Stock Market for Beginners! | How to Invest in Stocks!

Stock Market for beginners is a helpful video. How to invest in stocks should be known by everyone. On the financial education channel we know how to invest in stocks. We also know stock market for beginners.

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Finn says:

Where is that at 0:28? It’s beautiful

Jerell Edmonds says:

Great videos man

Ryan Heeren says:

I want to trade into stocks so i can one day buy a lamborghini. They’re beautiful cars <3

srinivas s says:

Can International students buy and sell and i am looking to start my first investment

Jay2pay says:

I want to know is it smart to invest in a company that has the potential to merge with another company. For example Sprint. And I have never purchased a stock on my own and I am thinking of doing it.

Mosaic Monk says:

Thanks for this information its priceless tho you could deff charge for this.

Emanuel Rodriguez says:

Now I have a sense of direction. Thank you

Thushara Vijayakumar says:

When you were talking about long term debt and cash in cash equivalents, did you mean to check for total assets minus total liabilities? am not clear on that. Because for APPL, long term debt was more than CIC. Doesn’t that mean we shouldn’t invest in APPL?

Papercrane Recordings says:


Ryan Castillo says:

I appreciate him asking everyone if they can handle losing the money they put in stocks because it almost like he was speaking on behalf of the margin buyers. That’s part of the reason the stock market crashed in the roaring 20’s.

armin darvish says:

Good job but your videos is too long

Enrique Chavez says:

very helpful: im 19 and very interested in investing money now when i do not have much to lose. Thank yo u for the video.

Deval Wilson says:

What do you think about managed portfolios?

Tone Supa says:

Hellooooo! Thank you for posting this video and sharing such valuable information! Im a wannabe “brand new” investor. Ive talked about it for years but never actually done it…investing makes so much sense but simultaneously seems so daunting. This “entry level” video is the first one that doesn’t terrify me LOL. Im not afraid of losing money…..but I am afraid of throwing money away pointlessly due to my own ignorance. This ABSOLUTELY helps me get started!

Doberman Pinscher Dog Videos says:

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Rob says:

It’s always been surprising to me that people are always waiting to be told what to do with their money. This is probably because schools fail to teach true financial education. This is probably what big banks and financial services, such as this youtube channel, want. Your ignorance is part of their financial plan to make money. Most people seek advice from brokers, and salespeople like this guy, or financial tv show’s – people who profit from giving advice, NOT education. That’s why Warren Buffet said, “Wall Street is the only place that people can ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.” Stop taking advice from this guy, or keep taking it. It’s your money, not mine. Have a great day everyone!

JSTOW Gaming says:

Check out the robinhood app, everything is free and no BS. Use my link and you will get a free stock! It truly is a wonderful app.

Leea Broster says:

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Shaun Figliuolo says: start out with this app no fees play with small amounts to get started

TenTailz VGC says:

Thank you this help me realize what type of investor i am. Keep them vids going doing great

Luis Marquez says:

Good video and took notes but looking for more into depth about the stock market don’t know absolutely anyrhing and don’t understand numbers and charts so on so fourth

Ebenezer Adjei says:

what would be a proper way to research a stock? and are there any websites that do that yet?

Ariel Hernandez cruz says:

Is the Robinhood app okay to use to get started ?

Jeremy Greiss says:

Can I get rich off of investing if I put in the effort?

Jeremy Carr says:

Thank you for the information. What do you about the penny stocks? A couple of co workers, recommended that as a good investment move.

andrei martinez says:

thank you for helping me out and giving me tips

Dimitris Arhontidis says:

So I looked at Apple, Coke, and Nike all three had long term debt much higher than their Cash And Cash Equivalents. Am I reading it wrong?

Blackbriar says:

Great video! If I were to leave a stock over a period of time like you mentioned, even though it states that my gain is negative as of today, if I were to wait for it to increase would I make money or is it to late?

Financial Education says:

My Full Course for Stock Market Investing Mastery. This course will greatly help all stock market beginners as well as moderate level Stock Investors. Enjoy!

iSaAc iFeRgAn says:

Nice pornstash

720Anon says:

less hand gestures

Eno Adoghe says:

I have a qeustion i wont lose anymore then i invest right? like if a stock market falls i wont lose my house? lol

Samrana Khadim says:

Thank u for this, so far u have become my fav Chanel to learn as a beginner, the cash n debt point was a great help!

Dasgute 14 says:

This was helpful thanks? Is there any apps or websites that make it easier to monitor your stocks

fatfat23 says:

Where do i go to invest is there a site or app im so confused

Will Berry says:

Im just starting out and im glad i got to hear this thank you

Jahmekeal Proctor says:

Any recommendations for day trading experts or any video on that? Thanks! I think Im going to invest before the year is out

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