How to Invest Safely in Stocks!

Today we discuss how to invest in the stock market safely. These stock market invest strategies can help out conservative investors.
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TheDukeBane says:

How to safely invest in the stock market:
1. Invest in Gopro
2. OH SHI-

Go on Adventure says:

Hi 1st i love your channel and i wanna buy your book that one modern investment secrets cant find the link …

MoneyManFernando says:

How about putting your money in a Dow Jones 30 index fund such as “SPY”. I would think that would be a good way to go.

Yahya Muhieddine says:

Could you do a video on the uk stock market please

MoneyManFernando says:

What do you think of paper trading in order to learn ?? Do you know any good paper trading websites or platforms out there ???

iTuber012 says:

If you can’t start a business, you should at least be saving money to leave to the next generation.

i save for retirement and other goals through automation. Automation is like passive saving. it just happens and i don’t have to do anything!

I use an app called Acorns. It automatically takes small amounts money out of your account here and there and invests it into a broad holding of stocks via Vanguard(You’ll get $5 to start through Acorns if you use this invite as well: )

An app called Digit is good as well!

Just set it and forget it!

I also buy publicly traded companies via an app called Robinhood. it is FREE to buy shares!

Signup with my link below and Robinhood will give you 1 share of a company for FREE!

Khadin says:

Big fan of that bull statue. Does anyone have an Amazon link to that particular one? Great vid btw.

G Elder says:

Best stocks to buy after a hurricane?

James I says:

Finally an index fund video, I love the Dow index idea.

Cyberworld 7 says:

How about investing in New companies?

Jim R says:

Can you make a video on how tragic events (Hurricane Harvey) have an effect on the market? I feel like it would be good for people to learn what these events can do for the market

Joshua Bailey says:

FUCK SAFETY!!!! You don’t see billionaires saying play it safe, you see people like mark Cuban embracing change and volatility!

Every Day a Holiday! says:

One of your best videos, Jeremy! Informative, thought-provoking, different, honest, revealing, and truly financially educational! I would invest in this video becoming one of your top 3 to 5 most-viewed videos in time if I could. For now, I will like it, share it and support it. Great job.

joe says:

stop with the cliche intro camera tricks

Insane Drummer says:

Two de

Passissmokes says:

Like this video out! Im only 21 but Im suddenly thinking about putting 15k from my savings…into my stocks. And literally do exactly what you mentioned in the video. And maybe 1 or 2 grand to mess around with various stocks like GoPro which Ive absolutely loved as a product years ago and now can finally invest in it although it has not been doing well, but time to bring down my average purchase price I guess!

Danny Hall says:

At the end of the day… it’s night

backspace4353 says:

The market is at all time highs. Don’t invests when people are being greedy! Take your time, put money in CD, IRA’s and real estate. Look at CAT for a closer look. P/E at 400 and it went from 59 in early 2016 to 118 this month. People are being greedy!!!! You can answer yourself by simply being honest with yourself.

Josh Adkins says:

Markets absolutely raped today lol

Stocker Investing says:

ETFs/Index funds are the best way for most people to invest. Many studies have shown that retail investors tend to underperform the market.

Freddie Butler says:

Thank you about the index stocks. I finally got you to talk about them and thank you for being versatile because you have younger audience as well with older audience .And like you said some of the older audience might not want to take a chance but we know is better to invest into stocks that let my money sit in a bank.

kamil Dilever says:

What do you think about robinhood app? Is it safe?

BJJ Freak82 says:

Best video in a while! Thank you

David Mcallister says:

We in this thing!! Shares at 7.35 and jan 18 $9 call options. I am satisfied. Good shit Jeremy!

Financial Education says:

Hope you guys loved the video! My 11 Part Stock Market Investing Mastery Video Course link. Enjoy!

arlo beyton says:

Yeah, its an unbeatable combination for me. A fully CySEC regulated broker and Mr Ryan Knight < knight00ryan@gmail. com > manages my account. I invested $1200 and made $41350 over a six week period. Recruit this team, smile to the bank, thank me later. Its so much fun trading binary options esp. when you are winning.

Jay Seeney says:

Speaking of safely… Rothschild investment company have withdrawn a truck load of money away from the US market into the Pound and Euro, could this be a sign of a pending crash that they are preparing for?

liveleak 2jz says:

great video

Logically Limitless says:

Jeremy is opposite of safety when it comes to investing

Matt Boron says:

Really glad I stumbled upon your channel. Watched 20-30 of your videos of the last week or so and it’s all been really helpful info for a stock market beginner! Thank you!

MoneyManFernando says:

I meant to say ” DIA ” Dow Jones Industrial 30 Index Fund. The SPY fund is also good , this fund includes all of the 500 biggest companies in the U.S.

nobody cares says:

Hey, is it safe to invest into one stock for long term? So like invest into microsoft for 5-10 years and like check the balance sheet and the p/e ration every year

Erika Castro says:

hi Jeremy, I’m catching up on your videos! excited to continue on my investing education. so much to catch up on!

MindZero says:

I bought a few S&P stocks and made 15$ in two weeks, in the long run it’ll be worth it. I’ll keep adding a few stocks monthly also in swing trading

Roy Andrew says:

Hi Jeremy, do you watch your stocks whilst they move all day. Do you avoid this to not form an emotional attachment to your stocks?

Cristina Marquez says:

How do you feel about Stop Orders??? Are they helpful for you?

Aditya Theepireddy says:

you are dragging tripod from right to left in the climax video 🙂 I think you should start tutorials about photography / videography & editing as well 🙂

Nuki Hamidovic says:

Great video

45138449 says:

Great again!!! Jeremy i wanted to ask you if can create an account on Robinhood or ETAmeritrade?? (I live in Greece)

Jainy Hazim says:

Does your course teaches the same thing as your book?

MoneyManFernando says:

This is a good video . I would use the word Conservative rather than Safely. But I get the picture.

Pecuniary and Economic Education says:

Great video Jeremy!!!

If anyone loves dogs check out my insta @chessie_channel

Björn Eriksson says:

Anyone invest in Neo or Ether ?

Chris Mattingly says:

First off.. congrats on 70K Jeremy.. I like the Idea of the Dow 15.. any way we could do a Time Capsule video investing in 15 and then watching the process all year.. with video updates benchmarking its progress… I do this with a paper trade account just to see what would have been … only if… just a fun idea..

OC Guy says:

thoughts on vanguard index fund?

James And Yvonne says:

All, I have been successfully trading for many years. I started making videos to show chart pattern trading without listening to rumors. Come see my channel and join the million dollar journey.

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