Teaching Her How To Invest In The Stock Market | Penny Stocks 101

Hey team so today i met up with our techbud solutions member ella! it was so cool being able to capture the series of questions for beginners we covered today! we talked about the basics of trading, the order types, and how to be successful in the market long term!

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Mark F says:

awesome video!

Young entrepreneur says:

Ricky make an update video on her in like a month to see if she is profiting

Malcolm Jaffe says:

I hope you got to smash.

SuperBikerboy101 says:

she wants your shit bro

snapacasedd says:

she looks completely lost

Dimitri Moise says:

Ricky when your teaching her might do it live

ipeteagles says:

she’s jonesn’ for your green thumb, *hehehe*

Arvin Sanvelian says:

I’m here just for the comments 😀

Peter Wrinkle says:

Oh shit, Ricky’s smiling hard. I’m not Akon, but that girls dangerous.

30RedPillsAday says:

0:37 “consultation” is THAT what they are calling it these days? haha cheers bro

Bud Pierce says:

So the risk is 4% and the upside 10%? Or is 3% and 5 % upside?

Tomas Nunez says:

Good vid. Keep up the consults! 😉

Ben Stone says:

UGAZ got me feeling like Jack on the TITANIC! I’ll never let go!!!!

Never Blend In says:

Please don’t go the clickbait route Ricky. I know it’s another income stream from an investor standpoint. But you’re one of the few Youtubers who has quality content about entrepreneurship without the fluff. Keep up the good work!

watsupgardener s says:

You gf you have now is miles better you best not ruin that

george cobern says:

I missed the TSLA call out given to those in the mentorship program. Can I be part of the mentorship program?

Steven Epting says:

And with that being said… Ricky was getting too excited.

Funniest Vines of 2014 says:

I dont think your girlfriend liked this too much bud

SaralaTV says:

Rick da man He gangzta

chris foehser says:

How do you find good stocks??

allan ponce says:

7:07 Haha I can see why…

30RedPillsAday says:


brucemasson says:

Ricky, What the Hell were you wearing? HolySht! Did your girlfriend make you wear this?

Supergecko8 says:

Dayum this comment section is cancer hahahahaha

John Doe says:

What brokers will let u open a live trading account with $500 tho. I’m in the UK

erka null says:

If is stock price going down why not to sell instead of buy?

Alan Murray says:

She wants your Ricky Ricky

Young entrepreneur says:

My son Ricky bangin on the low lmaoooo

sensus says:

I’ve been watching you for about a month now. I’m very grateful for your videos. You’re very technical and detail oriented and I love that.

Greg Cook says:

With UGAZ at this low of price be careful of a reverse split.

Alvaro Velazquez says:

@ricky gutierrez I’ve been following you when u had 19k followers, i have multiple scerlosis and my whole left side is completely useless. i want to get into bitcoin once all the family drama stops n ends. u are the man!!! humble genres humble man

Mad Bacon says:

She wants it lolol

Alfy Rocks says:

Lots of pigs in this comment section lol

Brandon P West says:

80K subs man congrats!

Cristian Flores says:


socalq says:

I hope Ms. Acosta approved of this

David Darby says:

Been watching you for 2 months now! Very informative, straightforward, and detailed nicely. Helps a lot trust me. Keep up the great content Ricky! I appreciate it man

Penny Brown says:

Great video for helping people develop skill at trading, starting small, working at reasonable goals, gaining experience. I started 6 months ago and slowly making progress. It is helpful to hear the basics repeated of waiting for the right time to enter, set a dollar value limit on loss per trade, and don’t blindly follow what you hear others suggesting but trade when you can see value. Thanks!

batk0427 says:

Love Ricky’s opening theme. Rocking….BOSS!

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