This is kind of a stock market for beginners type video today! Enjoy
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Dark Sword says:

Subscribed. Thank you, I’m 16 and I know you have to be 18 to start investing, but in the future I want to start investing.

Sydney Kapembwa says:

i once invested in a power production company in my country in 2012 but things never happened the way i was expecting my broker went quite on me ,so i dont know if i still have shares or not please advise what can i do??

MK Online says:

Great video, my 4th one for tonight … I might start following to you. Got only one question – can you make your videos shorter? you are talking bunch of crap between all those well put things and it takes a lot of time going through your videos. Hope you feel what I mean … regards and thanks a lot for what you are doing.

sass bogard says:

You’re the best!

ASAP ANT says:

Whats a portfolio & how do I go about creating one (I am a noob)

Ibrahim Munir says:

Great video. Thank you for making all these vids

Stephen Shuckerow says:

are penny stocks worth getting into?

Prissy Felicity says:

I just invested my first $50 with Twitter.. any advice??

Peter Paul says:

Try this proved method SMARTER MONEY 2017 makes money online system,newbie friendly system, no need previous experience,Just search Google, *SULUDOLLARHOME. COM*

Anon 2015 says:

That dude seem so hyped lmao. good advice though.

chris anderson says:

How about just buy GoPro and then you can see what a shit investment looks like. Then just do the opposite.

El Sarcasmo says:

Start investing with @acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite code: 8Y3HU9

Janay Reeves says:

Jeremy do you have a video that shows step by step on exactly how to buy and sell stocks? Like a tutorial on how to do it?? I want to invest so bad but I literally have no idea what to do! Also how do you get your return on the money. I’m so lost H E L P M E ! LOL

Remi Srijun says:

Robinhood is free trading guys (: good if you don’t have a lot of money.

sky 1187 says:

I’m old and don’t have alot of money.

Nismoleb89 says:

So how does this work when it’s tax season? I’d have to pay taxes and file as a self employed?

Erik Mellinger says:

A video on how to break down a 10K (and multiple years of 10K’s) would be very helpful

Reality TV Clips says:

I dumped just $150 in GE when the market dumped in 2008 for just $7 a share. Worked for me but safely, stick with a blue chip for starters.

Brandon Reser says:

Bro can you make a vid about cheap stocks to trade for small accounts?

Jonathan Peña says:

This is really cool info but sometimes it feels like you just talk and talk… I’d love it if you could trim the fat a bit and get into the specifics more directly.

Kingofall says:

What website should I use to get into stock marketing

Aaron Patterson says:

I put in a stock purchase on e trade but it remains open. why is the purchase not happening? I put a limit very close to the asking price, Is it because I am trying to buy one share? Please comment.

Jean-Paul D'Andrea says:

hey what is the best low budget stock trading website
Thank you for responding!!!

senne houben says:

starting next week with my first 600 euro in stock investing

Brett M says:

Good analogy with running. Robinhood is great. I use the internet to research my stocks and Robinhood to buy and sell for free. It also does the stop loss and limits to protect your investments.

K L says:

$100 is definitely NOT enough to invest. Most of the very good stocks are above $100, 300, $1000, or even in the $2000 range PER share. I didn’t include brokerage fees and TAXES!

CLH says:

He reminds me of nick from New Girl

fp25 says:

I absolutely LOVE Robinhood!  I waited for a million reasons to start and making it free just got me started.  Now I have $1500 invested and doing well.  Use it to at least just see how you do.  I now own GoPro, Bank of America, Sirius, Novartis and L Brands. Thanks for the videos!

PikaPizzaGoo ! says:

I want a vid about cheap business to invest in

Maro Eselebor says:

Do u have a link of these apps like fidelity, Robinhood app. Please link in ur description.

Cypress Thunder says:

I’m learning to invest in stocks I only have 150

Greenrider32 says:

I Found a great first share to get with a growing market and a cheap price
The company is “Ekso Bionics” and the ticker is EKSO

MyDreamside says:

invest in a stocks with 100 dolars is a joke, there is always a comision per trade , usually the ones who say they dont need any comission, they bet on you actively trading, meaning using margin acounts, so they make money from you. If you want to invest, i suggest start by over a 1000 dollars. Usually, expect a minimum 5 dolars per trade in commision, so by buying with 100 dollars you begin with a 5% loss. I am going to start and i have cost to start, 10 euros per year, just to have an acount, 8 euros minimum cost pert trade

Llama King says:

I am 10 yrs old, AND I AM GONNA INVEST NEXT WEEK!! my dad got a special card for me. I AM SO PUMPED!!!

ely ely says:

Hello can you recommend a good online stock trading that allow a person with ITIN Number to buy stock
For someone that just tarting for the first time

Joker says:

What place was that at the end ?? Looks like Coachella valley

Caughtlighght says:

This guys a crazy champion

whisperingsage says:

One thing, if you invest $100, Ameritrade only lets you use half to cover their hiney.

teo weide says:

How can I use Robinhood in singapore?

Harrison Smith says:

Hi anyone willing to help! I have ~500 to invest and can invest ~50 a month into it every month. I have an Etrade account and i want to open a roth IRA and put multiple ETFs in it…What is my next step? The only thing preventing me from making investments is that every trade incurs a fee. If i’m putting that little into the account is it even worth it? Would it be better to put $50 a month into it or better to put $200 ever 4 months into it? Is there a better brokerage to use than Etrade or does that even matter too much? Also how do i go about researching the right ETFs? lastly, should i be using Acorns? im 25 college student with 40k in debt all the loans have varyinbg interests from 2-6%. please help me as everything is so complicated and specific. Im just trying to take the ultimate path for my status.

Stevo Supremo says:

If you’re not American forget about Robinhood

My Bank here in Canada does 6.85/trade which isn’t terrible, I work full time and can get over it.

Christina Gloor says:

Forex/binary option and stock trade are real with huge returns on capital but scammers are much in the system, one has to be careful with those false brokers they dealt with me seriously, Frank Robert rescured me out of tier hands by helping me to recovered some part of the capital from them with his strategy, Frank has the best strategy that gives winning all time i am a living testimony of his strategies.

Wahaha Chao says:

The App Robinhood is Awesome. I earned 2 dollars already lol.

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