How To Start Investing With $100 | Stock Market For Beginners

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Islem Tav says:

You did such an amazing job in this video with pacing yourself, Ricky! I know you get very excited and speak super fast, but us slower people needed this! I know it is not easy after speaking fast all your life, but thank you so much for hearing us out!! Super helpful video in every way!

Aiseosa Erhabor says:

Webull did I get the spelling right.

Juan Francisco says:

I got $500 can you give me few stock name what to invest on please I know it’s a risk so don’t worry I won’t get mad if I loose all hehe

taurion angel says:

Love Ricky cuz always he comes with a big smile on his face love n respect you Hun x

CSG7Deuce74 says:

youu should make a 100 dollar challenge on discord. that would help alot. i paper trade but i find myself not keeping up with it.

Tony Gasperson says:

I bought 2 shares if drip at 5. 2 weeks later 7.00. Sloooow but learning.

__KRASUCK__ says:

Can you do tradings on smart phone ore just on pc?

Aiseosa Erhabor says:

Webull did I get the spelling right.

Bernadette Messier says:

I find the On Demand trading of the TOS Platform very helpful. It’s on the active TOS account yet you don’t use your own money…you are given 100000 account.


Hey man I don’t know shit about this but I’m really interested in learning ,hit me up ,thnx!

Robert Bechsgaard says:

This is honestly genius. I’m a newbie in this field so don’t roast me because this is probably really basic lol.

Great video, helped me a ton!

zareze100 says:

Genius. Thank you Sir!

Ricardo Venturini says:

Is there any good website or app for demo trading?

Don Fransisco says:

Ricky is my mf nigga, really inspiring people to get out here and make this bread!

JessT96 says:

Wasnt ricky gonna make a series of trading from like 500 to 50,000 or something?

BAD4GOOD2 says:

Hey Ricky! Any thoughts on you invest by chase?

Adi Osinupebi says:

Your admin’s really need to work on approving post/Questions . I’ve been turned off from Techbud solution group on Facebook just for the simple fact that I’ve waited days for a post/Question to be approved and they NEVER did!! That play favorites and I had to turn to other Trading groups on Facebook and I’m sorry to say this Ricky but I’ve learned and was given more advice from other groups more then Techbud

Evil Weasel says:

I want to start making real money. Just so I can live my life in peace. My current job is a truck driver I want to change my career. I want to start with robinhood but I want to be understand it first before I dive into it.

Rv T says:

I’m paper trading in thinkorswim to learn…. been doing it since 1-2-18… my 3rd account at learning but this time I’m making paper money… I’m learning a lot from you.. thanks going to start my 1000 dollar investment 1-2-19,but only if I’m a professional paper trader

Michelle Wright says:

You are exactly right. I will implement this strategy right away. I paper traded and it didn’t work for me. I kept risking more and more and its not realistic for my account
Thanks for all of your ideas.

Mauro Kane says:

Thank you for doing this video

AJ9 says:

How are you taxed on day trades? Is it the same style as normal tax such as no tax is applied under a certain gain?

Michael D says:

Can you please explain volume and how it effects the market

Fernando Ibarra says:

What’s a good site for paper trading?

Brandon Allen says:

This is EXACTLY how I got started and I feel as if it is way more effective than paper trading. It’s more realistic. Use Robinhood, buy a share or two and go from there. Great suggestion my guy!

T Walker says:

Nice, I am starting with $500, you can see the trades on my channel

Molly Trujillo says:

Past performance is not an indication of future results. HODL is not investment advice, and your capital is at risk as cryptocurrencies can fluctuate widely in price and are, therefore, not appropriate for all investors but those who have been able to find a good system of trade devoid of emotions which can ruin you financially.
I do believe that cryptos will change the world, replacing stock markets, most currencies and powering everything from machine-to-machine payments and the Internet of Things through to streaming media, prediction markets, governance systems, voting systems, even potentially the internet. That being said, there is a long way to go, and we are in the very early stages for most of these areas which may or may not turn out to be what we expect from the markets because growth in value is mostly speculative. That been said, I would love to attribute accolades to a very sophisticated trader and investor, Mr. Wesley Wills, a man I believe in his capacity is a name worth mention amongst traders. I do trade his signals, and his analysis and understandings of the markets are awesome. With his guidance, I have made over $200,000 trading bitcoins in the last three months. You too can reach him by WhatsApp +44 7482 875028, mail/hangout ( wesleywillsclinic @ Gmail ), and I am sure you would have no option but to tell others about him.

Samuel Sekele says:

Thanks with the vid

AthleticInvestor says:

Buy a couple shares of Canopy with $100

Xavier blass avila says:

I get you, I invested in amd when it was at 7 dollars and now that it’s up I cant seem to find myself to sell my shares, too afraid that It will go up but think I’m losing in the long run.

Jose Prescott says:

Nice. However, it’s not as easy as one could think tho. A lot of commitment is required here if one has to be a good strategist.


Theres an app called best brokers its very ideal for young investers

MrAlen94 says:

What are your thoughts on M1 finance for a beginner investor or is Robinhood the Better of the two?

Luis Delgado says:

Thanks for the for the paper trade info….I will start there

Shadowspacxz says:

Thanks for this video I really needed it

Alexis Artica says:

Don’t work for money, make money work for you

Storm says:

Am i the only one that thinks ricky really beats around the bush in his videos and doesn’t actually spread enough useful info?

Captain Insane-O says:

Noob question here…for the PDT rule; if you buy and sell a stock the same day is that considered as 1 day trade or 2 day trades?

Josue Herrera says:

What is a good platform to start using with $100?

SedaleM says:

I started paper trading last week. If you are new you should definitely do that first. You need to see how good you actually are before putting in real money. I lost twice right out of the gate, but I saw my mistakes live and now I can make better trades and when it is live, I’ll be in a much better position.

mike smith says:

Make a video explaining accounting methods to track your account.

Patel Vidhu says:

Start investing at early age and be consistent even with small amount.

FlubahDub says:

trade with Robinhood chart with Think or Swim, thats it.

airjordan1573 says:

This is what Im doing now, soon with more money! Im trying to paper trade aswell, just gotta stay consistent.

Mauro Kane says:

Whats the best way to trade, if you didn’t start in the opening hours of the market?

James Dunne says:

What platform can you use in Europe?

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