How to Invest your Money for Teens and Beginners!

Best Tips on How To Invest your Money as a Kid, Teenager, or Beginner who doesn’t have that much capital to start with. This is the best strategy to start investing with little or no money for a quick return with low risk. If you start investing while in college & young you are more fit to capitalize on compounding interest. The most common ways people invest 1000 are in Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate however, as a young person or beginner without much money your odds of earning meaningful returns from these methods are slim.
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This is why in this video I motivate you guys and girls on the importance of investing in your human capital and then using that capital to create and invest in your own business. Learn the Investment Basics. I give many examples on how you can do this so be sure to press the like button.

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tom d says:

You guys

Apex Fakie says:

Im 17 and a really hard worker and have 4,000$ saved up as of today I just broke 4k in my accounts, I want to invest and make more what do I do

Kerry Mavado says:

Wow totally awesome i never believed i could make huge money on investment. Thank you so much Mr Michael Bill you showed me the gate way to success with your 100% winning and accurate strategy on investment plans.

Walter Burr says:

u live in a shack

TikiorTaka says:

how many times do you have to cut to make a proper video. Douche.

Jassin 14 LAVÖY says:

Hi – my name is Jassin I am a 16 year old kid from Puerto Rico, I am here because thanks to the humanitarian crisis that my country is facing, After two hurricanes wreck the island, Hurricanes (Irma & Maria ) left thousands of hundreds of Family without  home , food , electricity  and water , Thanks to those Circumstances  my  Family need to relocate  to The United States of America , Were we can bigging​ again ,my family was affected Financially , In Health, Housing & education , my mom is in a delicate position cause  she needs a medical surgery. I am hoping that with your help you can help me and my family to rise 5,000  U.S Dollars , Dollars by Dollar we can succeed , I hope you can help , Thank you for your time & have a nice Day

Chay chay bae says:

I really want to rob you

Asia A says:

dis dood got big boy bandz

RetroPG says:

You got basketball shorts on?

Aye Cheese says:

What did you major in while in college?

Thomas Dyson says:

You guys

RashaadRahh says:

My reply to the O so popular comment, “Look where you live”. (People who comment that are the type of Idiots that wouldn’t take some advice from Bill Gates because he filmed it in a shack). I filmed this video in my college dorm. I actually earned my bachelor’s degree this year. Life after college is great especially when you’ve been investing in yourself.
— Check out my new apartment tour here:
I challenge you to listen to the information in the video be fore attempting to discount it based off the appearance of the dorm I filmed it in.

Tommyr1999 says:

RIP to the broom in the back corner.

Epoch_AE 21 says:

I wish i could invest with my youtube but i dont get paid

charles cha says:

how many you guys did he say in this video

Kairo says:


Tommyr1999 says:

All hail Rashad hes got so many 100$’s i want to be like him and live in a shitty motel too.

Jillian McElroy says:

I am almost 9 I am turning 9 next month but I really want to make a business so I am watching your videos I want to make something for pets and everybody that makes no see I’m allergic so I want to make a place that makes hypoallergenic dogs less money instead of more expensive for the people with allergies like me cuz I am I can understand that

PiraCetic says:

I love these videos he doesn’t have that fake feel to him like others do then at the end tried to sell us some bs sht that noone ia going to buy keep it real My brother

JM Gaming says:

I have $200 currently and want to invest

Mike Echreshzadeh says:

i swear if i had a dollar for everytime he said “you guys” i wouldnt have to work anymore lol

Samuel Barden says:

You just earned a subscriber.
I really love what you’re doing and how you tell the truth as it is.
Please keep on making more videos

MontyFox says:

You are totally right that stocks,real estate, etc. are not the only way to invest money. I personally invest in autographs (yes I do sometimes autograph hound) but just recently spent $300 on a couple of autographs and flipped them into $570. Or another safe investment but it may sound silly is actually legos. Star Wars Lego sets what were $100 5 years ago go now for $300

Psychedelic BDSM says:

so rich but that broke ass apartment


Why the hell am I taking financial advise from a man who’s sitting in front of what looks to be like a struggling home?

I’m joking.

Vanilla WhispersASMR says:

Can you still make money on youtube even after the ads being pulled ? Hmmmm

Carl Johnson says:

I’m 18 and I wanted to save for 3 years just to buy a new car (for mustang GT premium fastback) but then I realized in 3 years I’m probably gonna have 30-40 thousand dollars and I don’t wanna have a new car and be broke I wanna learn about investing I don’t want to be like everyone around me that I know that has the minimum wage job and work for something that they want like a car and such and there broke after saving for all that money

Amen Rahh says:

Hey, if you need a website, I make them through my business Connection Concepts. You can quality sites at a real discount since the business is located in Kenya.

Croma says:

Has suit on. Stands up and is wearing clown boxers

Raekwon Racer says:

guess what I make a business in school like I lend u 20 dollars by next week u have me 25 interest I make good amount

Ravi Kumar says:

he couldnt do business w/ the iphone 6?

AMARUT180 says:

Thats not money you holding there.

PiraCetic says:

I love these videos he doesn’t have that fake feel to him like others do then at the end tried to sell us some bs sht that noone ia going to buy keep it real My brother

Different Leafy says:

This is what i understood from this video.

“you guys.”

Social justice warriors says:

Can i invest while doing real estate?

Johnathan James-Bey says:

Thanks for sharing hotep

Oheine Porter says:

He’s basically talking about investing into yourself

tutogratuit says:

i do like your motivation rashaad respect

Rebekah Denegal says:

ayyyyeeee lol thanks .

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