Learning How To Invest In The Stock Market In 1 Month | Nic Palladino

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Suzette Campo says:

Great idea for interviewing a newbie ! Gives hope to the rest of the newbies 🙂

Andres Zapata says:

can i get a cupon lo join ?

Алишер Анаркул says:

Hello everyone, I’m new, I also want to learn how to earn money. Where do I begin ?

Grizzly Bear Finance says:

Second guessing can cause lots of misses. If you’ve done your research correctly and you can recognize the trend correctly, you should win more than you lose.

Raejinn says:

So there’s no robinhood app or equivelant free trade app in Europe, any alternative you would recommend for EU people?

miguel morales says:

How do you keep up on all the trades and sell you do a day to do your taxes later?

Makivel says:

Video is going on a down wards trail. I do not reccomend investing.

Kane Tonner says:

does learnplanprofit go over 101 for beginners??

Almeisha Phillips says:

I am new to this.. which company should I open an account with for trading purposes?

Kingsley Anand says:

Next slide please ~

Maa Flacka says:

Can someone please explain, if I start trading, will I be able to do it from UK (not UK Citizen, but a student) ?

Hodhid Ali says:

The course is very good but it’s endless! So much details

WiiFace100 says:

Making millions but cant invest in a decent face cam. Love you though ricky!!

DJ story DJ in world says:

i need training 1 to 1

Jerry Nix says:

Dingleberry hahaha!

daniel s says:

This is exactly my main problem too. Every day I’ll literally have my order ready to go on some stock and my pointer over the send button, but I rarely click it. I keep wanting to wait just another minute, see one more candle, over and over again, but then I miss my opportunity. I’m very aware that I’m not assertive enough with this and I’m trying to get better. Glad I’m not alone.

sickflow says:


Diego Tapia says:

Hearing from people like nick and you visiting and talking to.him gives me motivation to stay focus and keep green!!! Lol

You should start doing these interviews with some of LPP

nioctib says:

I got nothing out of this.

Steve Lethal says:

This guy’s jawline makes 200k/year without trading stocks.

luiscj2030 says:

Your friend is rolling or high af on something …. Easy to tell ..

Skystruck Crypto says:

Just saw you on somebody elses video. You’re amazing with them dolla dolla Bill’s yall! I will be following you from now on 🙂

Nasty says:

Hey Ricky did you ever go to college to learn how to invest because i already how the car business works but everything else is confusing

AJ9 says:

Will I get taxed when using the Robin Hood app?

Maitrayan Ghosh Roy says:

*Sir how many days will it take to make $1 Million ?*

Andres Zapata says:

RIcky i want to learn how to trade, i have an account that is loosing 1500 dollars, how can i learn with you?

jo mama says:

Any thoughts on the following stocks Ricky: ATVI, BZUN, BC, EA, ENPH, FRO

Lu Jason says:

The steam quality is very bad, but I can hear everything alright.

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