Secrets of Warren Buffett’s Investing Strategy – Stock Market Passive Income How to Tips

Take a look at the strategy of the world’s greatest investor – Warren Buffett. – Following the Sage of Omaha’s method may in fact be the best retirement investment strategy.

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Capex Forex Trading says:

I totally agree – no point looking for a bargain if it is ‘rubbish’. 

RJizzyJizzle says:

Great video!

Karan Bulani says:

but how can you identify if a company’s stock is cheap because suppose a company’s worth is 1million dollar and there are a million shares so each share will be worth a dollar
but In real life you don’t know how many shares are there so you can’t say if stock price is cheap

Michel Johnson says:

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Financial, Business & Stocks Analysis and Reviews says:

Great video about value investing. However its take a long time before you can take advantage of those profits. Unless you receive dividends to re-invest.

Michael Delaney says:

I thought this video “frauded” me, it did not talk about passive “retirement” income, like Buffett’s Wells Fargo deal, and hopefully his Bank of America deal, whereby the business is using new and safer profits to pay down debt, buy back shares, and unload bad loans.  His major moves have come from eyeing companies who have gathered management that move immediately to increase shareholder value.  How do we spot these new trends within a company?  How many quarters do we “wait” to see if these new strategies are working?  That’s what I wanted the video to be about, not the Buffett re-hash.

Driskell Brandl says:

but here’s the thing if the value of your stock goes down you know within a great profile for traders

Zachary Glover says:

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Silvio Silveira says:

very good

Jervis Dinduch says:

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Leo m says:

stock investment is not passive income it is portfolio income

Donald T. Thomas says:

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Devin Ayscue says:

Like the comment before this, you cannot copy Warren Buffett. You can try to use his strategy as guide, but you cannot mimic it. I personally follow Kevin O’Leary’s strategy: Don’t spend the principal, spend the interest. In other words, only make investments that start paying you back relatively immediately. I.e., Stocks with a good dividend rate, bonds that pay interest, etc. Investment vehicles that pay you back.

dsouzand says:

what channel is this video originally from?

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rdw3ut says:

If you are new to investing, how do you decided whether you want to chose saving bonds, treasury bills, notes, bonds, treasury inflation protected securities to invest in? I want to invest starting with $200.00

sid smily says:


Sloth Man says:

what is ROCE?

Sebastian Montalvo says:

what did he say was rule #2?

Vish Teck says:

Thanks so much for this video. Even though I’ve invested and written about financial markets for years I never took the time to understand how Warren Buffett did it. This really boiled it down in a very easy to understand way. 

AppleIsTheBest says:

Love your presenting style

Very comprehensive

johnny t says:

Wow! Buy cheap and good? Jesus Christ can’t see the future in that. Another bullshit video.

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Stacy S says:

Really enjoyed your video. I do have BRK B shares. Very stable and profitable. Have learned a lot from this video today and thank you for your efforts!

Purpose says:

I have MNK, ADXS, AMGN, CELG, and all of the stocks are going down. I think I have lost 1 grand from these stocks. Any tips, P.S I cannot invest in penny stocks.

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Harvey Holloway says:

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mike569112 says:

Where do you get all of this information about a company?

pranay shah says:

Waste of time!

interests10 says:

just reading comments, don’t see a reply from him to any of the comments

Chukwuka Chijioke Jerri says:

Thanks a lot….

Santhanu Kurian says:

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Karan Soam says:

but why don’t you practice this skill in real ?

D Wetick says:

The only way to invest is watch the tape (so to speak)…and when you see somethin’ movin’, hop on board, and when it stops movin’, get off…just like a bus. You can make a million dollars a year by doing this. That’s real investing! Best of all, you won’t have to lift anything heavy!

Rachmad Hakim says:

so after 5 years, what happened to your portofolio?

Colin Mann says:

I’m 15 and i’ve been doing some research on investing for about a week now. This video helped me a learn a few things I didn’t already know but i’m wondering if anyone has anything that could benefit a beginner ilk myself in investing. For example a good video or an article or something similar. 

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