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nicholas coles-gamache says:

Vegas will be running out of water real estate down there will tank two decades from now

Monetary Nerds says:

What do you think about the nuclear sector for new/young investors looking long term?

Rexxor says:

idk if i can trust u after that tesla shit

Neil Kotecha says:

HAHA I haven’t checked out your videos in quite some time, when i subscribed you were at 2k followers… now 281k!!!! Damn my man! Lol congrats!!!

A I says:

All great, assuming the dems and socialist DONT take over. If they do, we are all Fd.

Jordi Farràs - Growth Mindset says:

I also believe that one of the best investments you can do is to invest in yourself, especially if you are young! And in terms of the saving accounts for example here in Spain the majority of bank accounts limit the interest rate to the first 5-15k but is better than nothing..!

J P says:

So what’s up with ELF stock

Durandisse84 Durandisse says:

11:00 Wrooooong!!!!! Sorry bro I love your videos but you are way off on real estate. Are you kidding me? Why don’t you take 80 grand, go to NJ and buy a house cash in areas like Newark or Paterson or go to Baltimore MD. You’ll “clear” $1,500 a month EASY! That’s 22% Every Year before taxes. Yes! Every now and then you’ll have maintenance but not consistent enough to negate the long term benefit. BTW, that’s a cheap property in a fairly undesirable area imagine a desirable area. You are way off on ranking real estate #5. You even showed us you 200 grand individual stock portfolio that only made you 5 grand!!! That’s 2.5%!!! I guarantee 15% returns if it was a paid in full real estate property. Come on man!!!

cody opiopio says:

What’s up Jeremy, I’ve seen a lot of your vids and learn a lot from them. I’m not sure if you have posted any videos about insider buying , if not could you do a video on insider buying tips on how to evaluate when insiders buy . How should we view a stock that has insider buying? Are insiders genuinely buying because they are bullish or buying because they are trying to spark some investing in a dying stock? Thanks bro.

Mega Mijit says:


MikeMarshall1411 says:

Cant do 10%-20% in real estate huh? Properties generally have an anuallized ROI of 18%-22% for the 5-7 year ownership timeline (with paid management). Make sure your rent price is 0.9% to 1% of purchase price and youre golden.

Humza Waheed Investing says:

Investing in yourself should always be #1. The rest I think can shift around depending on who you are! If you’re a genius in real estate, you should probably skip the stocks and just do that, and visa versa!

scott mills says:

You think the housing market will go back to that 2007 prices?

Jeremy Brown says:

Would love to hear you talk about gold /silver

SilverDragonEyess says:

Anyone have an opinion on the SPHD?

greg heffley says:

I knew #1 was yourself. You’re too predictable Jeremy lol.

Alfred Moton says:

I bought my condo outright after I got out of the Army two years ago and I am 32. Such a money saver in the long run. My monthly expenses are so low. I live in Dallas, TX so you can find better deals then you can if you live in a place like California. Plus the Condo’s value is just over 100k, but I got it for 80k, because the previous needed money fast, because she was behind on HOA fees, and taxes. Cash is still king.

Glen Ho says:

I agree! We are our own best investments =D

Michael Schneider says:

I’v been watching for a while now, and I like how you circle around to the basics every now and then, for new folks. Good job. 🙂

Daniel Rivera Fierro says:

Yo Jeremy I’ll give you this one for free Del Taco and Loco go heavy thank me later !!$

ThePresentation010 says:

Would be nice if you stopped using ur face in all your vids. I know u believe in that psychology shit. But give it a break. Youre on vid 10 billion- and still doin it. Its kinda annoying now. Use a fukin pikachu pic or somethin

Dejan Mac says:

amazing advice my friend i like it ! i myself am trying to push out content to help others !

John D says:

this channel turned into clickbait titles and recycled videos. sorry fam but I’m out. been here since 40k subs but the quality of these videos has really declined.

Ryan Dick says:

So I recently got hooked on investing from magic the gathering ironically enough. I’m relatively new to playing the stock market as I’ve never had the actual income working for Walmart and struggling to pay off Bills and credit card debt to really throw my money at the top dogs of the market. I started using robinhood as a go to and threw $28 into the account alongside getting a free stock from the invite a friend deal. Well I know Riteaid is doing poorly but on the link it’s showing 66% of people are holding, 0% buying, and 33% are selling. I purchased 44 shares and thinking possibly more since the company isn’t truly dead and at .65 each long term if the company doesn’t belly up or makes a comeback I feel it could grow into a solid buy right now, thoughts?

DontClickAnything says:

I knew you were going to do invest in yourself

RIchard B says:

Thanks for this video, cheered me up over my coffee. Only in America, amazing!

Jimmy John says:

Did my taxes today… can you do a video about investment income taxes and how it works and if it effects your state taxes… thank you for your info your providing…

John Smith says:

Cash cash cash for 2019 & 2020 until things go on sale. 🙂

Neal Collins says:

Im a millenial buying my first home at the end of this year. Then i will save buy another and rent the first out. Lets gooo also thanks for the videos man me and my gf watch almost daily.

TG5879 says:

How about government bonds like PRNYX NY Tax-Free Bond?

jason singh says:

agree with #1 100%. When i changed my mindset from im spending money on courses and a mentor, to rather i am investing in myself, this has changed everything and i am profitable outside of my day job. And now i look forward to keep learning and investing in myself

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