Stock market news today! I discuss the relation between midterm elections and markets, wealth, the stock market and real estate bubble and how to invest in stocks in such an environment.

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Forestman says:

06:30 stocks are not in a bubble. Bitcoin was a bubble. Real estate inflation adjusted was more expensive in 2004-07. Bonds may be a bubble who knows.

Also overall shareholder yield including buybacks resembles historical returns, in fact a bit higher than the 1990s.

harryzero 156 says:

Interesting, Elon Musk, falsely states a private buyout with funds already pledged, stock price leaps, Hedge funds get screwed, Musk gets penalised
Trump says China deal nearly there just prior to election, market surges, gets a half result, the electorate gets half screwed. Now for the penalty……………..

Tiho Brkan says:

The higher dividend yield is not as desirable in higher tax countries as shareholder yield. This is precisely why Buffett doesn’t believe in dividends and BKH never pays them out to shareholders. Shareholder yield has been tracked in many ways, but in particular through dividends + buybacks + paydown of debt. Now, in places like Malaysia, Singapore & HK — where capital gains and withholding taxes are usually 0% (or close to 0%) dividends are a lot more desirable.

Stock Market 101 - Stock Market Videos says:

Great video!

Tibs 26 says:

A good Idea for future videos! We here as a community could take advantage of the insider information. You could do interviews with some of us. I am sure we have experts here from different areas like real estate, manufacturing, science, mining, renewables and so on. We all can get a better view from different areas.

Millennial Investing says:

Sven, have you ever looked into international tobacco companies? If so, do you have any real opinion on the sector as a whole right now?

cambertoku says:

I love your videos about stock market crashs. 🙂 they are so intriguing

silversback says:


big bad papa bear says:

If people buy less and less could that hurt stocks. Like if people stopped buying garbage Gap clothes. Could Gap lose lots of money in stocks

marcelino Perez says:

Hello Mister Copper, great video.
But you have realized that copper mines can still fall heavily when we slide into a recession? Anyway, nobody knows what’s coming. Anyway, it’s a real thing to invest in mines. I like HBM more than Lundin, despite less cash and higher debt. Can you show the two mines once in comparison?

MegaBuyer says:

Hello from Australia Dr. S! I heard that there is a VERY strong correlation between stock market increases and tax revenues. So I think if the market goes down, then the US deficit will increase. This is another reason to keep the market up for politicians. Just my 2 cents (1.8cents Australian).

regis says:

Sven, please don’t stop making these news videos, I like them most!

Igor Feldman says:

Sven, seeing as most of the returns historically have come from dividends, why is it that your investment philosophy is not that of a “dividend investor”? You do like growth stocks at a discount right? isn’t it a different approach than investing for dividends?

Geocontrole says:

Good day Sven

Slavomir Michalenko says:

Before Trump got elected he spoke about “big, fat, ugly bubble” in the stock market. After the elections he made the elevated stock market one of the crowning achievements of his presidency which was a colossal mistake. We will probably see a crash before the 2020 elections and a socialist of Sanders’s type in the White House as a result.

Fedora Knight says:

I’ve seen your analysis on the stock market and its overvaluation and can’t help but agree, but why does Ray Dalio for example say we’re not in a bubble? Is he just throwing a curveball at other hedge funds?

maluridae says:

Great vid Dr. Carlin!

WALT TA says:


Giacomo Bagala says:

Hi sven, i’m building a portfolio with commodity exposure (miner stocks and etf) and small-mid caps with deep value and a low correlation to S&P500 (or others index such as Ftse, dax ecc… depends on the stock). I didn’t find large caps that offer a good margin of safety for now (I’m waiting for recession). I have 60% in cash just as buying power reserve. I think it’s a good portfolio strategy for now considering these times.

buster brown says:

first boooiiiiii

Mosquito Hammer says:

How do I keep cash for when asset prices crash and at the same time remain protected against hyper inflation?

happy larry says:

Hedge funds lost an average of 3% in October. How much did Sven lose?

