Start Investing In Stocks With Paper Trading | TD Ameritrade

Please follow the steps down below to get started in investing in the stock market! this is the best way in my opinion on how to get started in investing in the stock market with $0 at risk.

Step 1. Paper Trading TD Ameritrade:

Step 2.

LPP 6 Golden Rule:

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Yukine Hanazawa says:

Hi what is the best stock broker any suggestion?

Bennie Hoskins says:

Talking TOO FAST but good vidz

Franzizca Mah says:

can this work for ppl residing in singapore?

chazi gaming says:

Can a minor do this


Your are one of the best human beings probably.

OMG its Jo says:

Is there an alternative to open a paper trade account in the UK?


I’m edarulir

Anthony Meno says:

hello ricky or anyone experienced trader. So I started paper trading in td Ameritrade and have very specific strategy that works so far will theses gains be similar to the real market??

The Dank Assassin says:

Is meme exchange a valid paper trading simulator?

Oluwatise Ifidon says:

Hello, Is your LPP promo still valid ? Can I join your group chat ? I joined techbuds on facebook, but I dont really see anything .

Kevin Klingsheim says:

Does TD Ameritrade charge anything?

densch123 says:

I’m from germany, europe.
Any recommendations on what to use?

Nolan Jones says:

Stop talking and show how it’s done

M T Beezy says:

Great job putting all that into words, I like that about you, yo y speak clear, quick, precise and teach well. 🙂 There are alot of boring monotone guys out there that I just cant listen to haha, and guys that cant explain a simple point well.

Diego Cordova says:


non sense says:

they said “Based on the information you provided, you’re not eligible to open a TD Ameritrade account.”

bart tehe says:

Slow the fuk down dude jesus

Adam Toutou says:

Do you know of a free trading platform for Australia?

Aftersert Gaming says:

I’m from Australia and wondering what other people in my area use?

It’s Omar says:

why isnt this on your course….

UAV LLC says:

Hey Ricky- you’re super inspiring- thank you for your upbeat & positive push into trading. I’m excited and I’m ready go to. I just downloaded TOS on Friday and am familiarizing myself with the interface to get it set up exactly the way I want it. Thanks. Your video for setting up TOS is next!

Nidhin says:

I actually love the fact that he talk faster, so we can get to the point faster and do the business.

David Celesti says:

Can you do futures on this

joe t says:

More money for you

themadhatter196 says:

I’m up 72% now from long naked puts. I love options.

The Bean Patch says:

Why is the promo cafe Papertading not working

Max/Capital says:

Hey,Rick TOS no longer carry the on demand mode to practice at night ?
For those who work at day?

Cyshia Latoyia says:

Is the promo code still available to use for LPP?

M&Y says:

What is the Platform you working on?

Tanoto Chao says:

Although I do not papertrade but no knowledge is wasted. I am among the 1/10 person who never paper traded but make well over $800- $1400 daily. It may not be much compared to what some experts make but this is a big win for me. It wasn’t easy for me but meeting Dmitry Vladislav turned things around and he helped me unlearn the BS knowledge I had while revealing the secrets of trading. He is the best and unlike these so called experts on social media he is willing to help. Email him (vladislav@optionstrade .cc) or google his strategy.

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