Stash App after 1 year of investing. How to Invest in the stock market.

Stash App after 1 year of investing. How to Invest in the stock market.

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Lawrence L. says:

A 5.4% annual return in the stock market is nothing to brag about.
I make that return in a Day.

Jovin Flores says:

I have $80+ return with less than $450 invested. That’s been going on for roughly 8 months or so.

Regal Tone T says:

Okay great video my friend. My main concern is what goes into investing in these apps? What information do they need from u? and do they have access to your bank account? social security# And how safe is it? I really want to start to invest, but I’m concerned. Let me know if it’s really okay. Thanks in advance!!

yardygalkeepitreal says:

Im purchase individually companies on stash, i invest in apple, Microsoft and Facebook

Cyril Green says:

Sorry but after one year of investing and all you get is $145 wow!!!! Sorry invest on your own its not worth it put you money in mutual funds on maybe invest on your own

Nicolas Lopez says:

I see your doing stash me too.i just started can you update your video to see how you doing and on cracked also.Are you still init

Earthling Moe says:

Soon you put in $100 a week based of your profit the way I see it is you put in $100 and got ti keep $28 of it every week. What a placebo man I can shoot dice at the trap house and do better than that. You’re better off in the conservative lane just stashing for retirement. I can park petty cash and come out the same.

Temurtv says:

Hello, I have a question. Is there nowadays also an option in stash to invest from your computer? Because i’m from Germany, so the App isn’t aviable here :/

Jonathan Tan says:

The only positive returns I’ve got with stash has been dividends so far. Any other positive returns on stocks gotten recently?

FuriousConcepts says:

what upsets me about this is some of the stock options do not show up on mine. so frustrating

Wildcats Fan says:

Why cant i find the etfs that he invested in? Do they change over time?

lusumrice says:

thank you Jermaine for this video. It is very encouraging to start at least one of the investment app ,like stash, robinhood. thanks and i hope you are very successful.

CineRaphael says:

I guess the blue chip is the best one to start with! I’m saving for my BMW!

Divine's Thoughts says:

Not worth it to me

Siera Palmer says:

Compare n contrast n another stash videoo

Pieces 2 The Puzzle says:

I would like to see video on how to start from beginning with Stash app and Robbin something. I want to learn to invest and i have been reading book and all and i only seem to get by watching videos. I like yours so far and would like to start investing small like $1,2,5,10 to get the hang go it and then after a 1 year, I will up my amount. I appreciate you videos and look ford to seeing more.

jeffery hall says:

you can buy all of these same etf’s on robinhood. just look them up

ismael delgadillo says:

Fuck u

ivan d says:

Waste of fucking time, both my friends just started using fidelity and robinhood, their newbies and making thousands, u should try it

mr Hyde says:

Help me invest

Malcolm Black says:

Does anyone know if stash account can be imported with turbotax or do you have to put the info in manually???

JaxxCrash says:

hows it going now

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