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PJ`s Art says:

can you make a video about iq option? is it good?

Sarienn Music says:

You’re extremely helpful 🙂
Ricky, do you know any low cost to free android apps or websites that offer a good penny stock scanner (updates real time preferred)?

Also, I made an entire weeks paycheck in 14 minutes last Friday. Got in, waited, sold. A once in a life time luck I feel. I can only trade via Robinhood AND on my 15 minute breaks every 2 hrs at work. That said, when this happens to you, do you put the profits into a new stock or back into the same one?

Augustine Nguyen says:

Ricky, I’ve just requested to join your Facebook group. How long does it usually take until I get accepted?

Mathias Skov says:

i have a question what website should i use for this? and can i start if i only has 500$ on my bank account ? ps im from denmark

luis quizhpi says:

I posted that sony stock went down yesterday and today it went up made over 300.

Azteq says:

I wish i could do this kind of stuff without paying 300 dollars

Nolan Abell says:

Slow week

nmshark says:

What is the name of the green line?

Xander Shaw says:

Hey Ricky! Came across your channel a few days ago! Right after being introduced to it! I’m 15 years old and I’ve been researching business and finance for a year and I’m planning on taking action. I’ve studied several entrepreneurs and social media influencers and have gained knowledge from them. My family has invested in the stock market for years and I’ve been surrounded by it for years. I’m definitely going to keep on watching your videos! Here are some questions though. What platform are you using on your computer to look at the stock market? What stock market platform do you use?! Thanks so much! Can’t wait for the future <3

Ravyn Glasper says:

Hey I saw you on that documentary/ interview thing and I just wanna say keep it up!

Crispin Spaghetti says:

I don’t know what he means when he says v wop…


I have a question what is the PDT rule? Why does it exist? How do you get around it?

Mihael Peras says:

@Ricky Gutierrez, hey man, just wanted to ask if the only way to join Techbudsolutions is via facebook (which I don’t have), because I tried it with google, doesn’t work, then twitter, also no luck :/Or is it me, living in Europe, Germany the problem? Thanks! 🙂

Joshua Martin says:

How much do I need to start earning a living through trading? I’ve been saving and studying for a while and I don’t know when I should start

Terry C says:

Please make videos shorter and stop making this intro. It’s so annoying for people who haven’t just discovered your channel.
And by the way your thumbnails look so scammy

aaro 345 says:

please someone help. How old you have to be to open TDameritrade account???

Gravity says:

​Which paper trading account do you recommend for the uk?

Big Sexy says:

This guy knows his shit, thanks for the info bud.

Luis Parades says:

I bought and sold LABU…3…took 326…profit…first time trading in ETF

Kyle T says:

What’s your Gain to Loss?

windhamtravaris993 says:

Conservative I think is mostly risk management and playing the numbers, that breeds consistency and I have developed this strategy because I’m scared of losing money lol still want to thank you Ricky you’ve taught me a lot.

ItsPlanB NL says:

Can I make multiple day trades with 100% of my account value on a cash account in 1 day? Example: I have a total of 5000 USD in cash on my account and I buy and sell on Monday shares for 5000 USD. Then I buy and sell, on the same Monday, shares for 5000 USD. (For the sake of convenience assuming that each trade yields 0% return and has 0 transaction costs) Is this allowed? Wednesday is the settlement day for all 4 transactions, so if on Wednesday 2 times 5000 USD on my account is settled (the proceeds of the 2 sell orders) and 2 times 5000 USD of my account is removed (the costs of the 2 buy orders), my account value would never be negative.

Lp_2003 says:

Is it worth trading in foreign currnencies or do you guys reckon it’s too risky ?

The Ko Man says:

Im 15yrs old and i am very interested in stock market, but i cant trade because of my age so i am trying to learn as much as possible before i turn 18 and i can start trading, so what would be good paper trading site/app for me (i live in Europe,Finland)

John Buckley says:

I seem to look at the Level 2 and overlook the EMA and MCAD thus tend only to lose (over all) from broker fees, no fun.

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