The Trick To Investing In The Stock Market – Dave Ramsey Rant

The Trick To Investing In The Stock Market – Dave Ramsey Rant

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Drew B says:

The best advice on market investing that I have ever seen by miles (& I’ve seen tons from so called “experts” too)- hats off Dave!

Pat says:

He shouldn’t make a claim it may go down. We could be in another 10 year bull run. Economy and jobs are up. Nothing really bad on the horizon. Lots of boomers playing catch up and young folks know about saving since they went through great recession. If the fed raises rate all bets are off however. Trump tax cuts will be huge!

Jr Chac says:

Word of the day yeeahh

C&G/G&C says:

I have 2 question’s how much do I need to save up to invest and what would be a good investment firm to go with?

Troph2 says:

Stocks are like betting on the horses except you get to choose when the race ends, if you dont NEED your retirement you can ride through the bad times. Not hard to understand but people get emotional about 0 signs.


Never heard it put this way. Thanks, Dave.

Lockwave Lockwave says:

Hello Dave,

; Im a first year college student who has picked A level Business studies as a subject. My teacher has tasked our class to look at FTSE 100 and select a stock to buy shares into – I have a total of £10,000 virtual money to buy shares into up to 3 stocks on FTSE 100. Since I have no experience in stocks at all Ive been researching alot on youtube with no prevail. The person who has the most profit at the end of the year wins a prize and Im a very competitive person, I thought I would ask an expert on advice however.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated, just as an overview my question is which FTSE 100 stock market would be the best to buy shares into with £10,000 with the desired outcome to have as much profit at the end of the year as possible.


droptozro says:

In reality their money only doubled if they had $100k and it halved, then went up 4x. But I’m not sure the Dow is really a good test of the market the more I look at this. Though I agree, we’re waiting for a correction to come about. Really temped to buy into bonds and wait to buy back into stocks when it crashes… but that’d be attempting to time the market.

meta morphosis says:

Buy low sell high. Learn n do it yourself

virtuous woman says:

Economic 101: Buy low Sell high

Honest Opinion says:

I agree there are dips and then the market rebounds. But the market goes down much faster than it gains. If you were near retirement and needed your retirement in 2008, you would have been hurt badly. My folks were 70 in 2008 and its taken more years than they have left to rebuild what they lost. Its all about timing. If you are 20, then yes a drop is no big deal. If you are 70 or 75 you may need your investments now.

johnjustis says:

It really is this simple. Thanks Dave!

Ben Sorochuk says:

That is a great quote! No one gets hurt on a rollercoaster except the ones who jump out!

John Castillo says:

7 people aren’t invested.

Kadz Daman says:

I invested more after watching this

Lakmal Antony says:

great advice as always

Zachary Rastaman says:

what about people in 2008 ready to retire at 60-65 and the market crashed. makes sense for 30-40 year olds during that time would just bunker down and hold until it cleared up 10 years later. but the people at retirement age when it crashes doesn’t that mess them up?

Chris G says:

Question for anyone here: I’m looking to start investing. Learning as much as I can regarding mutual funds, ipos and whatever else I can find. Dave said, “unless you bought when it was up and sold when it was down”. Would right now be a good to start investing or should I wait for a marketing correction?

Loren Haubelt says:

What’s your point of view on day trading? Keep in mind 401k is being maxed matched and Roth IRA is maxed per paycheck/year.

ninzki b says:

How to invest where to start ?

kobe248gr says:

check Bob the worst market timer on the internet.
An article when you invest on market peaks and never sold.

Nicolas Lamer says:

As Dave Ramsey notions you only realize a loss if you sell!

Cuentos de la Cripta says:

How do I invest tho?

Matt Leitch says:

Yes, thank you for the positive words!

DNR5586 says:

Contribute every month like clockwork.  You’ve got to feed that monster and watch him grow!!

Greiguci Wootchie says:

Dave Ramsey is an absolute amazing man, I love listening to his easy listening shows. God bless.

omaxman1 says:

Because of Dave Ramsey, I jumped in the stock market in 2008, (that’s when the world was ending) and don’t regret a bit…

Vinci Guerrero says:

Why do you have to wait for the rebound when you can short the market as it goes down.

Viet PopLove says:

Same with the housing bubble…people just love to panic. They don’t think 5-10 years from now. The housing market is almost back to where it was. I just hate when people think they should bankrupt cause their house is underwater. It’s still the same house you loved and wanted to sign a 15-30 year mortgage on right? Why does today’s value matter when you planned on living in it for 15-30+ years?

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