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grady hamilton says:

you talk way too fast….hard to understand you…….take speech lessons

Gekkon Art says:

Greetings from Russia. Nice videos!

Credit Genesis says:

hope is not lost,I can say it is time to trade.

Kolby Mack says:

How do you set up the green line indicator that he has?

RandomGamer says:

What platform does Ricky use for trading and what should a beginner like me use?

Maurizio Mendivel says:

What app or website you recommend for paper trading? Just to get the knowledge I need to know about the market @ricky gutierrez

Black Swamp Preppers says:

LBY Stock was phenomenal today

Josh says:

What program do you use? Metatrader?

Goldenyv Van den Broeck says:

Hey guys is there any differences in Europe about trading ? I use robin hood with a free account now. Is everything on the app without fees ?

Валера Кожевников says:

Great Chanel!

Pavel Jigurdamaris says:

Научи поднимать деньги

11trains says:

For those of us over the age of 45 play Ricky’s video at 75% speed in the playback setting and hes just right…

Phil Lynch says:

I thoughts you made $11k per day.

Yogesh Patel says:

Bet Ricky Won’t Pin this

Zohaib Ahmed says:

I want to buy your course I will dedicate to your course how much time will it take to make profits like you monthly and become a pro day trader

Life Everyday says:

Please help me

Xus Nur says:


I am billionaire because of you

Parker Moss says:

Ascending and descending flag patterns gotta be my favorite type of patterns

nick sloan says:

hey ricky its me nick_yournotcool ever think about crypto?


CHECK FITBIT! currently bouncing off its 180 MA and earnings report tomorrow will most likely beat expectations due to burst of sales this quarter, check AMD and fossil similar situations happened there

Ruiz Productions says:

Hey Ik this is wired but my brother just meet you at the gym and I just think it’s crazy because he showed me your video of your story when you were younger and it’s the exact same thing with me rn but my dad makes me go with him to help fix cars. I’m 13 and I think it’s crazy you’re 22 and your this far up.

Uriel Bautista says:

Dont bother asking for help in TVE comment sections because he never responds

mark orr says:

I have been a member of LPP about a week and I thanks to Rickys videos Today my portfolio grew 6% . I had to wing it and that was my plan and I honored it. It felt so good watching those long red candlesticks forming right after two of my exit points .And also knowing the best places to get back in. Ricky you are one very righteous intelligent young man. I will soon be pursuing my goals that until now seemed to be unattainable. Thank you Mr. Gutierrez

mark orr says:

Ricky Now that I am in I hope to be buying a car from you by Christmas time. Thank you for being you…..

swapnil lad says:

Can we trade in any market from any country.

Aegeus Max says:

Came here from jubilee

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