Investing In Stocks For BEGINNERS – They SHOULD’VE Taught You THIS In School

Investing is a topic that many of us don’t really know about. Ironically, the best time to invest is when you’re younger so you can use compound interest to your advantage. The purpose of this video is to give you a brief outline of the 3 most important lessons most beginners need to know when it comes to investing.

If you are interested in learning how to invest in stocks and the stock market, this video will give you an outline of things you must keep in mind.

For those of you outside of the US who are curious about how you can invest in US index funds (S&P 500) it is possible for you to buy shares of ETF’s for certain providers like Vanguard.

Unshakable by Tony Robbins:

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tp00012x says:

We are forgetting about inflation as well! 🙂

Markus Mühlbauer says:

Is it worth to read the book Money Maker from Tony Robbins?

sogerc1 says:

Ahhhh, the stock market… which doesn’t actually create anything, just shuffles money around.

Daniel Munoz says:

who wants me to teach them how i will make a million in one year using one of the investing methods?

Coaldelver says:

Guys I will reveal the biggest lesson to learn in this video: This guy has mastered selling and affiliate marketing techniques. I am financial analyst and believe me it is not so simple as he is describing. He sells affiliate products (link in description) and thus he is becoming a millionaire. well done lad… :))

Aiden Smith says:

>recommends r/personalfinance insted of /biz/

The Millenial Party Smith says:

What online brokers do you recommend for investing in a UK tracker fund?

Friendly Listener says:

You got to difersify your bonds nigga.

speedfreak1489 says:

wtf man lol

Positive says:

You probably won’t read this but if you do could you make more videos on the stock market? I’m only 15 years old but I am looking into doing this kind of stuff already and the way you explain things are so much easier to understand. Thanks!

Stefi Cristian says:

I got an ad for a trading app before this video…

Damian Boone says:

Probability can never be zero… almost zero but not zero

Дмитрий Сидельников says:

10% is really big income, because it can be accumulated and multiplied. But Improvment Pill how much monney should you spend to have you own broker who performs and leads your stockmarket activity??? I think I must go to local companies and banks and to get local information also.

Brian LeBlanc says:

This is the dogma of big money that wants you to invest in funds where the people that sell you the funds make money off of intimating you away from individual stocks. Most funds do not beat the indexes. If you do not want to do the work to pick stocks, do this… 1/3 in QQQ (NASDAQ ETF), 1/3 in SPY (S&P 400 fund), 1/3 EZU Europe fund. Or learn to evaluate and invest in individual stocks – this is the hardest but most rewarding path.

GreeceGamer _1264 says:

can you please make a video telling what you are doing every day?

Skeindem says:

I’ve been watchin your videos for a while, they are really interesting and seem to be very quality. I’ts almost tiring to see all those people who tell how easy it is to make money with this and that in internet, but in reallity… well… far from it. Although your videos are similar themes (how to make money and stuff) they are so much more quality than most out there.
Recently I’ve been really interested in drop shipping. Maybe you can make a video about that? Is it How easy and profitable it actually is?

ShadeBoy NaL says:

Question: Where do I go to(specifically) safely invest my money?

Pencil and Paper says:

Check out Tim Sykes, he is more informed about the stocks

Anima Maerens says:

Can you invest in these companies even if you live in Europe?

Chris Nelson says:

I’m not sure if a single thing he just said was right.

If you want to make money fast but also fairly safely then invest in dozens of startups. But before doing so do your research. See what they offer, their command structure their goals, why they do what they do the culture within the startup etc.

If your investing large amounts you could ask for a tour of their facility before deciding to invest.

Spencer says:

Soo, i’m 100% new to this whole thing. Where can I invest in the S&P 500? Also, I see on Vanguard the minimum is is that’s not really a beginners price, right?

mo libya says:

I really like your style, straight to the point

Chris Sparks says:

What you are saying essentially, is there could be a worst case senario where it takes you 25 years to recoup your initial investment?? Worst case senario obviously lol. But is that what you meant?

abboub mohamed says:

What programme do you use to make a vidéo like this and write

kevin jermin says:

I really appreciate your videos.
Thanks a million.

Alex Bainbridge says:

Wow stocks is so simple
I didn’t even know what it was before

Doctor Who Cares says:

Well… i want you to hear me, im pretty much like your fan, ive seen every video and make the things you say into a living, unfortunately i cant make money, im just a 15 years old guy who wants something more out of this world, i dont like working for others, i dont like being controlled, ive always seen rich people like in another level, im like why cant i be rich? arent we all the same?
My very dream is to become succesfull in life, to become rich and shut all of the people who told me “you cant” but i stared to give up on that because im from Mexico, here if you are born rich then youll be for the rest of your life, but if you are born poor like me you are destined to stay the same, i dont expect you to help me or to atleast see this comment, but life, life is not fair at all, like i said my very dream is/was to become rich, but how, how? How i am supposed to be rich in a place like this, i cant make money without money, i have a lot of ideas and stuff, but people always tell me that im crazy, that i have to be realistic, that you have to conform with what you have, but it is way to hard for me to accept my faith.

After all, i wanted to know if you have courses, or like coaching to make money, i realized i cant invest in my country, theres no such thing, and because is not a first world stuff like in the U.S. And without money. well. im pretty much done in this.

Indrawan Halim says:

then in the end how to chose index or mutual fund ?

Mingma Sherpa says:

how much money do u need to sart investing?

Smoothie says:

Do a video about stopping people ignoring you when you talk

EstonianGodfather says:

stocks and financial instruments are my huge hobby and job, this video is absolutely amazing! I scalp the market aka I trade very short term but for new traders and investors this advice in this video is the best I have ever seen DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO YOUR INITIAL CAPITAL TO GROW.

Life Skills You Need says:



Thanks for spreading the word, stocks can really bring anyone from rags to riches but not without time dedication and sacrifice.

-Up North Finance Stock market Videos

Jeiby Vizcaino says:

thanks for this awesome video but please everyone be aware there are alot of ways to become a millionaire I myself use real estate and day trading as my vehicle. in this video he mentions it’s impossible to day trade not true at all!!!!!…

Day trading is like everything else in LIFE!!! once you have your strategy just do it over and over again. The reason most day traders fail is because they choose to do other things not following their strategy rules.

bananamancolony says:

What about during I believe it was the Hoover era where the economy didn’t naturally fix itself as it had done before and didn’t get fixed until ww2 broke out where America went into a wartime economy

Lucas Holzer says:

But surely if the market keeps on falling ill have to put in extra thousands of pounds just to keep my position in the market? So if your investing $300 a month, how much collateral do I need incase the market drops heavily which it is likely to do at some point.

Chris Phan says:

Take a look on crytoCurrency guys!

Jose Cazares says:

Improvement pill:
Can you please do a video on how to GAIN weight, there seems to be a veriety of videos for how to loose weight on the internet, but no real support for those who are underweight, i would appreciate it if you would make a video on this subject.

[Solo] Pro says:

Improvement pill, could you do a video on how to cold read like a mentalist please? 🙂

Chandler C says:

I’m in the US and I have no idea how to even begin with a brokerage company… where do I go? I’d prefer somewhere online. Can someone help me?

Surge Wisdom says:

im currently reading this book – not sure why how missed SUBing you. great stuff..

Life Skills You Need says:


Legionary Cohort says:

but don’t I need a citizenship to deposit in the USA? Im a broke 19year old from Latvia I cannot afford to even travel to the USA but I want to deposit my excess 1500$

Malakai Wheeler says:

What’s the best one to invest in in the UK.

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