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These are my Top 3 Marijuana Stocks for 2019! I chose these 3 as the best marijuana stocks for 2019 because they are current market leaders and rising stars at the time of this recording. Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis, and Planet 13 are all making aggressive acquisitions, expanding, and breaking into new markets. I will outline all of these companies below.

1. Canopy Growth Corp (CGC)

2. Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

3. Planet 13 (PLNHF)

Joining me in this video are three other cannabis stock experts:

1. RichTV Live –
2. Departures Capital –
3. Investing Hustler –

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Julianne McCulloch says:

4 stupid morons

Matthew Riccardi says:

Do you guys feel that overtime sales will die down once everything booms and expands; As well as people stop purchasing due to speculation about gov. problems as well as people starting to home grown.

Jared Highlands says:

Thinking of grabbing canopy. Waiting for the recession to hit before I buy anything though

Will Beecher says:

What about this little Dog in FL? LHSIF LIBERTY HEALTH SCIENCES INC?!! They have 1 of 3 licenses in Fl! Florida in the US has the right climate which will result in low overhead. Despite Canada having some huge companies… Canada does not have climate to grow cheaply.

Ella Bangz says:

Planet 13 has 2 ticket symbols :

What’s the difference?

Tom Thomas says:

what do you guys think about ERBB and MEDT?

Joyce Leggs says:

Hey guys I’m thinking of investing in InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. What are your thoughts??

xmortale says:

Where do I trade TGod

Anderson F de Franca says:

Market Cap and partnership is the key

Paul Stevenson says:

What is the symbol for Tigard? I can’t find it anywhere

Bcl4 says:

Hi What is your take on TRTC I’ve been holding for a while went through a split and I’m steady loosing should I hold or sell?

CD says:

ACB has 1 billion float….. it will be awhile for $15 to be hit

sativa shiva says:

It’s not a top 3 stock.. it’s a #looser #fail

BMO 831 says:

What do u guys think about agraflora organics?

Nishia Boo says:

I want to be in the cannabis stock. I’m in the beginning stage and I want to invest. Im learning. I just don’t get it. Lol

daniel ryan says:

– I am one of the very few vendors who have been around since the original Silk Road in 2013.
– I have been a trusted vendor on every major market since then.
– I always have the lowest price compared to the competition for each product i offer.
– My quality is consistently high
– My stock levels are unlimited
– My feedback is flawless, No exit scamming or Rip Off accusations ever
– My shipping is always on time
– My stealth works
– Customer service is a priority and i will answer every message @ whatsapp + 1 669 253 6785

bio1656 says:

what are the return on these investments ?

Ty Parker says:

Sunniva will be huge in 2019!

palos lokos says:

Fairly new to stock marketing, started roughly about a month ago. Got 25 shares with ACB. Outta curiosity I was wondering if that amount is too little to make some actual profit in the future. I don’t got big money so I started off small. However, I would like some opinions on whether I should invest bigger for 2019, if so how much?

zubair says:

what do you think about usmj?

Tiffany LD says:

What do you all use to monitor the stocks? Please help!!!

RustedRaccoon says:

Nov. Planet 13 was $2.57 and now $1.43 it was the guys on the bottom rights top pick.

Rob Will says:

Good picks info cross references were great just one thing fuck trump hes a criminal sexist and a racist. And stupid he will end up in jail! Other than that ..

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