The Biggest Lie In Investing That You Believe In | TEDx Talk

In this TEDx Talk event, trader Alessio Rastani exposes one of the biggest lies in investing that almost everyone believes in… It reveals a truth a big truth about the stock market and the economy.


Agustin Rangel says:

Amazing, incredible how this would’ve never crossed my mind! That’s why I love financially smart people !

beaumanVienna says:

“buy low, sell high” in 10000 words

Lando guy says:

I’d give this video two thumbs up if I could. Very informative for those who don’t know.

Navy Prepper says:

Should have rearranged my sock drawer which would have been more productive. He was telling people what I learned in 8th grade. Did people pay money for that advice?

Rick Believes says:

The biggest lie ever told was you have some wonderful insights. Nothing to see here.

Hayden Harris says:

Another one fits all marketeer, how un realistic unless we live in an ideal world which we do not.

Patrick Tremblay says:

2:03 I plant a windmill farm !!!

Nimble Pumpkin says:

Warren Buffet does use GDP and interest rates to make investment decisions. He has said so many times.

Murrell Selden says:

The biggest lie is that we have unlimited time. We have a schedule imposed by God (irrelevant if you believe in humanism).
Also, we have imposed our own life span! If you are old (70 to 90), who are you investing for.

Ray Fatemi says:

There are several problems with this presentation. Hind side is 20/20. How do you know when the next crash come? In March of 2009′ the Dow had dropped to about 6300 points. If you missed that and you listen to this guy, you would miss the Dow going to 25000. The second problem with his theory is how do you know when the market hit the bottom? The Dow was over 12000 before the crash of 2008. When do you start buying? When the Dow is at 10,000, 9,000, how about 8,000?
He quoted warren Buffet, Warren Buffet also has said many times that timing the market is for rookies. You cannot time the market. In fact he said the perfect stock is the one that you buy and never sell it. And he is the reaches man in US. And he said that these quality stocks are in-expensive among other things. Well that is not true either for many many quality stocks. Just because a company is a quality company, that does not mean that the stock is quality stock. Companies like Amazon and Netflix are great companies but their stocks are at such rich multiples of their earnings that they are in major major bubbles. No matter how good they are their fundamentals do not justify their current prices as of spring of 2018. As conclusion, this is a very simplistic point of view about investing.

Robert Bidochon says:

The Kia Cee’d – Bentley comparison is not for car enthusiasts, we all know A kia is way more reliable and cheap to run, maintain, insure… And Bentley is owned by Volkswagen A.G., by the way. +Alessio Rastani

Sam King says:

This guy didn’t do his homework. Bentley is owned by VW. BMW owns Rolls Royce.

Frank Vorlicek says:

This is silly. Stock market is a leading indicator. It anticipated the economic recovery.

mrtriffid says:

Hey! Here’s a big tip for all you investors: NOW is the time to BUY BUY BUY Enron stock!!!!! It’s REALLY LOW! And don’t forget Bear-Stearns . . . and Lehman Bros!!!!!!! Remember, BUY LOW, SELL HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paseka hanyane says:

This exactly what happened when bitcoin was at about $20k.

Beason Curd says:

I guaranty you that *FIRST MILLION ROAD* is the best trading software.

Frank Vazquez says:

This is pretty much known to anyone who has looked into stock investing for any longer than a minute. More Ted talk click bait titles here… says:

Not so sure about this TED talk. Participating in the markets for just a few day will demonstrate that trading is extremely risky but once you realise what the two key elements are, it is easy. There are thousands of successful strategies that you can use to trade. The strategy is only a very small part of what is needed. The two most important things that are needed to succeed are RISK MANAGEMENT and YOUR OWN PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACH. You must accept that you will lose on some of the trades that you place. When you take a trade, you need to accept that the trade could go either way. You will need to stick rigidly with your criteria. When you place a trade it is not about being right……It’s about doing the right thing. You can find out more from my website Also from my YouTube channel

Atomic Value says:

I for one actually see the point behind this video!… it’s not just about buy low sell high!!! It’s about underlying conditions… smh if you don’t see that

JP Brind'Amour says:

This could be “in the running” for worst TED talk of all time.

Murrell Selden says:

When Armageddon comes, it is definitely not the time to buy anything! You do not need money then.

laura harrison says:

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Technical Call says:

Seriously, Your Ted Video was more worse than mine.

ACK Preacher says:

This talk is so rudimentary that he should have been making balloon animals while he spoke —

Graham S says:

problem is when you depend on an economy for your income you can’t invest at the right time because you won’t have capital when economy is bad.

Shailendra Bhatt says:

Too good

Javier ViIIaIobos says:

I don’t think this is a real TEDx talk, or if it is, it shouldn’t be. I think that stock markets are fundamentally immoral. Speculation is a cruel and shady game. I prefer to produce wealth by doing real work, not by smart talking and deceiving greedy people.

Monkey Tron says:

“More smart”. I think you mean “Smarter”. Sorry about the pedantry but come on, it sounds better.

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