How To Invest Money For Beginners | Young Entrepreneurs

In this video i talk about how to start investing in money at a ayoung age to start a business or create an extra source of income. i made 900 on a 3000 investment which is a great way to make an extra 30,000 a year. I hope you enjoyed todays video and please be sure to let me know how it can improve my content.

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Ivan says:

I have 5000 dollars saved up ,and I know it’s a lot of money by any means ,but I’m looking to get into investing ,and I don’t know where to start.

Mohammed Rashed says:

Ricky your the godfather of trading.

Marin Bandalo says:

Graham introduced me to this channel. Now I’m addicted to this channel. I’ve been looking for a channel like this. Thanks for insight.

Danny Ariaz says:

Hi Ricky, my name is Daniel, I’m a highschool student, can I ask you for some help ? I have an Econ project and I need to interview 3 adults about saving and investing and I wanted to see if you have a minute for a quick interview (5 questions)

Sam Jones says:

ricky can you tell me what platform for trading should I use

JonnyGFlea says:

I’ve invested in tesla bought one share for 377$ because i saw it was dipping. Now it’s at 325$ do i sell??

robin aimaq says:

Is that your e39 m5?

Christian Groff says:

Consider when this video was made. An initial gain of $900 on $3000 is very good, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s a sustainable growth. The market has done exceedingly well over the last 3 years. This guy is talented in many ways, but often, the market doesn’t care.

JockzOnHoarses says:

I love it when people put time into their descriptions like you do! Subbed from Graham keep it up.

*Investing and Business Related Videos 92/150 Subscriber Goal*

mesmain surpris says:

I saved up about $1000 I can’t buy a bike with that but I’m trying to flip the money like you just did on this video.

Cell Phones says:

Like I said last time, this content is great. Analysis on those 5 stocks were excellent.
Your making me do stocks.
Please keep going.

Michael A.L says:

When you buy and Sell cars, is that part of the stock market, or is it something you do along the side?

smoothee125 says:

MDV..?does he mean DMV?

Raqzh says:

What site is that on your big screen? Just subscribed, came straight from Graham! Love it so far, keep it up man! <3

Zacks Dragon says:

Love that TV of the stock screen, I’d love to see a trading room tour? Great job so far

Connor B says:

These videos helped me alot for several weeks and keep up the good work !!! by the way, does Binary Options or Forex Trading help boost profits as well just like Stock Market?

Harold says:

if the buyer watches this hes probably going to be like fuuck! got ripped off of 900$

firstname lastname says:

What do you use on the big monitor to follow your stocks

Joel Solis says:

Ahh Love these videos thanks ricky for sharing info!

Ravi kant saw Kumar says:

I want to start a buisness in Jharkhand (INDIA)
For this I need a financer who can invest in my buisness.I have great business plans with huge profit.which will give stable business platform.
And in return he would get a loyal business partener,which would last life long.
Financer can be of any part of world….
WhatsApp me at +917091467778

niem robinson says:

U invested in cars and bikes right

Garen Phillips says:

what’s sales tax on vehicles in Cali and how do you handle insurance?

Eric Kleine says:

Hey Ricky, how did you get into bikes? And how would one go about learning the bike market? Any suggestions? It’s a really cool concept to think about basically flipping bikes in a similar way to real estate just with less money. Very interested.

Mario Cohn says:

how do i find good software? witch one do you use and how much does it cost>

Juan Aguirre says:

keep up the great work Ricky! you should do some daily vlogs too

RockiesCinema | Commentator says:

with bikes and cars, dont you need to register it under your name before you re sell it?

Lyndon Macpherson says:

Hello I’ve been saving your about 13 years I have about $580,000 and I’m trying to figure what the best way for me to invest it. Anyone’s advice would be great

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