The 5 Things To Know Before Investing $1 In The Stock Market | Investing 101

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kevin cole says:

Due to the fact that crypto functions more like a “yes or no” kind of trade mechanism, there is a tendency among inexperienced traders to trade it like a poker game or like they would do in the slot machines of Vegas. I am using *FIRST MILLION ROAD* since 3 weeks and i am getting good profit.

Hank Henriquez says:

Thank you Ricky. You have saved me. Keep it up.

Scott S says:

Very wise words. Ty Ricky

Fedor Amuricano says:

Thanks for the infos bro !!!

Daniel Gallagher says:

I think not having a plan is a huge reason for failure. This is something that I continually need to work on myself!!!!!

ZM4N20 says:

I’m 16 and want to start investing and trading but they ask for my ss I’m guessing to Approve my age and also for tax reasons. Is there anyway around that?

SmJnGaming says:

Play his videos at 0.75 speed !

App Manage says:


KingCran says:

good vid

Fedor Amuricano says:

Does anyone know any platform i can use in Europe that is as good as Ameritrade ??? please !!!

Butwhat Canido says:

Thank you Ricky.

Timothy Mensah says:

Thanks Ricky

brent better says:

Thanks for sharing all your knowledge one day I hope to make money like you do so tired of physical labor keep up the good work

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