Top 10 Stocks for 2017 and 2018!

Today we talk stock market related and the subject is top 10 stocks for 2017. Also the top 10 stocks for 2018. These 10 stocks are 10 of the strongest stocks in the stock market over the next year and a half as it relates to their revenue and/or profits exploding the next year and a half.
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Robert says:

As of now you were right on all accounts by a huge margin except AMD which has just been volatile.
Not too bad of a prediction. SUBSCRIBED!

Jose Alfredo Perez says:

Talk about gold. Should gold always be part of a portafolio.

john lopez says:

Hello, I just found this channel and I’m liking it a lot. Where do you go to invest online?

Pavan Vikram Mirla says:

Did Jeremy’s prediction come true? – Performance of all SP500 stock in 2017 visualized on one page.

Cole Wofgang says:

Do not invest in Tesla for long term, the electric car scene will turn to hydrogen cell cars, look at Japanese car manufacturers like Nissan, Toyota, and Honda because Japan set a hydrogen car incentive.

Matt Horwich says:

great video…educational. God bless the omniverse! limitless potential 1111 will be rad to see which stocks do the best…

Peter Gepilano says:

Hi Jeremy, I just started investing stocks this month and I would like to know what your take is on this Chinese company known as Baozun which currently sells at 25.12. It’s a brand e-commerce solutions company and I read somewhere that it’s getting support or have some type of affiliation with Alibaba.

As good as old says:

Got it

treysharkk1 says:

if Facebook is so good, why don’t you own it? I feel like Facebook can get to 500 easily

budimon121 says:

how much adderall did you take before making this video?

tee bo says:

omg inpixon is about to explode now that theyre going to work on a blockchain network! buy buy buuuyyy $$$:)$$$:)$$$


Kermit @ 00:00

Sergio Rodrigues says:

Tesla will be the worst stock in 2017-2018. Tesla could lost 50% at anytime

andy snyder says:

love your vids can you do one about buying stock on margin and how much the fees are compared to stock growth and dividend yield and how you can come on top tanks a lot

Danny Greene says:


edwin deleon says:

is aldi good stock a company from germany

MindlessZombieGamer says:

Is aray a good stock jw

ADerpyReality says:

Is there anyway to avoid a stockbroker? Buy it yourself?

Mayan Gaming says:

10. Cirrus Logic
9. Amazon
8. Tesla
7. Monster Energy
6. AMD
5. Alibaba
4. Apple
3. Nvidia
2. Home Builders
1. Facebook

You’re welcome

anony says:

but most of these have bad balance sheet..didnt u say in one video dont buy stocks with bad balance sheet..

Alexander Koutoudis says:

pretty informed guy, i wonder if he knows of the IBD system

CryptoJesus says:

I only clicked this vid to downvote bcs of that stupid clickbaity video image

ri pi says:

Good info could you also please post the stock symbols in the description part of the YouTube video.

ts15210 says:

Three month scorecard: Big Wins: TSLA, BABA,NVDA,FB….
Small gains:MNST, APPL, AMD
small loss: AMZN
Big loss: CRUS

Bayley Waddell says:

Would you recommend buying 1 $900 share in a giant like amazon/google share or say 50 $18 shares in a mediocre company?

RC Wolhar says:

$GERN ftw in 2018. Young investors looking for a come up should look at this one .

Matthew Campbell says:

Hey I’ve been looking into investing in stocks. I’m wondering how much time I should dedicate a day/week into investments?

Leo Donatt says:

I hope you are at list 25% right! … Good info

Steve Bates says:

Really enjoy you! I wholeheartedly agree with your Top Ten Choices for 2017-2018. Keep up the good work. I just stumbled across you tonight.

FIBO-TRADE is Fibonacci says:


kishan kakarla says:

I own 6 of these 10

Nicholas Eisenhauer says:

Tesla is doing good right… Right

Don Dressel says:

Supplies chips for Apple watches
Your thoughts?

David Watson says:

Will share 2.5% of the bonus fee if you use

Just contact me once done and will transfer the 2.5%… No catch it’s a win win

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