Michael Jay - Value Investing says:

When stocks start to fall people may begin to lose confidence. And when people lose confidence, we may see even further stock declines. We’ve had a positive self-reinforcing cycle for a while now. Not a stretch to imagine that trend eventually turning around. Great perspective Sven!

The Mansion says:

Sven – what is your view please on holding physcial Silver in a portfolio Vs the Miners (Ditto with Gold)
A Small percentage in Bullion and a much Larger percentage in Miners? (10/90 ratio?)
Based on allot of history we know the precious metals will come good in the next deflationary collapse brought about by QT/Hikes. Just waiting for Fed to reverse coarse, right?

Bob Smith says:

Hi Sven,

What do you think that the markets crash BEFORE the yield curve inverts? US Yield curve is looking pretty flat but 2008, DotCom and most other market crashes only occurred after a yield curve inversion.

BTW this is an amazing interactive tool that highlights this

Jurg ! says:

I like these regular updates. Would be interesting to hear these updates on the European and Asian Pacific market as well. As we all know, we should consider worldwide investing.

Stock Market Investing-Stock Market Trading says:

The Stock market ran too high to the upside too fast 🙂

Sam Finance Tech says:

Dr Sven, you making me very worried on my real estate investment…

Fuscle Fuscle says:

I sold £25K of stock I’ve held for several years this week. If the markets keeps rising I’ll offload more ~ everything’s looking pricey at the moment. A few weeks ago I did pick up some shares in Highland Gold HGM a UK/Russian mining outfit

SanktGallus says:

Very good Talk, i Had Big Dividend Stocks which we’re stabile for years to get Higher than Inflation income. Politics IS Made for ceos they buybacks high and sell Their salary which IS in Stocks. Tromp Taxcut was Just that. Robbing Middleclass

adrian sharp says:

Thank you for some reality

Steven Oliver says:

I picked up some Lundin shares today at $4.05. Now I just wait.

Jacobsen1987 says:

after a few percent drop we have already seen titles like market crash, etc. that explains peoples pschology.

RIchard B says:

In recent years, following 2008, family acquaintances have built up portfolios in rental properties, based in the UK. I was initially at a loss to understand how they could have afforded it. Then I realised, rule changes, mean individuals are now allowed to remove contributions from company pension schemes and reinvest these often substantial “pots” of cash as they see fit. As a result, people are removing money from equities and bonds and chasing returns elsewhere.
This is the free economy in action, but, inflated house prices will reduce rental yields and their retirement incomes. Plus, large pension funds will have less cash to invest in companies, causing them to take more risks and chase greater returns. This will only end badly for someone.. that someone is normally the ordinary person in the street.

\/// says:

California’s real estate cycle takes extreme swings. Unfortunately, it’s true what they say that “human beings have short term memory”. I was in the Los Angeles real estate market before I bowed out at the exuberant prices. Now, I get daily emails on my “favorited homes” and the prices are getting cut 5% on average and 20% at the extreme. And with the stock market the way it is, this will all end badly.

Unfortunately, when this happens the media will politicize this so that we blame each other. Nobody will remember that Hank Paulson and Tim Geitner should be blamed for bailing out the failed banks, for not addressing the problems, and preventing their friends from going to jail so that they can repeat it again. It’s for this reason, that I’ve had to take extreme measures and invest the majority of my money in physical gold and the major/junior precious metals miners. There’s a small minority of people that believe the Fed is manipulating the bond market to keep this “wealth effect” going. I suspect they’ll continue until China collapses and the Yuan doesn’t have an opportunity to get a strangle hold on the dollar. It’s fun to watch huge market orders for the BND to gap it up intraday to keep the risk going in equities.

In 2008 to 2010, I had a job and thought nothing of the crisis. I wondered why all these gold pawn shops sprang up in every neighborhood all across California. I may be a little early on gold as capital flows may dump into the dollar in the coming months before it craps out. Peace and Love to all.

André Ventinhas says:


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