes me over the next couple of years! It’s exciting haha

Yacobus Fitri says:

Thank you Ale! I want to do stocks when I finish school. I don’t want to be like my uncle who has PhD yet drives Uber.

jeff 2.0 says:

This series is going to be great. Can’t wait to see the next videos.

Herman Lau says:

I use firstrade because it’s free.

Fezaan Ali says:

Hi great video is there any low commission brokers in the UK who you could suggest as well as this I was wondering what your opinion is on Tesla as a stock.

James Leffingwell says:

I’m self employed so i’d like to learn more about how to make my Robinhood account part of a Roth IRA. And learn more about how those kind of accounts work.

Jennifer G says:

Excellent video. Thanks!

markmasterson says:

hey Ale, what is a good website for a company’s balance sheet?

christopher taylor says:

What do you think about penny stocks?

Lion Scharffenberg says:

What do you think about the Activision Blizzard Stock

Widley Raymond says:

Thanks for the video

Julio Lopez says:

I use Robinhood and M1 Finance. I use Robinhood to buy my dividend stocks with and manually re-invest my dividends to buy more stocks, then I use M1 finance to buy fractional shares for my growth and speculative stocks.

Fight Highlight says:

I used http://www.tailopez.com/flow.php?lp=FS-2596&aff=2835112 – will post updates on how well it works in like a month 🙂

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